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Rate the race: 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

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170 comments on “Rate the race: 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix”

    1. You know it’s a bad race when there is no clear choice for driver of the day or weekend. None of them was stellar.

      1. Kimi??? Started from 14th and finished 6th

    2. Way too generous. This was a total snoozefest — cars that were WAY faster were completely unable to get past even with gimmicky DRS. The race was decided in the first corner, and I said as much to my son at the time — “Well, Hamilton just won the race.” And I was right.

      1. Boy, you really were. If only you could bet on a race after it’s started.

  1. Sometimes it feels like Lewis is just a cat, playing with his food.

    1. I did wonder if the pace on the second stint was him trying to back Rosberg into Ricciardo. He seemed to understand the team message pretty clearly when they threatened to pit Rosberg before him.

      1. Probably it was @philipgb.

      2. Exactly… Just driving like a grany until threatened by the team. Overtaking was impossible, might aswell try to maximize his championship points.

        1. @jureo Or maybe he was just trying to protect his engine.

      3. Indeed, and each time Rosberg caught Hamilton through traffic, he (Ham) immediately pulled out a second once he had clear air.

        He definitely had more pace than he let on.

      4. @kanil,@philipgb, @bascb,@jureo,@stubbornswiss Hearing Hamilton explain it after the race as “I didn’t know how far the tyres could go, so I had to be careful with them” or something with a polite, content smile, it was pretty clear from the way the unconcernedly told that after a pause to consider what to say, that was exactly what he was doing.

      5. He was saving his tires, just as in China last year. Once Ricciardo pitted, he increased his pace, so he would stay ahead after the pitstops.

      6. I found the team messages really strange. They were never in danger of losing the race. That was absurd. The threat to pit rosberg first was actually quite out of place. He was leading the race. If his teammate wanted priority he had to earn it by passing him. I think they were trying to separate them on track but in a clumsy way.

        1. @dmw

          Ricciardo was gaining on them at that point, they were potentially looking at the chance Ricciardo could take the win through under or over cut or maybe just even if he made up enough ground on Rosberg potentially stick a move on him. They probably knew Hamilton was driving slower than he needed and it was a gentle nudge to knock it off and pick up the pace or they would switch priority.

          It may have turned out to be a false alarm, but at that point they couldn’t be sure.

      7. It couldn’t have been much more clear that Hamilton was trying to back Rosberg into the Red Bulls. Frankly, when that was made clear by his sudden vast increase in pace after he was threatened to lose his pit stop to Rosberg, Merc should have given the early stop to Rosberg regardless. There’s absolutely zero question Hamilton was ignoring a direct instruction from the team (more than one, actually) to pick up the pace, and yet Merc still rewarded him for that behavior, making it even more likely he’ll ignore them next time.

        Lewis has never been a team player and never will be — he can always be counted upon to drive selfishly and ignore the needs of the team.

        1. @gweilo8888 if you are a team player in F1 you end up like Barichello, Massa or Webber or even Rosberg.

          1. For some reason, it took ten days for F1Fanatic to let me know I had a reply waiting (got the alert today at 6:40am), so I doubt you’ll even see this. However, I would dispute the classification of Webber as a “team player”. He refused to obey team orders LONG before the Multi-21 debacle (something his fans conveniently “forgot”), and he also regularly went running to the media to moan about alleged favoritism. He was a nice enough guy, but he wasn’t a team player by any stretch of the imagination.

        2. Are you saying Nico is a team player? Or that neither of them are?

          1. Yep, Nico’s a team player — which is why he abided by team orders in Monaco.

        3. @gweilo8888

          They have two selfish drivers, that’s what wins championships. Hamilton tried to ease Rosberg back into the mits of the Red Bulls, and packed it in when warned. Rosberg has clean driven into Hamilton so it’s 6 of one and a bakers dozen of the other.

          1. No, they have one selfish driver and one team player. When told to let Hamilton by in Monaco, Rosberg did so, remember? And Hamilton has also run Rosberg off the track, so let’s not pretend that them pushing hard when *not* team-ordered to stop it means they’re not being team players.

            Also, Hamilton did not pack it in when warned. He continued to pretend he could go no faster when warned. He didn’t pack it in until he was told he was about to get a real consequence, and only at that point did he stop treating the team like he was the only thing that mattered.

            What Hamilton did was downright disrespectful to every other person in the team, and risked them losing places on track.

