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Ultra-soft tyres to return at final race

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Pirelli has allocated its ultra-soft tyres for the final round of the championship after revealing its final compound choices of 2016.

The ultra-soft tyres will be the mandatory tyre compound for qualifying at the Yas Marina circuits and drivers must retain a set of super-soft and soft tyres for the race.

Here are the final tyre allocations for the 2016 season:

2016 tyre nominations

Circuit2016 Q32016 Option2016 Prime2015 Option2015 Prime
BakuSuper-softSoftMediumNo raceNo race
Red Bull RingUltra-softSuper-softSoftSuper-softSoft
HockenheimringSuper-softSoftMediumNo raceNo race
Circuit of the AmericasSuper-softSoftMediumSoftMedium
Autodromo Hermanos RodriguezSuper-softSoftMediumSoftMedium
Yas MarinaUltra-softSuper-softSoftSuper-softSoft

2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  • 6 comments on “Ultra-soft tyres to return at final race”

    1. Good, aggressive choice for Abu Dhabi, nobody would have touched the medium as a prime tyre, so good to see the ultrasofts as the W tyre.

      By the way, pretty sure it was mediums and hands at Sepang last year and no softs!

      1. And Q tyre. Oops!

    2. Regarding Brazil, I was hoping for the supersoft/soft/medium combination, but I’m happy with the Abu Dhabi compound choices.

    3. I’m disappointed that throughout the whole season, they’ve not been bold enough to spread the tyre compounds anything other than three consecutive compounds.
      It would have been nice somewhere to see for example “ultra soft / soft / medium” or “super soft / medium / hard” just to really bring back that spectacle of the “qualifying tyre”.

      1. That’s what I was just thinking @eurobrun. Even if they’d just done it once to start with, to see how it plays out.

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