Bernie Ecclestone, Maurizio Arrivabene, Silverstone, 2016

Caption Competition 106: Ecclestone and Arrivabene

Caption Competition

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What were Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene discussing during the British Grand Prix weekend? That’s for you to decide in this weekend’s Caption Competition.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 136 comments on “Caption Competition 106: Ecclestone and Arrivabene”

    1. Arrivabene: “C’mon, how have you not let us win a race yet??!”

      1. “While you are down there”

    2. Bernie my friend, Ive said it before and ill say it again….I promise it’s not a Marlboro logo….

    3. “We used to be your favorite team(aah) , Why don’t you play Super Mario anymore(aah) Mister E?”

    4. You said fIA stood for Ferrari international assistance Bernie …

    5. Ecclestone not impressed by Arrivabenne’s impression of F1’s V6 engines.

    6. Whadda you mean, Italian again?

    7. Arrivabene: “When you said we have to catch them all, I wasn’t expecting us to start from the pitlane!”

      1. Shed a tear in this one.

        Undisputed Winner, outstanding effort ☺

    8. Arrivabene, “We are Ferrari and we still aim to beat Mercedes this season”

      Bernie, “Duh!”

    9. Maurizio Arrivabene seeks answers on behalf of his ace driver Sebastian Vettel: are we racing or doing ping-pong in the current formula?

    10. Mark England
      16th July 2016, 12:32

      Come here you little sweetheart and pucker up.

    11. “What do you mean you’re taking away our Ferrari fund?”

    12. Gotta catch ’em all! ..I mean overtake them all. Please, Bernie, that’s what I ment!!

    13. “So you telling me we can’t have Mercedes power in our car next year?”

    14. Why don’t you retire?

    15. Arrivabene, “Bernie I am sorry…I was playing Pokemon Go when I accidentally bumped into Tamara!”

    16. “Halo there Bernie, how you doin’?”

    17. Come at me Bro!

    18. …c’mon stop sulking, Sergio made the call to extend his contract, what am I to do?

    19. Yo, Bernie…I thought we agreed…no touching my junk in public.

    20. “Hasn’t Pirelli recommended to you a stint length for leading F1 before you blow up?”

    21. Bernie: You know what grinds my gears?

      Maurizio: Really?

    22. Bernie: omg, who farted?

      Maurizio: not me!

      Benie: fecking Italians…

    23. MA: Come on Bernie, you’ve changed the regs in our favour before, why not this time?!

      BE: Nah, I’m already getting sued because I pay you for just showing up!

    24. Maurizio: Cut me some slack, Bernie. We’re doing everything we can right now. We just can’t beat Mercedes!

    25. Ecclestone is unmoved by Arrivabene’s rendition of “Largo Al Factotum” from The Barber of Seville.

    26. Cmon Bernie we need more money, give us more money!

    27. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      16th July 2016, 15:11

      “Hey, why only $100 million more than the others?”

    28. It wasn’t my call to keep him on, he clearly can’t adapt to get the most out of these front-limited cars and you didn’t get me Hamilton-ah

    29. Oh c’mon! How many times have I asked you? Stop coming in here and asking for all those millions back.

    30. “Please Berni.. Justa one Cornetto!?”

    31. Arrivabene: ‘You’ll need to bend the rules a bit more Bernie, we’re still not winning’

    32. MG421982 (@)
      16th July 2016, 16:31

      Ma como potrei dire che io no sei uno italiano vero?!?

    33. Recitar! Mentre preso dal delirio,
      non so più quel che dico,
      e quel che faccio!
      Eppur è d’uopo, sforzati!
      Bah! Sei tu forse un uom?
      Tu se’ Pagliaccio!

      1. Translation from Pagliacci:

        Act! While in delirium,
        I no longer know what I say,
        or what I do!
        And yet it’s necessary… make an effort!
        Bah! Are you not a man?
        You are a clown!

    34. Mamma mia! The rarest Pokémon on earth and I haven’t my smartphone with me.

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        16th July 2016, 18:43

        good one!

