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2016 Hungarian Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Teams explored the extensively re-surfaced Hungaroring on Thursday.

Here are pictures from the build-up to the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix.

More images will be added here

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4 comments on “2016 Hungarian Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. Looking at that first picture at the top, is it any wonder track limits is a problem when the components that make up the “kerbs” are 2 metres wide in total, what is the purpose of the extra red bit and then the grey paving? Why not replace those extra bits with a strip of grass/gravel?

    1. Did you get the statement from F1 that they instead installed loops in some of the runoff that will police against cars going completely off thrack there @naz3012?

      First of all, we do not yet know how that will work (will it mean an automatic warning to the drivers, a light showing on at the Stewards, an investigation? And When will that be done), and how it will be received. Personally I think they should just ditch all laps where drivers have more than 2 wheels (or a larger part of the car) on the kerbing/off track.

      But for the race such a system would at least not be reliant on someone actually noticing on TV/car behind/in front, to make it fairer and more consistent.

      1. Ah yes I did read it thanks, didn’t make the link that the kerbing will be housing some of that. Even so, I still think the kerbs are far too large and are actively encouraging the drivers to use them by being so. Surely they could house the loops in/under the white and red kerbing and then bin the rest of the kerbing?

        The loop system will be interesting indeed, going by the FIA’s track record, there will be multiple investigations after the race into potential track limit violations. Whatever is linked to those loops in the stewards’ office is going to be lighting up like an 80’s disco and there is absolutely no way the dinosaur that is the FIA will be able to police it all as it happens. As you say, it’ll be interesting how it works with multiple cars too.

      2. Agree @bascb, Slam Dunk principal. If you put your car wheels where they should not
        be……lap deleted ! Simple. Powerful. Effective. Everybody knows where they stand.
        Everybody knows precisely what the result of transgression will bring. No arguments about
        degree, or track temperature, or whether the stewards had too much fizz last night.

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