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Button “chuffed” with third in qualifying

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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Jenson Button was in a jubilant mood after setting the fifth fastest time in third qualifying, landing him a net third grid position for the race on Sunday. Button, who usually thrives driving in changeable conditions, especially enjoyed the final part of qualifying.

“It was really tough and on the inter[mediate] tyre it was a lot of fun, you know you’ve got the grip there even if you touch a bit of water,” he told Sky.

Once the track dried out and the field had taken on dry tyres, the challenge for all the drivers was to search for the grip, which was changing every lap.

“The biggest problem was, because it dried so fast, the steam. You couldn’t see the asphalt so you didn’t know how dry it was.”

“I took a lot of risks to just put everything on the last lap, if there was a yellow flag it would have messed everything up”

Button out qualified team mate Fernando Alonso for only the second time this year and managed to progress to the final part of qualifying for the first this season.

“Amazing, we start the race P3 tomorrow. That’s a bit of luck, I’ll take it. I feel we haven’t had much this year”

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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  • 16 comments on “Button “chuffed” with third in qualifying”

    1. I hope for changeable conditions tomorrow , this World bei so much fun!

    2. Button was 5th in qualy. He’s 3rd for the final grid. :)

    3. I really hope he can convert it to some good points. He’s the nicest guy on the track and an outstanding driver but currently in an outclassed car.

      1. I was the nicest guy in my high school class. Didn’t do much for me. I will be happy to see Button happy, though :)

      2. Couldn’t agree more mate!

    4. Well done by Button!

    5. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      2nd July 2016, 19:00

      Button is outclassing Alonso at the mo, he is driving easily well enough to win races. He should be on the grid next year in a good car.

      1. Completely agree. Even at 36, he is still too good a driver to let go I feel.

      2. Mocho_Pikuain
        2nd July 2016, 21:42

        “At the mo” jenson has beaten Fernando 2 saturday (1 beening today with the tyre mistake and Jenson sending the yellow flag that killed Fernando’s last chance) out of 8, and if I remember correctly, he has been unable to beat Fernando on a Sunday unless Fernando has had some problem.

        1. A typicall Alonso fan response. When Alonso is infront, Button is bad, when Button is better than Alonso than Alonso had problems…Sorry, but in changing conditions Button is miles ahead of Alonso. That is a fact.

          1. Whatever your opinion there is absolutely no place for a comment like this- “A typicall Alonso fan response”. Keep it civil or get off this site immediately, once and for all.

      3. Championship points :
        Alonso – 18
        Button – 5

    6. I am very pleased. I hope he is able to convert this into good points at the end of the race. Its looking more and more like this Honda engine has reliability and competitive power.

    7. Congrats, JB! Just follow your teammate, er… former teammate onto the podium.

      1. Unless its raining he’ll be going backwards…

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