2016 Austrian Grand Prix team radio transcript

2016 Austrian Grand Prix

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The Austrian Grand Prix raised further questions over whether Formula One’s new radio restrictions have gone too far after Sergio Perez crashed out in the closing stages due to a brake problem.

Force India were concerned they had been unable to advise him about the extent of his braking troubles, which had already led the team’s other car to retire.

Teams are allowed to warn their drivers about “critical” technical problems with their cars. Force India did this earlier in the season at Melbourne, the first race under the new restrictions, advising Perez his “front brake wear is critical” and he “will not make it to the end like this”.

Perez retired from the race while trying to stay in touch with Romain Grosjean’s Haas.

“I was pushing hard to stay close to Grosjean because I knew he had a five seconds time penalty,” he explained. “Then, on the final lap, going into turn three, I had no brakes and went straight on.”

While the new radio restrictions has led to a reduction in the amount of radio traffic, it still seems there are many more messages not being broadcast. Messages involving just eight drivers from the 22-strong field were

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2016 Austrian Grand Prix team radio transcript

12To Daniel Ricciardo

We’re going to be stopping soon – push now, push now.
14From Pascal WehrleinThere’s some light rain.
16From Pascal WehrleinSome rain drops in turn two.
18To Jenson Button

Good job Jenson, let’s get Nasr now.
24From Pascal WehrleinHe’s changing the direction five times.
24To Pascal Wehrlein

Yeah, we’ll get on to Charlie.
27From Sebastian VettelYeah I think you’ve seen rear-right exploded. Nothing I can do. Engine off, that’s it. Sorry guys.
27From Nico RosbergI went over the debris so check the pressures.
36To Jenson Button

OK Jenson’s lets try and make some progress. Maximum attack through these cars, maximum attack.
39To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel there may be light drops of rain in turn two.
45To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis suspension loads at turn nine are critical so just be careful on the kerbs.
49From Nico HulkenbergGuys think of bailing out, I have so much vibration.
54To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis close that gap as much as you can. It’s Hammer time.
57To Lewis Hamilton

Nico car ahead, he is on the super-soft tyre. 16 laps remaining – need to attack and pass on-track.
57From Lewis HamiltonWhy is he on a softer tyre than me?.
58To Lewis Hamilton

So Lewis we think that this is the right tyre to get to the end.
61From Kimi RaikkonenCome on, blue flags.
61To Kimi Raikkonen

Copy copy he’s getting them.
61From Kimi RaikkonenHe is not getting the blue flags.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis well done mate not the race we were after but good result.
VLFrom Lewis HamiltonI was on the outside. It wasn’t me that crashed.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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    9 comments on “2016 Austrian Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. “OK Lewis suspension loads at turn nine are critical so just be careful on the kerbs.”

      How this message was severe but Perez Brake failure message wasn’t :((

      1. Maybe they need to include the word “critical”? ;-)

      2. I guess the Team decides if the Problem is criticsl and make the call and then they hope the stewarts (or whoever judges this ) think the same

    2. ColdFly F1 (@)
      7th July 2016, 12:59

      “70 To Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis well done mate not the race we were after but good result.”
      Did they say this on lap 70? clairvoyants.

    3. Man, I miss the old radio transcript before the ban.

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        7th July 2016, 14:58

        I’ll solve that for you @abdelilah:
        55 To Lewis Hamilton OK Lewis strat 5, BB +1.
        69 To Nico Hulkenberg turn 5 brake 20m earlier and setting special ST

        Or more seriously. It’s not the ban that has reduced the transcripts. It’s because FIA/FOM has decided not to broadcast or share as much communication with the press/fans.
        Trust me, there is a lot more communication going on. And I strongly believe it would be better than before the ban, as we can now understand what they are talking about (rather than settings and coded messages).

    4. Would have loved to have heard what all LH had to say besides what we’ve been made privy to, once he realized Nico was fully ahead and on softer tires after undercutting him. My goodness after all the crying for extreme strategies from the team we heard from LH last year after he had won the WDC and Nico started his 7-race win streak, LH must have been absolutely fuming this past weekend. Even if FOM was still allowing us more access, even post-race, they probably would have had to bleep most of LH out.

    5. Claire Gorman
      7th July 2016, 16:55

      What utter rubbish! We do not get the story of the race by radio like we used to. FOM are really starting to hack me off with this; Perez had a brake failure which is a safety issue! Why can’t the team warn him? If someone spears off track due to that and gets injured… Madness. Utter madness. Come on Bernie sort it out!

    6. Andy (@andybantam)
      7th July 2016, 17:47

      Another unnecessary and short sited rule destined for a shoe-in on the way to ridicule.

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