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Vettel to get another gearbox change penalty

2016 British Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel will have his third five-place gearbox change penalty of the season in this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

Ferrari confirmed the change on social media, and as Vettel’s gearbox has not completed the required six consecutive races it means a penalty will be forthcoming.

The Ferrari driver has already had to replace his gearbox early in Bahrain and Russia and Austria. His latest change comes as his newest gearbox lasted just one race weekend.

Vettel suspected his gearbox had broken during his final run at the end of this practice, telling his team on the radio “I think we failed a gearbox again”.

Vettel’s team mate Kimi Raikkonen had a single gearbox change penalty in Monaco.

2016 British Grand Prix

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17 comments on “Vettel to get another gearbox change penalty”

  1. Unfortunate Seb. Maybe he should ask Kimi for some tips on how to driver slower to save his gear boxes.

  2. This a nightmare season for them. Things like this have cost them chances at almost every race

    1. Yet they get paid more than the current champions. No excuse.

    2. Totally horrendous season Seb is having.
      Think of all the non-finishes and problems he has had this year yet he is 3rd in the championship.

    3. I think they dropped the ball at the start of the season by not capitalising on 2 potential wins, but ever since then, it’s just been Ferrari’s classic development curve. They’re notorious for losing out on the development race, so it comes as so surprise Red Bull have jumped them.

      To be honest, I don’t think Sebastian has been as good as he was last season either, and Kimi has shown that he really isn’t a top performer either. So, to be fair I think the engineers, strategists and drivers have been pretty poor for Ferrari this season.

      As an Alonso fan, I must admit this puts a smile on my face. Sebastian gets a reality check on WDC hopes with Ferrari, and I can easily see him throwing his toys out of the pram next season. It would come as no surprise if Sebastian leaves Ferrari without another WDC win in 2019.

      1. You don’t think Seb is as good as last year?

        Engine explodes in Bahrein, tire explodes in Austria, Kvyat crashes him in Russia, is he at fault? Alonso never had this unreliability issues so soon in the championship….

        And if you’re smiling, maybe you should start seeing that spanish guy at McLaren poor races instead of looking so much at Ferrari

  3. Vettel didn’t even got any luck at all this season. Team taken away wins and now Gremlins taking away points.

  4. They had a crash last race, so the gearbox he was on was supposed to be brand new? Rather than being the new one of Austria. If I were Ferrari, considering their pace the weather and this penalty I would just bolt on a completely new powertrain and start last tommorrow.

  5. Fernando might be smiling though at how Ferrari still continues with troubles!

    1. @neelv27, I guess it’s the only thing he can smile about, as he’s wasted a year and a half himself at Mclaren. Seriously why has his name to come up everything Ferrari hit trouble?

    2. I think that’s probably very old news now for FA. Even if he was still curious at the start of this year, by now he has seen that it is another Merc year, so I’m sure any days where he (but really everyone else but he) second-guessed his decision are way in the past. He made a decision when he was still at Ferrari, so other than being asked repeatedly if he has had regrets, he hasn’t had any I’m sure, as I say even likely going back to when he was still finishing his season there, knowing he had to move on. Let’s not forget the state the team was in when he made the decision, and not use the luxury of hindsight once the car got better the next season and we saw what nobody was expecting in a poor McLaren/Honda.

  6. Seb will probably still start ahead of Kimi who is looking super slow this weekend now Ferrari have retained him for 2017!

    1. Kimi 5th, Seb 6th and will start 11th due to penalty

      1. Indeed, was close in Q2 after some scrappy laps. Well recovered by Kimi.

  7. Evil Homer (@)
    9th July 2016, 15:41

    No luck for Seb so far this year! I really hoped he pushed the Mercs this year! There is still time !!??

    So he has a penalty for a gearbox change- is that correct? (sorry I am not sure).
    Also I hear Lewis will get a penalty as he only has 5 engines this year, sorry PU’s. Is it 4 or 5? sorry, not sure.

    That’s fair I guess, F1 needs to cuts costs for entry for others, its too much.

    ………….. So I guess Adrian Newey has the same cost cutting budget for his new aero for 2017, hotels & flights are the same if you visit in or out of F1 times ?? Does FOM charge a premium when I go to Paddock Club- gee I hope not!!

    If Red Bull get DC to drive an old Red Bull in Dubai 49 flights up, that costs not too much I guess………….

    I was a guest a RBR in Spain testing about 8 weeks ago and they said the cost of these promotions and its huge, but they always increase product sales in 6 months after ! Smart hey!

  8. Would’ve been good if they could’ve had Vettel qualify in front of Raikkonen. Somehow. Then he would be starting 10th not 11th. All a bit tight up there though eh.

  9. Not really unexpected. All teams, especially Ferrari are pushing everything to the limit in an attempt to close down the advantage of the Mercs. Mechanical failures tend to go hand in hand with limits and Seb would be driving the thing just that bit harder than Kimi.

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