Force India keeping Perez and Hulkenberg for 2017

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Force India will retain Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg for 2017 according to the team’s co-owner Vijay Mallya.

Speaking during today’s FIA press conference Mallya said “we are very happy with Nico and Checo. Both are signed to 2017.”

“We are pretty early, much earlier than normal because we used to wait almost to the onset of winter before we announced our driver line-up,” he added.

“But this time we signed both for 2017 well in advance and of course today’s announcement by Ferrari put to rest a lot of speculation that has been taking place in the last several weeks.”

Perez and Hulkenberg will spend their fourth consecutive season together as team mates at Force India next year.

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2016 British Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “Force India keeping Perez and Hulkenberg for 2017”

    1. I think this is a pretty decent move by Force India. They have done nothing but improve since this pairing started, so I don’t see why they should change that despite Hulkenberg’s dip in form. Obviously a top seat seems impossible right now for Perez, so staying where he is will probably be the best thing to do. Good for all parties (assuming Force India are sound financially).

    2. My favorite line-up on the grid. :)

      1. Me too actually. FI has done a great job with little money in terms of the car, the drivers work well together and seem to have a passion, as does the entire team. Williams, I feel, has dropped that edge they had, I dont see any passion in their drivers or the team, except for the pit crew and their cool vids. :)

        I think this was a good move for all involved, makes sense, the FI as a team benefits from experience as they move into the new regs and cars in 2017, there is a sense of momentum with the team. There are no real options for better seats in another team, especially with Ferrari’s decision too.

        And again, I like these guys, they push, the team pushes, there is a rawness to what the do, in contrast to the slick polished top teams with a different culture.

    3. I see them continuing even in 2018. They are young and good drivers.

    4. A lack of options elsewhere mean that force India have lucked out a bit here. Great for force India, best available option for perez and the hulk.

    5. I am a very happy Force India fan to hear this. They work well together as a team-mate duo and are both very skilled.

    6. Yeah, while Ferrari move might leave some doubts… Force India just continues this awesome duo.

      Maybe soon, like in two days, Hulk can get his first podium?

      In any case SFI now looks better than Williams.

      1. Sure, I hope Hülkenberg gets his maiden podium. FI has a strong line-up.

        1. Hard not to like the Hulk even when he performs bad. He is probably the most humble driver on the grid. I think the problem is that most people underrate Perez a lot.

    7. This is great news! Can you imagine if FI get it right for 2017 and become contenders for a race win? They have demonstrated thus far their stron capability at developing their cars, therefore why not?…with Perez and the Hulk in a strong car, they will give more than a scare to the guys at the front…this is the best lineup for me, both very skilled and strong drivers, eager to show their best. I will keep cheering for Force India!

    8. They would be crazy not to keep them. Both drivers are excellent and should be on a top team soon. Not taking away from Force India, I like this team.

    9. It may sound a bit harsh, but I don’t think retaining Hulk is the best choice anymore. For me, they could try to get Sainz or Wehrlein instead. The first one probably already looking a good exit from RB limbo, while for the latter is an obvious car upgrade, and still in Mercedes backyard.

    10. Perez said in some interviews yesterday that he is keeping his options open for next year therefore directly contradicting with Vijay Mallya, I think there have been some heated contract discussions recently. I really hope he stays at Force India.

    11. It may sound a bit trite but neither the team FI not the drivers seems to have too any options. What makes Perez more attractive is the bankroll of Carlos Slim’s millions. Hulk is better off plying his trade in a different racing series once this contract runs out.

    12. Sviatoslav (@)
      9th July 2016, 9:03

      I would just fire Hulk. He became worse last two years. He isn’t fast, he cannot deliver great performance, he makes stupid mistakes.
      Hulk will never sign a contract with a top-team. Never, like Heidfeld.
      It’s a shame, because I expected that he will be the future of F1. He was a very promising talent.

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