    35. Hey C’mon, we still aint beating Mercedes you need to increase the payments.

    36. Come on Bernie! Your butt is getting this wide because your are seating as chairman for so long.

    37. Cmon bernie just one year just one year let us win.

    38. Arrivabenne: Come on, Bernie! Seb is begging you to tell Pirelli to make a decent tyre!
      Bernie (grudgingly): It’s these tires or the sprinklers!

    39. Arrivabenne: Come on, Bernie! How are we supposed to make ends meet with just 200 million historic bonus payment?
      Bernie (grudgingly): Ok, I’ll see if I can squeeze some more out of Sauber.

    40. In recent years, Bernies power and control has grown to such an extent that even the Italians freeze mid-gesture when we walks by.

    41. “No wins since Singapore last year? Let me check those vital signs…”

    42. “Maurizio, I’m disappointed. I thought we had an agreement when you told me you were going to sign a has-been who should have retired years ago.”

    43. Derek Edwards
      16th July 2016, 18:23

      What do you mean, we have to keep Kimi?

    44. ColdFly F1 (@)
      16th July 2016, 18:38

      grow up man!

    45. I’m a cigarette salesman. You didn’t think I’d actually make them a winning team, did you?

    46. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      16th July 2016, 19:06

      Bernie: “Time to say goodbye”

      Maurizio: “Con te partirò”

    47. “Are you not entertained?!”

    48. Bernie, “Sign Kimi now!”, Maurizio, “Whoa, wha, huh…WHY?”

    49. Bernie forget to bring the cannolis.

    50. “Fuhgedaboutit!”

    51. “Anyone who had a heart would take me in his arms………………”

    52. Maurizio realizes the bromance is clearly over.

    53. Clearly Bernie doesn’t agree that these are Happy Days at Ferrari…

    54. “Why you give a Vettel exploding tyre? You said it was for a Hamilton and a Rosberg”

      1. LOL

    55. Arrivebene: “While you’re down there…”

    56. You promised me Red Bull wouldn’t be that fast.

    57. Aww someone’s daddy didn’t give him enough hugs growing up did he?

    58. Don’t blame me! You knéw Seb was 80/1!

    59. Chest bump!… No?

      1. Dean Stewart
        16th July 2016, 22:33


    60. Arrivabene: Haas were allowed to use our wind tunnel! It wasn’t against the rules.

    61. Come at me bro!

    62. “We need tyres this size!”

    63. Arrivabene: Wassa matter you….why you looka so sad…..Gotta no respect…

      Bernie: Ahh Shaddap a your face

    64. Our bonus in sterling, what do you take me for??

    65. Hey Bernie (when,sa your doh££ me oh day)

    66. I tell you Bernie, we were this close …..

    67. I saw a manor fan! He was this big!

    68. “What a mistake-a to make-a”

    69. Bernie thinking… if this picture was a second earlier theyd have got me slapping him

    70. Ehhhh,,,,,Bernie, c’mon you know everybody calls you that, doesn’t mean we don’t love you.

    71. And I e I e I, will always love yooouu oh oh oh yeah. (F1 being a bit like the Titanic and Ferrari getting it’s extra spoonful of prize money jam from the Bernster)

    72. We got no food, we got no jobs… our PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

    73. Why should I save your F1?

    74. “Come on Bernie! A Mercedes-powered Ferrari wouldn’t be THAT confusing…”

    75. “Come on Bernie give me more vetos”

    76. Bernie let’s his actions answer if he voted for or against Brexit…

    77. Maurizio Arrivabene poses with an elderly fan at the British Grand Prix. Bless!

    78. And IIIIIII EEEEEE IIIIIIIIII will always love yoouuuuuuuuuuu. (Whitney houston voice)

    79. Ah come on, Bernie! I think Brexit means I’m the next commercial rights holder, not Christian.

    80. Neil (@neilosjames)
      17th July 2016, 5:01

      Eh, come on, you’re saying this face isn’t worth 5% of the sport’s revenue?

    81. “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the **** do you think you’re talking to?”