    2. He said to Sky afterwards that he was “absolutely” in control of the entire race pace.
      “This is a race where it is very hot and you don’t need to do more. I don’t need a 5 second, 10 second gap. I need to do what I have to do even if I win by a 10th of a sec. I was just managing that gap…and even if he got 1.8, 1,5 it doesn’t matter. And when I needed the time, I put my engine to where I needed it to be and I was able to keep the time.”
      So yes, he was obviously in control.

      1. Exactly. He was trying to win as slow as possible, saving the most PU as possible. That is why Nico was super easily catching up to him, then fully unable to pass.

    3. Thats the problem when you have someone like Rosberg as your team mate…..put Ricciardo, Verstappen, Vettel or Raikkonen in that Merc…..whole different story.

  2. 7. A lot of very good racing throughout the field but few major overtakes and too many quiet spells.

    1. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
      24th July 2016, 14:58

      Very good racing? Where? Except for the last 10 laps it was almost entirely devoid of action and even then it wasn’t that exciting.

    2. Ben (@scuderia29)
      24th July 2016, 15:28

      A lot of very good racing, I saw raikkonen hit verstappen and that was the only thing that happened

      1. I was referring to cars following each other closely and defending as well as overtakes. There was alot of that at the end with with the red bulls and ferrari’s and rosberg keeping the pressure on Hamilton then closing to within half a second when Hamilton went wide. Also the start demonstrated some brilliant moves from everyone near the front.

        1. It was an absolute snooze fest…. I nearly turned off after 20 minutes and did after just over an hour… Shocking race 3.

  3. Not as bad as Baku. But really, really boring. Qualy was far more interesting. 5/10

  4. 2/10 another terrible race

    1. +1, gave it 2/10 as well. I nearly fell asleep.

      There were a few battles throughout the field, but I genuinely feel that it was disappointing. All this talk about the red bulls challenging Mercedes was, as I predicted a few days ago, hype. The came within a few seconds at one point, then the pit stops came and that was that. Rosberg had the pace to match or beat Hamilton but was unable to get within a second, so it was dull watching and seeing nothing. Everyone else was incredibly slow. Saturday was much more exciting

      1. ‘Rosberg had the pace to match or beat Hamilton’. I think Strontium you fell asleep at the first lap and woke up at the finish line put 2+2 together and got 1179. I imagine Nico is going to have a sleepless week knowing just how far off he was. Hamilton was least half a sec faster just in one sector.

        1. @strontium ‘Rosberg had the pace to match or beat Hamilton but was unable to get within a second’

          a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction

          1. @stubbornswiss Are you, and the others, aware of how the aerodynamics work in Formula One? Having pace is completely different to being able to follow and pass another car.

          2. Spot on @stubbornswiss !
            You can have ‘either/ or’….@strontium ….but
            you can’t have both ! But I have to agree with you
            that the race wasn’t exactly rivetting, was it ?
            Too much long-option tactics.

            And the tough reasoning for that is the new points
            leader has some serious penalty situations to
            consider looming down the track, don’t ‘ee ?

            This is the longest season ever in modern Formula 1
            I believe. So the odds are on Hamilton getting
            clobbered pretty seriously a few miles down
            the road. And having been forced to fight pretty
            hard to get where he is now this season, he’d be
            a fool not to think l-o-n-g.
            If he can save any major component for one more
            race than you would normally expect him to achieve
            that’s a huge bonus.

            So today’s tactics were just that. Tactical.

        2. ” Hamilton was least half a sec faster just in one sector.” – Wow, could you back that up?

    2. A solid 3/10 for me…

  5. Useless. Mercedes can’t be beaten and in the only races they can, the tracks are impossible to overtake at.

    1. Raveen dhana
      24th July 2016, 15:35

      The track is so impossible to overtake that this track should go away form the calendar.

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        24th July 2016, 16:32

        Forgot all the drama last year? It’s just as any track. Boring races have even happened at Spa. But I agree that if we just watched this race, without considering any past race here, it looks like it should be dropped right away.

        1. +1…..last years race was a cracker.

      2. You just need different tire strategies or rain. Unfortunately, we got massive tire saving today.

  6. 4, leaves me pretty cold this race..

    Like Martin Brundle said “Alain Prostish race, Lets win it with the least ammount of speed.

    Start was good, Lewis did well to grab P1 under pressure.

    After that only Raikonen provided racing. Everyone else was driving to a “delta”.

