Sixth “much better than we had hoped” – Button

Austrian Grand Prix 2016

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Jenson Button enjoyed a fantastic race to sixth position in the race. He made a quick start to take second on the opening lap and ran behind Lewis Hamilton for seven laps before being passed.

“I couldn’t hold it any longer than that. As soon as one gets past they just all come past, they’re overtaking in places you just would not expect… who overtakes out of turn three and turn four?”

He explained that a lack of straight line speed and raw power was to blame, “it’s just the way they can drag past us, it’s way too easy.”

Button was still very happy to collect eight points to draw within four points of Toro Rosso ahead in the standings. “To come home sixth, it’s much better than we had hoped. I think we thought that eighth was probably on the cards.”

He was also pleased to be able to battle the cars around him “To beat Willliams, to beat Haas, to beat Force India – It’s a good day!”

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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    11 comments on “Sixth “much better than we had hoped” – Button”

    1. i’m so happy for him, so well deserved, i really missed his genuine smile, it always seemed so forced lately (which i very well understand ) , Honda gotta give them proper Power now to keep going

    2. Good Job…

    3. Kept his head down, focused on the job and just drove to see where he would end.
      Coudn’t have done more then what he did today.
      Genuine contender for driver of the day.

      Mclaren is going to have a real problem with Vandoorne if they don’t put him in a Mclaren next year.
      I could see them losing him to Renault if Alonso and Button don’t go.

      1. I hope Button gets Williams seat, isn’t any worse, and Stoffel totally deserves the mclaren. … or Better

        1. Well, if I was Arrivabene, I’d sign Button. Yes, age is not on his side, but he’d do much better job than Raikkonen and really would not disrupt the balance in the team.

          1. +1000!

    4. Honda, The Power of Dreams. LOL.

      1. Honda, the power of dreams.
        Mclaren, the dreams of power.

    5. Great job, and kudos to McLaren-Honda: they looked on par with the Force Indias and Williamses at a track that should not suit them. Good progress!

    6. First thing to put a smile on my face since last Friday morning! (apart from the glorious England rugby team of course).

    7. Great Job by Button…but once again the drivers make the car look more competitive than it is.

      McLaren Honda has made SOME progress but as I see it they are still behind Merc, Ferarri, Red Bull, Williams, Force India and Torro Rosso.

      A slew of DNFs…ALO alone has 3 DNFs in last 4 races. How is this progress?

      I think it will take 2 or more seasons to get relatively competitive with the top 3 or 4 teams but winning will probably take a lot longer than that.

      About on par with Haas, a rookie team.

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