Ericsson “sore but OK” after “huge” crash

2016 British Grand Prix

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Marcus Ericsson reported himself fit and well following his high-speed crash at the end of today’s final practice session.

The Sauber driver was taken to hospital for checks after crashing at Stowe.

“It was obviously a huge accident, he said. “I went a bit too wide on the kerb in Turn 15 [Stowe] and touched the grass, which was a bit wet. I lost the car and this was followed by a big impact with the barriers.”

“I went to the medical centre, but, because of the impact, they wanted to send me to hospital. Many check-ups have been done and things are looking good. I am feeling a bit sore, but everything else is OK.”

Ericsson will use a new chassis for tomorrow’s race and will therefore have to start from the pit lane.

“It is obviously disappointing that I was not able to participate in qualifying, but the most important is that I am alright,” he added. “I apologise to my car crew that I have caused them a lot of work.”

2016 British Grand Prix

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    1. What were the deceleration G forces that Erricson suffered in the crash?

    2. Glad to see he’s ok.

      That really looked like a tremendous impact!

    3. Time to manup

      1. Despite the fact he got out of what was left of his car on his own and given a trackside health check!

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