  7. I slept from lap 15 till lap 65. Did I miss anything? Probably not. :p

    1. I dozed off at about lap 30 until 45 and nothing had changed when I woke up, so I don’t think you missed anything. On the other hand, if memory serves me correctly I think I did reasonably well on my tipping this week.

    2. Yes…..Max blocking and exceeding track limits……again.

  8. Was plodding along fairly averagely for most of the race, last 10 laps between Verstappen and Raikkonen spiced things up nicely. Would have been interesting to have a split screen showing the other two battles going on as well though 6/10

    1. Agree on that, would have been great had we been able to follow both Ferrari’s chasing both Red Bulls at the same time!

      1. It would have been better if it was a track they could overtake on.

        What is the point if racers can only follow each other? None.

        1. It’s a tough track to do so on but it can happen. What we got was 3 races going on with the top 6, the chased drivers in each defending and staving off their attackers. The drivers chasing just weren’t good enough to pull it off, that doesn’t make it a bad race because we weren’t seeing positions swapped it was still plenty tense watching them defend.

  9. 3 for me.

    Harsh I know but it really was a snooze. Plus the whole radio restriction thing regarding Button just angered me and spoiled the rest of the race. Ridiculous rules

    1. Agreed, I’ve had enough of the radio rules now. It was an interesting experiment but I think that it was better when they could talk freely. At the very least they should be able to discuss technical issues.

    2. Incredibly stupid rule indeed, cannot believe that.

  10. I think this circuit really needs rain… There are tension so a 5 but great moves i didn’t see but i didn’t saw any overtakes or did i miss one?

  11. 2/10. Rosberg and Raikkonen made this race boring by not giving us entertaining racing. Verstappen was also too aggressive. Good drives from Hamilton, Ricciardo and Alonso and bad luck for Jenson. :(

    1. Still I Rise
      24th July 2016, 15:46

      Bad race from Kimi? He finished 5th behind a guy who started 3Rd and what’s Vettel a mirage?

      1. Kimi finished 6th actually.

  12. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    24th July 2016, 14:46

    Least exciting race of the V6 era.

    1. That was Baku IMO.

      1. Or Russia 2014

        1. Or Australia 2015

  13. We had a few good moments, but I’m really fed up about Mercedes. This season is over from now on. I can’ t see Germany being any better than this.

  14. This is just F1. Tyres dictating pace, impossible for teammates to overtake, and if we race on a tight track the top 10 is basically locked right from lap 1. Meanwhile the WEC race is brilliant, again.

    1. Watchiing Wec race now, after 3 hours top3 are within 2 secomds… Take that F1!

  15. Raikkonen vs Verstappen was a pretty good dice, but other than that the race was terrible. Once again I’m sat here questioning the rulebook as well.

  16. 8. for lack of rosberg’s balls

  17. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    24th July 2016, 14:48

    5. Good job from Ricciardo but a pretty grey race to be honest.

  18. A bit of a frustrating race to watch. Lots of battles came close to igniting but never really did, aside from perhaps the RAI/VES battle for 5th which had a few exciting moments. I gave it a 6 because it was such a slow burner that it never really got cooking at all.

  19. 4. Quite uneventful and boring. DRS race, the only overtake I remember was Rosberg retaking second in the first lap. Should have been a 5 but after such thrilling qualifications it was disappointing.

    1. By the way, I don’t get why Verstappen didn’t even get investigated for that blatant double move while defending against Raikkonen. Furthermore it’s not the first time he does that.

      1. I don’t get that either. They are nicely vigilant about 4 wheels off, but show no interest in a rule that is in place to prevent fatal crashes…

      2. Again a double move yes. Suprising.

        1. For every talented young hothead there has to be a period of learning limits, to enable maturity. It’s been the case with every great driver in recent decades. If there’s no effort to reel them in, they can’t mature. Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel all got through that, to become complete drivers. Of course they aren’t “legacy” drivers…

      3. Sviatoslav (@)
        24th July 2016, 15:15

        @spoutnik – It’s okay, he is learning. He is the future, he is the best. So we should just accept it. Stewards don’t judge anything in F1 to make it fair. Stewards judge to prove they have some power to judge.

        1. He is learning? He knows exactly what he’s doing. Do we have to wait for an aeroplane crash before clamping down in that? I’m a big Max fan, but that was overstepping the mark today.

