2016 German Grand Prix team radio transcript

2016 German Grand Prix

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The restrictions on what teams were permitted to say on the radios were lifted ahead of the German Grand Prix.

According to the FIA one goal of the change was to give fans greater access to the radio traffic between the drivers and their teams. “This approach is aimed at providing improved content for fans and spectators,” it said in a statement, “as teams will now be required to provide the Commercial Rights Holder with unrestricted access to their radio messages at all times that their cars are out of the garages”.

However while Sunday’s race saw a slight rise in the number of radio messages made available by Formula One Management for F1 fans, the total number broadcast was still far below what was typical prior to this season. There were 73% fewer radio messages played compared to the last German Grand Prix:

NB. There was no German Grand Prix in 2015

Since the British Grand Prix teams have been able to listen to all of their rivals’ radio messages in real-time. Evidence of this can be seen in Red Bull’s message to Max Verstappen on lap three, which refers to a communication involving Lewis Hamilton which wasn’t broadcast.

Red Bull were monitoring Lewis Hamilton’s radio
It remains to be seen whether Formula One Management plans to give fans the level of access after the summer break, or whether they will instead continue to play edited and delayed communications, and far fewer of them than was being broadcast less than 12 months ago.

Among the messages which were played during the German Grand Prix was a revealing sequence involving Sebastian Vettel, who initially refused to obey an instruction from Ferrari to make a pit stop in the closing stages. Ferrari wanted to bring Vettel in early to put pressure on Max Verstappen.

Vettel resisted, pointing out he was nowhere near the Red Bull. However Ferrari may have wanted to force Red Bull to pit Verstappen early because he would have to take super-soft tyres at his next pit stop and his lap times had dropped off towards the end of his previous stint on the same rubber.

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Vettel wasn’t in a position to appreciate this, and it’s revealing that he second-guessed his team’s strategy at this point. However as he was eight second behind Verstappen at the moment he was called in, it does indicate Ferrari were being a bit optimistic about how great a threat they could be to the Red Bull.

Defying a Ferrari strategy call isn’t a first for Vettel this year. He did it at Baku as well, making this at least the second time since the Canadian Grand Prix, where a Ferrari strategy call arguably cost him victory.

2016 German Grand Prix team radio transcript

2From Felipe MassaSomebody hit me in corner six.
2To Nico Rosberg

So just remember the plan for the first four laps.
3To Max Verstappen

OK Max solid couple of laps. Hamilton has also been instructed about looking after his tyres so we’ll do the same mate at this stage
8From Daniil KvaytI’m really struggling big time with the traction, big time.
9From Felipe MassaAfter the guy hit me the rear of the car is not the same.
9From Max VerstappenYeah definitely also struggling with the rear tyres now.
11From Daniel RicciardoYep, left-rear’s starting to go.
13From Kimi RaikkonenOK I’m struggling with the rear also.
14To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis it’s Hammertime.
15To Nico Rosberg

So Nico you are on plan B.
16From Lewis HamiltonHow big’s the gap?
16To Lewis Hamilton

So Verstappen and Nico both on super-soft. Ricciardo on the soft, same as you. Gap to Verstappen: 5.8.
18From Kimi RaikkonenDid you change the front wing because it feels like you didn’t drop it.
18To Kimi Raikkonen

Confirm, we did the front wing adjust for these tyres.
18From Kimi RaikkonenOK.
19To Max Verstappen

So Hamilton’s doing the same in terms of pace management, Max. Running the same lap times as you at the moment.
20To Fernando Alonso

Nico job Fernando. Next car in front is Gutierrez, he’s also on prime.
20From Fernando AlonsoDon’t worry. I lose another position in the next stop, and I will recover later.
21From Max VerstappenThis is definitely not the race tyre.
21To Max Verstappen

Understood, Max.
22To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel so gaps are all pretty static at the moment. Hamilton’s about nine seconds ahead of you.
25To Daniel Ricciardo

So people on super-softs are struggling a littel bit. So keep looking after that left-front a bit yourself.
28From Sebastian VettelCome on, blug flag. That’s ridiculous it was more than a lap.
29To Nico Rosberg

So pushing hard now.
30From Max VerstappenHe pushed me off the track.
32To Lewis Hamilton

Things are really kocking off now so just as much pace as possible.
35To Nico Rosberg

So Nico important you keep pushing. You’ve got a five-second penalty that we need to take at the next pit stop.
35From Nico RosbergCan you explain to them that I was full lock on the steering wheel and I couldn’t steer more. And he moved in braking, that was the big problem. That’s completely not allowed.
36To Lewis Hamilton

So we’re on plan B. Most of the field are.
37To Kimi Raikkonen

Good lap Kimi, eight tenths quicker than Seb last lap.
37To Nico Rosberg

You’re doing a really good job there Nico. Gap to Verstappen is 3.2. Remember everybody’s one a three-stop. You are P2 at the moment. So just need to pull that gap and it’s yours.
38To Felipe Massa