    82. Bernie, I know you said don’t let Vettel win, but he’s so damned fast! Even exploding tyres won’t stop him.

    83. C’mon Berny, what do you mean whit “I made you an offer you can’t refuse?
      We’re al friends no?

    84. Sorry Bernie, I can’t make you the Marlboro Man. But I can get you a cig.

    85. C’mon Bernie, we can’t use Merc engines, what’s wrong with you?

    86. What do you mean we don’t get a pokestop at our factory? Mercedes has one!

    87. Christopher Aoun
      17th July 2016, 8:44

      “Whaaaaaaaat can I say Bernie, the man knows how to drink. I had to keep Kimi for next year.”

    88. “We can still beat Mercedes this season”
      Bernie : Duhhhhh

    89. AMR (@aiera-music)
      17th July 2016, 9:51

      Still steaming over the Brexit result, Bernie was in no mood for a hug.

    90. “So what’s next? Front wing DRS?”

    91. Arrivabene: Are you talking to me?

    92. Come on Bernie, you know Kimi likes Ice cream. Why didn’t you say before that you want one …

    93. Bernie, who believes that a team’s funding is most important to it’s competitiveness, visits the team principle of Ferrari to ask him if he spent all the money on hair gel.

      1. Hahaha winner! :)

    94. Noooo Bernie, I don’t drink Red Bull!

    95. Sorry Bernie, I can’t get you an invitation to Kimis wedding.

    96. Steve williams
      17th July 2016, 11:10

      Bernie! This where i bank “Santander”not Any old off shore account, thats where you put my money!

    97. Arrivo: no I don’t have a soapbox for you.

    98. A: Hair-care products arent THAT expensive.

    99. Hey Bernie, don’t call my boss Macaroni again!

    100. Come on Bernie, how could I know she was your wife…I thought she must have been your daughter.

    101. so we are F1’s Rolling Stones are we?? thanks for that, what am I your Little Red Rooster????

    102. Arrivabene complained to Bernie as he thiught he was going to inherit a win. Bernie: Listen, you fringe, if I throw a dog a bone, I don’t want to know if it tastes good or not. You stop me again whilst I’m walking, and I’ll cut your Jacobs off.

    103. Bernie’s new Arrivabene hand puppet was amazingly realistic….

    104. B.E: my wife, i know shes here
      M.A: c’mon Bernie take it easy

    105. Duncan Snowden
      17th July 2016, 16:29

      “Hey, what do you expect on $250m? Miracles?”

      “Carlos’s boy beat you in a Minardi, Maurie…”

    106. Let’s hug it out Bernie…. I promise Ferrari will never threaten to pull out of F1

    107. Really? Square tires?

      1. His drivers make the round ones square anyway.

    108. No Bernie, don’t worry, I don’t think you’re shrinking

    109. Arrivabene caught Ecclestone looking out for pokemons at the Ferrari garage.

    110. Bernie: “…and cough…”

    111. sunday, monday, happy days, tuesday, wednesday, happy days, thursday, friday, happy days, the weekend comes, my cycle hums, ready to race to you…

    112. once again Bernie makes Ferrari whistle.

    113. “Just one (winning) Ferrari…..give it to me….delicious Ferrari from Italy” (Sung to the tune of ‘Just one Cornetto’)

    114. C’mon Bernie, you promissed: what about those harder tires for Mercedes?! every race!

    115. Dropping Monza?? You crazy bugger!!

    116. Maurizio: Bernie – A cow is a cow. Milk is milk.

      Bernie: But it’s not Indiana milk. I wanna call Andretti-Herta Autosport.

    117. Bernie: I haven’t seen you my whole life and now you just show up and *expect* a relationship? I hate you.
      Maurizio: Can I have a hug?
      Bernie: No.
      Maurizio: C’mon, give daddy a hug

    118. Bernie….Bernie…..I tella you…..they gonna burn my feet….they gonna putta
      di big-a concrete feet on me….like-a this….you gotta helpa me Bernie….
      …they don’t-a love-a me no more….I see di colda eye di bigga bossa giva me….
      Helpa me Bernie… gotta do something…..!

    119. Allen Cookson
      20th July 2016, 22:03

      Whoa, sorry. I had lasagna for lunch!

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