      4. Come on guys, he provides some real racing by going to the edge of what is allowed. Other drivers are too complacent. This is the pinnacle of motorsport, not some junior class. I expect nothing less from the new generation of drivers. Can’t wait til Ocon and van Doorne step in and show the current generation of drivers that they are way to procedural.

  20. 2/10
    An absolute snore fest! Red Bull was nowhere, Merc’s just playing around, JB’s brake/safety concerns nets him a penalty…..what a load of garbage! Who remembers when F1 used to be the true pinnacle of Motorsport? I am really getting sick of paying $50 (AUD) a month for this crap!

  21. I gave it a 6 because the leaders were close together at least, the Hungaroring really lived up to it’s reputation for no overtaking this year though.

  22. Have to laugh when the gap between Hamilton and Rosberg closes. Commentators get excited over it as if something is going to happen (suppose they have to). We all know nothing is going to happen, Hamilton is in control. Couldn’t get excited over the Raikkonen-Verstappen ‘battle’ either as Raikkonen was obviously never going to overtake him. Didn’t even come close really.


  23. Frustratingly boring. A few decent scraps (best of which was Verstappen v Räikkönen), but after the first two corners it was just cars going round lap after lap.

  24. Sviatoslav (@)
    24th July 2016, 14:54

    Track is the best if we want to choose a boring race. It was incredibly low number of passes even DRS-helped. I watched the GP3 and GP2 races, they were extremely boring too.
    1 point because this is a record.

  25. Chess match formula one races are only interesting if someone loses their queen. I think a few pawns got nabbed and a bishop looked in trouble once. But that was it. A 4/10.

    1. Hahaha COTD! :) Best analogy I’ve heard in a while. :)
      “bishop looked in trouble once.” Hahaha XD

  26. A generous 6…..total lack of any overtaking…..come back Mansell …. He managed it in 88!!!!

    1. @jop452
      In ’89 (if I remember correctly).

      1. Just checking if anyone would spot the wrong year…..realised my mistake after posting….thanks krxx

  27. 5/10. Nothing really happened except the start probably.

    I hate the radio rules, as seen with Rosberg in Britain, FIA has thrown in a lot of unnecessary rules since V6 era. I think Verstappen was being a little too aggressive with Kimi at the end, but it’s racing.

    Kimi for the Driver of the Day, and Ric for DOTW.

  28. I loved it. There were battles for 1st 3rd and 5th and Drs did not spoil them, hard racing. This was a very traditional type race. Yet again Verstappen outstanding defence if a bit borderline but for me he is special like Senna or Schumacher for this. I loved the strategy aspect and Raikkonen was like 2005 version, if only he was not screwed by the ever improving track in quali. If Merc were not there the battle between Red Bull and Ferrari race after race would hold such prominence and make the races epic.

  29. Wasn’t great but don’t think it was that bad either.

    Was great to see some proper racing for a change with DRS not having much of an effect on the Verstappen/Raikkonen battle. Yes fine there wasn’t an overtake in that battle today but it was a great edge of your seat battle which is the sort of thing I have always loved watching. The car infront doing his hardest to defend with the car behind having to really work hard to find an opportunity to try & pull off an overtake.

    Few other similar little battles through the field today as well at various points.

    1. I think the only thing that hurt the early phase of the race was the tyre management, Meant for the 1st half they were mostly all holding back to ensure they could get to the lap they wanted to before pitting in order to ensure there strategy for the rest of the race would work.

      The 2017 more durable tyres that actually allow drivers to push harder for longer can’t come soon enough IMO.

    2. Roger l loved it 7/10, it was old school F1 the drs was pretty weak and I think that helped too…

  30. It doesn’t matter if its Herman Tilke track some other joe, some races will always be boring.

  31. Matija (@matijaleader)
    24th July 2016, 15:05

    after the start rosberg never really looked like he will challenge hamilton.
    a few failed strategic attempts from red bull to get ahead.
    pretty much nothing in terms of actual racing other than the verstappen-raikkonen battle.
    hoping verstappen gets a penalty. moving twice is simply not allowed. he did it before already in silverstone and montreal. in both races people praised him and he was driver of the day…
    terrible race even for hungarian standards.

  32. ColdFly F1 (@)
    24th July 2016, 15:06

    7-8 for me. We don’t need to see constant overtaking to get a good race; and Hungary proved it.
    I scored it this high as well as finally we see the top 6 drivers getting closer to each other (no runaway Mercedes); all drove very well; and all had their 1-2 small moment.

    And how good to see the McLaren genuinely as best of the rest. I hope they’ll continue to improve.