OK Felipe we’re going to box this lap and retire the car.
40From Romain GrosjeanThere is some smoke coming from the rear of the car.
40To Romain Grosjean

OK understood, we’re looking htrough everything, stand by here.
41To Nico Rosberg

So Ricciardo is pushing hard. We need mid-19 times Nico. Really important now.
42From Max VerstappenI’m even struggling with this tyre, of understeer.
42To Max Verstappen

Copy that, Max.
43To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel so Rosberg struggling a bit. It’s going to be good.
44To Sebastian Vettel

Box, Sebastian, box for new option.
44From Sebastian VettelNegative. I’m going to take a couple more laps. Tyres are still good.
45To Sebastian Vettel

It’s the only way we have to undercut someone. Box now.
45From Sebastian VettelThey’re miles away. Who do you want to undercut?
45To Sebastian Vettel

46To Sebastian Vettel

OK, stay out.
48To Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate so let’s have a little push on, make a bit of a gap to Verstappen.
51From Lewis HamiltonWhat’s Nico’s pace.
51To Lewis Hamilton

Nico 19.3.
55From Daniel RicciardoEsteban’s my favourite, I love this guy.
55To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel you can rest assured he’s doing the same to everyone, he’s not just picking on you.
57From Jenson ButtonIs the other car not struggling?
57To Jenson Button

Same situation as you, Jenson.
57From Jenson ButtonWell this could be tricky, guys, he could destroy both our races.
59To Fernando Alonso

And Fernando forecast says there may be a few drops of rain in about five minutes.
60To Daniel Ricciardo

There may be some very light drops coming at turn one first.
62From Lewis HamiltonSee spits of rain on my visor.
66To Jenson Button

Bottas on 31-lap primes, Jenson.
66From Jenson ButtonOK, I’m coming.
PRFrom Lewis HamiltonTrack temperature?
PRTo Lewis Hamilton

Now dropping slightly, 37C.
PRFrom Daniel RicciardoWhat’s the wind doing compared to yesterday?
PRTo Daniel Ricciardo

Direction, it’s lower, quite a lot lower than it was yesterday. Little bit of a tailwaind turn two exit. But it is quite light.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Get in there, Lewis. Great work, mate. Beautful start, fantastically mnaaged. Awesome race, mate, well done.
VLFrom Lewis HamiltonFantastic job guys. Awesome pit stops. And just throughout the weekend as always. Well deserved summer break. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoCheers boys. Good stuff.
VLTo Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate very good pace, very good deg today. Well managed.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoYep, thanks guys. Super-soft was pretty well balanced. Cheers.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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German Grand Prix data

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    33 comments on “2016 German Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. ColdFly F1 (@)
      3rd August 2016, 13:04

      Good to see that F1 Drivers can now pick their DOTW as well.
      Not sure based on what Daniel picked Esteban though (lap 55); maybe EG’s stellar start ;-)

      1. Well that was preferable to showing him the finger.

        1. I assume this is with reference to what Hamilton did to Esteban previously…

          People seem to forget that Ricciardo gave Raikkonen the same treatment in Monaco free practice and even called him a “c— of a bloke” on the radio. But hey, the happy smiley Aussie didn’t get stick for that… Hamilton does it, and all hell breaks loose.

          1. Ahh….. but Hamilton’s different, don’t you know?

            1. Duncan Idaho (@)
              4th August 2016, 2:01

              Ricciardo gets some slack because his demeanour is usually unquestionable.

          2. @cdavman, @stubbornswiss He did actually get nonsense comments for it. You can stop with the Hamilton gets treated differently, it’s a waste of internet space. I’ll even add one, Webber in Malaysia 2013, and I believe Vettel and Verstappen have done so too.

            1. @xtwl You need to actually read what I wrote.

              I DID NOT say ‘Hamilton gets treated differently’. I said Hamilton IS different.

              Important not to alter what someone says, sir!

    2. – 3 To Max Verstappen OK Max solid couple of laps. Hamilton has also been instructed about looking after his tyres so we’ll do the same mate at this stage.

      I wondered when Redbull heard the conversation bw LH and the pit wall. Since teams are now able to listen to one another’s conversations, they should try to release some of those to us as well.

      – 20 To Fernando Alonso Nice job Fernando. Next car in front is Gutierrez, he’s also on prime.
      20 From Fernando Alonso Don’t worry. I lose another position in the next stop, and I will recover later

      At the time I did not understand that comment from FA was loaded with sarcasm.

      1. Fernando, ever a great motivator

        1. People wonder why he’s been so “unfortunate” to not be in the championship winning teams. Has it not occured to people that yes a lot of the team principles say Alonso is the best driver it does not mean they like him. He sounds like a lot to deal with and will put the team down if he feels unhappy. That could easily create a toxic environment (like we haven’t already seen).

