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Drivers given warning over Copse, Stowe and Club

2016 British Grand Prix

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Formula One drivers have been warned not to abuse track limits at the exit of Copse, Stowe and Club or risk having their lap times deleted.

Silverstone has added new strips of artificial grass at the run-off of the three corners – turns 9, 15 and 18 – but drivers have continued to stray beyond track limits.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting issued the following note to teams on Saturday:

“Further to the discussion in the drivers meeting yesterday evening I would like to confirm that we will again be adopting a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to cars leaving the track at turns 9, 15 and 18 during qualifying.”

“Unless we are satisfied that a driver left the track at these points for reasons beyond his control, having been forced off the track for example, every lap time achieved by leaving the track will be deleted in accordance with Article 12.3.1.d of the Sporting Code.”

“During the race, and in accordance with Article 27.4 of the Sporting Regulations, any driver who is judged to have gained a clear and lasting advantage by leaving the track will be reported to the stewards. Similarly, under the same Article, any driver who repeatedly leaves the track will be reported to the stewards for not having made every reasonable effort to use the track.”

2016 British Grand Prix

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  • 10 comments on “Drivers given warning over Copse, Stowe and Club”

    1. This is how it should be in f1 games during online…

    2. Remove the tarmac and/or put sausages there.

    3. As it should be, on all corners on all tracks.

      Staying within the limits of the track would improve the racing, since drivers would have to sometimes sacrifice some speed after a mistake… Not just stay flat and go outside the track.

      4 wheels off the track, should be an automatic 1s penalty.

    4. So no times set in quail then, Verstappen upset being unable use nearby campsite as run off – FIA please do make sure this is enforced

      1. that was quali not quail obviously…love auto correct

        1. ColdFly F1 (@)
          9th July 2016, 11:14

          I don’t mind drivers using nearby campsites and airstrips during FP, but in quali and race leaving the track limits should ‘hurt’.

    5. Perhaps they should make the exit kerbs narrower, bringing the artificial grass closer to the track. Currently, when the drivers encounter the artificial grass with their outermost tyres, their innermost wheels are already off the track and on the kerb. But if they make the kerbs narrower, then when the drivers hit the artificial grass with their outermost tyres, their inner tyres will still be on track. I.e. Drivers will be deterred from leaving the track completely because doing so will lose time, rather than the situation we have now where a whole car can fit on a kerb and no time is lost by going off track on the exit of corners

    6. I would love to see the black-white flag to warn drivers during the race.

    7. They put artificial grass there but cars choose to use it anyway!? No way!!!?? Well that’s a first……

      As we know, unless there is a penalty for going wide, they will do it anyway. Artificial grass makes no difference and unless there is something in place that can damage the cars, they won’t pay any attention to it.

    8. Why only at Copse, Stowe and Club?

      Why not everywhere, at it should?

      Is it because they can’t control it everywhere? people are running wide at Luffield too for instance. That should be reviewed as well!

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