    1. Give that STR a 2016 engine and they’re ahead.

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        24th July 2016, 17:56

        You could also give that McLaren a 2016 engine and they’d stay ahead (you know what I mean).
        Still happy to see the McLaren progress (at least on 1 car).

        1. They have a 2016 engine,…? STR is driving with last years Ferrari engine.

  33. People are gonna trash the race.
    But it wasn’t that bad at all.
    Beautiful start, bit dull middle, but really nice ending.
    Gave it a 7.

  34. 5/10 and I think it’s still generous. The reason for it is simple: lack of action. It was another race that showed us current formula is not working despite some people’s claims earlier in the year that it has finally come good. My quiet optimism following Canada race is gone. 10 out of 11, 42 out of 49 while ‘driving like a grandma’ say it all.

  35. After a couple exciting races at Hungary, this year returned to the relatively static situation the track had a reputation for. Once the stalemate was established then that was it, with even the faster Ferrari on grippier tires unable to pass.
    The start was at least exciting and Raikkonen did a great job to make his way up the order with a few tense moments when traffic drew Hamilton and Rosberg back together, but the result was plainly obvious after the first round of pitstops.

  36. What a god aweful race three battles at the end of the race and nothing, Mercedes are as far ahead as ever and determine who wins by who is in the lead on lap one. Overtaking is almost none existent and race drivers are “driving like grandmas” where is the racing? May as well watch the first lap and come back for the last

  37. 7/10

    Well not the best race but that’s the nature of the track. Secondly, with DRS not being as effective and not significant delta in tires coupled with Mercedes’ pace…it was expected.

    1. 7?! You play the “natural” card to defend the track yet you blame DRS… It’s much easier to watch a race when the outcome suits you. The race was a normal 2016 race, the problems with overtaking are the same problems of the past 20 years, some details help or hinder overtaking but above all nothing happened in this race nor it would as nobody really did try anything, just a Sunday drive. 5

    2. If anything DRS is perfectly balanced on this track…. Perfectly effective thus.

  38. I gave it a 6. We had a start which is better than last time… Ummm…. The leaders were fairly close so even though nothing happened, it could have. I quite like the track…

    It’s hard to know what I’m judging against. If 10 is the best F1 race ever, this was no better than a 2 but if 10 is the best race with modern cars, tracks and rules, it’s a solid 6.

  39. 6/10

    The opening and middle part of the race is a quite boring, the Raikkonen charge at the end is simply the best part of the race.

    Hungary is always tactical, hard to overtake track and I would rank this higher if not for the ridiculous penalty for Button. Drive through when it’s obvious he has a problem, which is not his fault, has safety risk and already thrown back to the last place from top 10 position? Why did Rosberg only get 10s again when he actually not losing any position at all, and speeding on pit lane and ignoring blue flag which clearly a driver error only worth 5s?

  40. 1. Nothing to shout about happened in the race, at all. If Baku was a 1, this was a 1.1.

  41. Nothing really came of fruition, stale weekend, another anti-climax, another race, halfway of what it could have happened season. 5, considering the track layout and the poor directing via FOM, I’d say the race was perhaps not worse than Silverstone, maybe a little worse than Austria.

  42. Ben (@scuderia29)
    24th July 2016, 15:27

    Whos voted the race a 10? it was awful. 2/10 for me

  43. Gave it a 6, a bit of post race NASCAR fisticuffs would have been great, that was some pretty below the belt stuff young Max pulled in front of Kimi.

  44. Again, i am convinced what most fans want to see is something akin to WWE. This is motor racing F1 style. To compare it to WEC, Touring cars or Moto GP is completely missing the point. It was not the best race, but it was decent enough. T
    The leader pacing himself, his team mate trying to catch up, competitors attempting to pressure and force their hand, strategy, and other top runners fighting amongst themselves for over 10 laps.

    6/10 for me.

  45. Voted 8. Liked the battles and the suspense. You can’t rely on DRS on this track so that’s why the battles are so long. However , I hated the stewards of this race, and would’ve never let them close to an F1 race again.

    I mean, Button’s pedal going to the floor and he gets penalized for radio? That’s not what this rule’s for you halfwits! JB lost so much time with it and they penalize him further?

    And on the other hand there are the customary Verstappen dirty defense tactics, which, if there was any lesser driver than Kimi, would’ve resulted in a huge crash, and nothing? Not even an investigation?

