Williams still trying to understand Austria slump – Bottas

2016 British Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas says Williams are still trying to get to the bottom of their recent slump in performance.

The team has performed well at the Red Bull Ring in recent seasons but this year Bottas finished a lowly ninth after struggling with his tyres.

“It was a really disappointing race for us,” said Bottas during today’s FIA press conference. “Like Pascal [Wehrlein] and Jenson said they could really use the conditions to their benefit with the tyres and the temperature and the new asphalt but for us it was completely the opposite, so we really struggled massively.”

Bottas suspects “there are multiple factors” for the team’s troubles. “I’m still yet today to have a better look with the engineers about it. I can say we don’t 100% understand our performance yet. We have some kind of ideas but we are still analysing everything.”

“But the good thing is at least we now to a more normal type of Tarmac, not new at least, so hopefully it works out better.”

Williams’ hopes of repeating the third place they have achieved in the constructors’ championship for the last two seasons are fading but Bottas believes they should still target Red Bull in the upcoming races.

“Definitely they are strong and they are getting stronger all the time,” he admitted. “But we also have some updates lined up. I am trying out the new front wing that Felipe [Massa] tried out in Austria. I think we both have and also some other updates lined up for the next few races.”

“With that in mind then if we can get better results than Austria and if we start to understand things better and really use those tracks that are good for us, getting strong points for our cars, then it is still possible. I think it is a good target for us to try to put pressure on them, try to beat them in the races and if we can’t make it then at least we should finish ahead of Force India.”

2016 British Grand Prix

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    2 comments on “Williams still trying to understand Austria slump – Bottas”

    1. I believe that Red Bull is absolutely out of reach for Williams, and, If we ignore the Austrian Gp, Force India is a very real treat to 4th place, considering their very strong results. Perez is delivering fantasticlly, and being very consistent, wich was one of the things I always criticized him for not being, and Hulk is facing some real bad luck, but proved is Austria qualifying he can still deliver.
      If Williams really want to keep 4th, they have to do better than now.

    2. Andre Furtado
      8th July 2016, 1:06

      Two teams that have been utterly disappointing. Williams and Sauber. Maybe its time to get new drivers (talented ones) and new team principals.

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