Button “all good” after hospital trip for eye problem

2016 German Grand Prix

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Jenson Button says he is “all good” to return to action tomorrow after being taken to hospital due to an eye problem which occurred during practice today.

The McLaren driver was taken to hospital in Mannheim after complaining of a problem with his eye during today’s second practice session at the Hockenheimring.

After leaving the hospital Button said on social media he was “on my way back to Hockenheim from the Mannheim hospital for an eye examination”.

“Foreign body found and removed,” he added. “All good for tomorrow”.

Button set the eighth-fastest time in second practice.

2016 German Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Button “all good” after hospital trip for eye problem”

    1. They found a Halo in his right eye

      1. Haha :)

    2. Maybe he needs to go to the hospital to get a pace maker..

      1. Ahahaha, perhaps that’s one for the Honda engineers!

    3. Latka Gravas
      30th July 2016, 7:44

      He need to step aside and let a younger driver have a crack at it. He has become insufferable imho. Fred Alonso has totally outclassed him in every way..

    4. I dunno button had a good drive in Austria.

    5. I believe this foreign object may have entered while he was doing something other than driving. Because if it entered while driving, what’s the point of having a visor?

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