    Morons, there’s no other description for them

    1. You could argue JB is a moron for not knowing how to use his brakes if it was a user-fixable problem, or the engineers that designed the car…. why blame the stewards???

  46. Boring stuff….I actually fell asleep. :)

  47. This race had close to nothing for me. No overtakes that mattered, no tension on the strategy front, no nothing. Just a battle for fifth, but that could not make up for the rest of the race. 3/10 for me.
    I think it’s the dullest race I’ve seen this season.

  48. Apart from Raikkonen’s climb from 14th on the grid to 6th, and his battles primarily with Verstappen kind of a boring-ish race, but not as bad as, for example, the 2008 race at this circuit, which I re-watched earlier this week, but overall a race like this at this circuit doesn’t feel as bad as a similar race at some other circuits, but the latter part of the race was exciting nonetheless.

  49. When we all know that unless the Mercedes cars have significant mechanical problems they will finish 1 and 2 you can’t call it real race so I call it what it is :boring . I can’t blame F1 for the fact that Mercedes has built better cars or fault them for the fact that even after 2 plus seasons the other constructors can’t catch up but, the races remain what they are ,exhibitions of Mercedes engineering and it makes it obvious why F1 has lost a third of its viewer in less than a decade and continues full speed ahead in the same direction. What ,however ,I can blame the F1 powers for is their desperate attempt to create stars and thus ,they hope and reason ,create interest in the sport.
    Today saw a clear violation of the Sporting regulations( 27.6 if memory serves) yet ,the stewards did nothing about it. Further,it was not a violation which was hidden from view or one that had no impact on the race or season’s points.
    The world feed stayed on the battle between Max and Kimi probably because max is viewed as the sports rising star and perhaps the savior of the sport .We all saw Max’s pathetic double move and block when he realized that Kimi was about to pass him. It cost Kimi a position in the race and not only cost Kimi points in the seasons standings but,actually cost Kimi a place in the standings.
    When defending a position more than one change in direction is not permitted yet that is exactly what Max did. I get it,despite his talent he is still a child and panicked like a child when he saw he was powerless to stop Kimi. I am not saying he should be suspended or anything like that but a penalty was in order and the stewards,I presume in order to help F1 create and promote the new rising star just acted like the double move never happened. This is a disgrace. Everyone who is being honest in his/her evaluation of the race and the conduct of the stewards and F1 in general should be as disappointed as I was.
    I have said this before and i must say it again: I love F1 but its getting harder and harder to watch each week.
    I they want to get back the fans they have lost and make new one they must simply do a better job of conducting a fair race . Sports prosper because the fans believe there is a even playing field- look how Baseball and to a lesser degree other “US” sports have been damaged and fight against PED use in order to show the fans that the game is fair ,the rules are applied equally to all and everyone competing is treated the same Sure,stars get speaciasl treatment but, they should not and what I saw today was a blatant violations of the rules and the concept that rules apply equally to all. Ignoring the rules and the basics of racing competition ,doing so in plain sight and with a large part of the fan base watching is clearly not the way to create and maintain a healthy and prosperous sport.
    Shame on Max, the race stewards , Bernie and if they stand quiet ,shame on Ferrari as well.

    1. Agreed, that was some darned hostile driving and deserved serious repercussions.

      1. @RIK
        Correct, plus there was that other move of Ver. The one that happened later, on the straight in which one waits til the attacker sets in his move and the defender than simply blocks the move, using his vehicle as a road block. If I’m correct, this move is also a violation of regulations.

  50. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    24th July 2016, 16:00

    5. That’s it…
    Far from what I would think months ago. (that Hungarian GP this year would take a hat-trick for being a thrilling race)

  51. There were no real money opportunities to pass even when the differential was 1.3 seconds to the driver in front as we saw with Kimmi. I’m afraid it was a dull race. The undercut and differing tyre strategies were the only opportunities for action and that certainly didn’t pan out the way we thought it would. It’s a 4 or 5 if I’m forced to rate.

  52. 4/10. Boring race.

  53. Best part for me, was seeing just how clinically perfect Lewis Hamilton was able to control the entire race. A great start put him in the lead, and from there it was total racecraft mastery. He controlled the pace of the race, and kept Rosberg (the only driver close to him), exactly where he wanted him.

    It all seemed so fluid and stress free.

    Total skill.

    1. @stubbornswiss Couldn’t agree more. Masterclass.

