Gutierrez takes over Pirelli test duties from Vettel

2017 F1 season

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Pirelli has continued testing its wider 2017 F1 tyres for a second day with Ferrari at Fiorano.

Haas driver Esteban Gutierrez has taken over at the wheel of Ferrari’s modified SF15-T to evaluate the new wet weather compounds from F1’s official tyre supplier.

As was the case with Vettel yesterday, Gutierrez began the test by performing an installation run using slick tyres. He will run on intermediate a full wet weather tyres later today.

2017 F1 season

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20 comments on “Gutierrez takes over Pirelli test duties from Vettel”

  1. Too much for him

    1. Glad there are no other cars here for him to disturb!

      1. Yes, no one can disrespect him as one never know, he might be fighting for a world championship :)

        1. Yes if MAssa or Rosberg can be so lucky, then even he might end up in title fight.

          1. That’s just disrespectful to Massa and Rosberg. Massa in his Sauber days wasn’t spectacular, but certainly didn’t get outscored 73-6 by his teammates. Even managed to beat a world champion in ’05. Rosberg won in a Merc that was 2012s fifth best car, and grabbed 2 podiums in the 08 Williams.

      2. petebaldwin (@)
        2nd August 2016, 13:50

        But how will they know how the tyres behave when tucked up behind backmarkers?

  2. so many comedians in here…

    1. Agree.
      You can only think now how everyone here must be a complete success in what they do, so can easily mock on a driver who’s gotta be there only and only because he paid, because anybody can just be a pay driver and get an F1 seat.

      Not a GUT fan by the way

      1. Fudge Ahmed (@)
        3rd August 2016, 10:44

        There’s a rightful reluctance to accept pay drivers by the fans as they are indicative of alot of the problems of modern F1. Drivers like Perez go some way to credit pay drivers, drivers like Gutierrez go some way to discredit them further, especially with his antics in the last 2 races.

        I don’t think his comments about one day fighting for a world championship won him any fans either.

        That’s kind of what the comments section has and will always be about, commentary, discussion and the odd bit of humour / driver bashing!

  3. Well that is nice… tell you what, that mock 2017 Ferrari looks goooud.

  4. Looking at the first image of the car moving on the track, the closeup taken from the right hand side of the car, it appears the car isn’t going very fast, maybe less than 40 km/h, because the water is just spraying up from the track. By comparison, the last photo, taken from the left hand side of the car, is at much higher speed. You can see spray coming off the top of the wheel, and, importantly, spray is being dragged along in the turbulent air behind the left front wheel. It appears the water is almost in a “wave motion”, similar to what you see behind cars on the motorway in the rain, so I think this photo was taken at a higher speed, e.g. 100 km/h +.

  5. Is the nose length modifyed? Front wing too?

  6. Any comments by the drivers how the cars and tires feel to drive?

  7. I imagine wider tyres would pick up more water, would the spray be significantly worse now? And, if it is, I suspect the delayed rather than safety car start idea would be even more relevant.

    1. Well, they will also be shuffling away more water from a drying track so these should help when lapping behind the SC. If they introduce standing starts after a rainy start behind SC, then these tyres will help clear the track of standing water

  8. I love the idea of having bigger tyres to give more mechanical grip but if they can safely run skirts for this test why can’t we have them for normal racing and get rid of the highly complex and overly aerodynamically sensitive front and rear wings?

    1. I think this is just a quick-fix to gain ‘cheap’ downforce. If they’ll allow this sort of ground effect again today, G-forces will skyrocket.

  9. why not JEV ?

  10. Notice the ground effect type skirt in the side shot – the fourth picture from the top…

  11. With all do respect to the honorable members of this chat …..Well , at least he can drive a Ferrari F1 ….so may be he is not such a loser as the rest of us who are just wasting our time imaging how would it be to do drive such a car in real life …..but anyway just a comment out of place ….lets keep saying “cheer for Button and Hamilton of course” the rest who are not British sucks

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