  54. 6/10 no big events going on today but the Ferarri RB fight made it a little bit interesting with Max’s defensive actions as a high light

  55. 7/10 thoroughly enjoyed the competition between the Ferrari and Red Bull drivers.

    Pleased for Ricciardo and fun between Verstappen and Raikonnen.

    1pt between the teams in the constructors it’s nicely poised between all 4 drivers and should be fun to see who comes out top by Abu Dhabi.

    Interested to see if McLaren can take another step forward and reel in Williams who are sliding away with their car performance at the moment.

  56. I think there was a genuine fight for the podium, and even, here and there, effort by Rosberg to get to Hamilton, but we didn’t see much of it when it was there; I still thought it was a pretty good F1 race – not spectacular, but at least the 1st lap was well done by everyone; there was some strategy – Ferrari getting it right, Red Bull somewhat failing at first, especially for VES, but then stopping Ferrari going further in 2nd stops – and racing. Not too bad, even if a largely uncontested Mercedes 1-2 isn’t the most exciting. The Renault/FI/Haas fight was also interesting. Seeing HAM finally admit he had more pace and suddenly go over a second faster when threatened with an undercut for ROS was pretty spectacular to me, even if somewhat unwelcome.

  57. 4, only because of Max.

  58. I didn’t think we would see a race prove to be more boring than Baku the rest of this season, but I think Hungary just did it.

    A big fat 1 for my vote. Races like this are an eye sore for the sport.

  59. It was very boring, otherwise the fighting between Kimi and Verstappen was very interesting on the track. I was following the race at the turn 11 and very very very enjoy these some days. :) Szilasliget Varga Sorozo and Turista Salami are the best.

  60. Some good racing between Kimi and Max and, honestly, not a lot more.

    I heard that there was a somewhat decent battle between Ricciardo and Vettel, but you’d never know based on the feed.. To me this was probably the weakest race of an otherwise pretty good season. Quali was certainly entertaining though.

  61. Very very dull. Felt like a waste of my Sunday afternoon when I could have been out with friends instead. Feels like the good races are getting rarer and rarer. Baffling penalty for Button.

    Now watching WEC and the contrast could not be more stark.

  62. Three. Yawn.

  63. 1/10. I thought the qualifying was much entertaining than the actual race.

  64. 1/10

    Tied with Russia 2014. It doesn’t get worse than this. And it’s not going to change unless we get back unlimited testing and development.

  65. Nico was SO much faster than lewis! Lewis can count himself lucky on a circuit that’s hard to overtake. Nico will win the WDC by a huge margin :) :) :)

    1. Hahaha! nice joke :)

    2. Lol! I’ll have whatever you are having, mate!

  66. Duncan Snowden
    24th July 2016, 17:39

    The first 15-20 laps or so were among the dullest I’ve ever watched, and if anyone’s been following my comments here (don’t you have anything better to do?) they’ll know I’m not usually one to complain. It reminded me of the sort of snooze-fests we had to put up with about 15 years ago. To be fair, it did get a little interesting strategically in the middle, settled down again, then picked up with the Ferrari-Red Bull battles. But no, it’s not exactly one to put in the history books. The consensus so far of 5 or 6 sounds about right.

  67. 1/10 Stewards ruined the race. Clearly a safety issue on button’s car and why is there no penalty given to max for the double movement to prevent kimi passing? FIA and the stewards are an absolute disgrace.

  68. The last two races in Hungary are in the top 5 of the top 100 list. This year I gave it just a 5. I could not see it directy, but 2 hours later and I fast forwarded several times and did not feel I missed any of it. It was the same for the GP2 and the Porsche Cup this year, just one row of cars only driving behind eachother.

  69. Mark in Florida
    24th July 2016, 18:28

    Boring is all that I can say. An incredible snoozer of a race. It was almost mind numbingly processional. The cars could hardly pass in the dirty air following each other.

  70. Dull as dishwater.

  71. An excellent strategic battle. Never quite sure if Mercedes were feigning their lack of usual dominance, with extra kudos to Lewis for winning the race in the slowest time possible. That level of pace management, with your rival breathing down your neck was the stuff of champions. Always with an eye to up and coming races, car preservation whilst winning. Awesome.

    This was a good, solid F1 race, typical of Hungary, with very few passing opportunities and some careful strategising to try and pressure Merc into some wrong moves.

    Kimi impressed for a change, Max borderline aggressive defence, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Shame for Palmer, where that point would have seemed like a win. Not sure if technical issue, but he’s not been that impressive to date…

  72. Black n Blue
    24th July 2016, 18:49

    I’ll give it a six. Not dreadful by 2016 standards, but it is a comedown from the past two thrillers at the Hungaroring.

    I think this was a race that got people’s hopes up, the one where it felt possible that Red Bull could spook the Mercs like they had in Monaco. It looked fairly competitive up the sharp end. Hamilton couldn’t build any sort of advantage, Danny Ric was quicker on the softs, and Vettel was clinging in there as well. Similar to Austria, the race had several prolonged battles, but this time many of them went unresolved. Vettel probably needed a lap or two more to nab Ricciardo and the same goes for Raikkonen on Verstappen.

    You know when DRS barely gets a mention, that it’s worked. Without it I can’t imagine anybody would have gotten within a second of the car ahead this afternoon.

    1. Black n Blue
      24th July 2016, 18:51

      *Stayed within a second

    2. “Hamilton couldn’t build any sort of advantage, Danny Ric was quicker on the softs”

      Nope. You should have listened to the post race interviews.

    3. Not dreadful by 2016 standards? This year’s standards are quite high I think. Unfortunately this was just a very lame tire saving race.

  73. (0) awful race, i fell asleep many times

  74. Race started at 6 am here…by 6:45, I was back in bed. Never done that before. Snoozefest. Aside from some Kimi-Max action, nothing. 3/10 for me.

  75. 1. Awful race.

  76. I voted 5 and felt bad afterwards. Boooooriing

  77. 5/10, not much action but some good fights, in particular the one between Verstappen and Räikkönen. I enjoyed it but it’s not a race I would watch again any time soon.

  78. Only managed to watch the highlights, but still fell asleep!

  79. What? What is with all these bad ratings? I found this terrific!
    Probably being a KR fan this race appeared more exciting than it actually was, but still… I was about to comment that this proves you don’t need tons of overtakings for a race to be exciting. But I guess me or a lot of people is missing something. I gave this an 8, not an unforgettable classic but still an enjoyable display of racing all over the field.

  80. 2, maybe a 3 because it looks like Mclaren is getting slightly more competitive….
    So boring…

  81. 4- lowest in ages for me. After the first three turns the pleasurable bits of the race were sparse, and like the qualifying, were marred by controversy. On the plus side, I liked the scenery.

  82. …mind, I did recently watch this year’s Indycar race in Toronto, which I enjoyed almost too much.

  83. Boooring, HAM managed his tires very well and ended 1st, ROS also managed his tyres well and ended 2nd, RIC managed his tyres well… you can see where this is going. Tyres, tyres, tyres, tyres sooooooo sick and tired of tyre talk.

  84. I rated it 6. Some entertainment but far from a classic.

  85. A dull five, glad I went to watch the new Star Trek movie and watched F1 later on catch-up where I could fast forward a lot…

  86. I rated the race a 5.5

    It wasn’t great and there wasn’t much going on for most of the race, but there was potential later on with both Ferraris behind both Red Bulls. The cameras seemed focused on the Verstappen and Raikkonen battle so we didn’t really get to see how close the Ricciardo and Vettel battle was but I assume Vettel didn’t make any serious overtaking attempts as there would have shown them.

    After Hamilton made the better start and took the lead, considering how difficult overtaking is at the Hungaroring he was only ever going to not win if he made a mistake or ran into other problems, however a few times during the race it looked as if Hamilton didn’t have the pace of Rosberg, but in the end it seemed as if he was just managing the race, protecting his engine and making sure his tyres lasted as whenever the gap did get below 1 second and in DRS range it quickly went up again.

    When Ricciardo made his second stop I thought it seemed early but given the undercut and how important track position is I thought Mercedes would have to react, but they obviously have more information and were proved correct as after a few laps even though he was on fresher tyres Ricciardo was no longer closing the gap.

  87. A solid 3. Dullest race of the year, qualifying was far more interesting.

  88. A low 5.
    Qualification was fun and spectacular, but the race was really boring.
    Without rain, first corner incidents or other major incidents this race can’t be anything else then boring from start to finish. This track has no opportunities for overtaking cars that have about the same pace, so only guys like Raikkonen who started way back because of a spoiled Q2 can overtake much slower cars. The action between RAI and VES was the fun part, but at the end nothing changed.

    Instead of giving it a new turmac, they should have redesigned the track with better overtake opportunities.

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