          To me Alonso has always given the aura of “I’m the best, i expect everything to be for me, i have to be put first”.

          1. I don’t believe any of the other current drivers have a museum of themselves, so yes you’re probably on to something. In fact, I don’t think any other sportsman does… perhaps Floyd mayweather?

    3. Regarding the McLarens, I find interesting this conversation:

      57 From Jenson Button Is the other car not struggling?
      57 To Jenson Button Same situation as you, Jenson.
      57 From Jenson Button Well this could be tricky, guys, HE could destroy both our races.

      So F. Alonso was pushing really hard, pressing on J. Button, more than ALO could afford because he finally lost two places due to worn tyres and a shortage of fuel. In the end, that pressure worked out for the team, because J. Button had to fight to keep the pace, which in turn allowed him to overtake Bottas in the final lap, meaning 4 points for the team instead of 3 point that could have delivered a more conservative strategy in which both McLarens slowed down to save fuel and tyres (BUT 2 points + 1 point for ALO).

      1. I see it like this:Button was ready to defend his position and in no way let Alo thru without a fight.In that fight they could BOTH lose their points position like Alo did in the end. Button was simply better with pace,tires,fuel saving and Alo only managed to keep with him buy overusing his tires and fuel and that cost him in the end. Button was faster this weekend a very simple fact and plus with his good start he made his life easier in the race and eventually he even took 8th from Bot. So flawless race for JB.

        1. In a nutshell Button was worried if Alo will force the issue and made them both lose time and first question was more about him asking “how is he still there” when i know that he should not be there considering tires and fuel saving. In the end Alo overplayed his hand not wanting to be beaten by team mate and he even drop out of points.I am sure he burned more fuel just to show “i am right there” without considering that it could cost him like it did.

        2. I think they both had pretty much the same pace throughout most of the race but alonso had to fight more with other cars resulting in more fuel usage + tyre wear ..

    4. petebaldwin (@)
      3rd August 2016, 14:26

      55 From Daniel Ricciardo Esteban’s my favourite, I love this guy.
      55 To Daniel Ricciardo OK Daniel you can rest assured he’s doing the same to everyone, he’s not just picking on you.

      hahaha love it. :D

    5. Interesting that we don’t see/hear Nico asking what the penalty was for. On the contrary, he seems to have an answer/excuse already planned in his mind.


      1. petebaldwin (@)
        3rd August 2016, 15:56

        Already said my bit about this but as you’re asking, I think it’s a lie. It’s like crashing into someone and hitting the brakes just before impact. “I had the brakes to the floor! I couldn’t have braked harder!!!”

        He was on full lock but only once he reached the edge of the circuit and had pushed Verstappen off!

        1. Spot on! That’s what i also saw in the slowed down replays. How much was intentionally pushing Max off the track and how much was him not able to turn because he outbreak himself it is hard to tell, but his mistake nonetheless.

      2. it could be that it has been cut. Not all communication is broadcasted and before the restrictions a lot of audio was trimmed. The ones in the pit lane feed were usually a bit longer then. I wouldn’t read to much into it.

        1. @thetick I understand. But even listening to the audio, as soon as he is told of the penalty, he responds with the excuses. Didn’t sound like it was cut, trimmed or edited to me.

          1. @stubbornswiss Without question we don’t get to hear during the race nor read after the race all the communications. Also we do not get to hear the communications live. Based on that I think it is difficult to nail down an accurate storyline although it does leave room to invent one.

            1. Hey @robbie, where’ve you been, buddy? I was beginning to miss you (said sincerely) and was about to put out an APB on you.

              Anyway, I agree with you on not hearing the radio communication in real time. But with regards getting an accurate storyline, instead of saying that this ‘does leave room to invent one’, I would much rather say it leaves us room to REASONABLY assume what was said, when and how.

              Ok….. now don’t disappear on me like that again :)

      3. Nico has Questions for all reasonable Answers :) He knew the outcome, so he tried to question it… as usual, with i braked hard, i had full lock, i had nowhere else to go, i didnt expect him to steer or go there….

    6. It is really hilarious:

      44 To Sebastian Vettel Box, Sebastian, box for new option.
      44 From Sebastian Vettel Negative. I’m going to take a couple more laps. Tyres are still good.
      45 To Sebastian Vettel It’s the only way we have to undercut someone. Box now.
      45 From Sebastian Vettel They’re miles away. Who do you want to undercut?
      :) To Sebastian Vettel Esteban Gutiérrez

      1. Duncan Idaho (@)
        4th August 2016, 2:06

        Not sure on the exact delay to the broadcast of the message but Rosberg’s 8 second penalty stop was after this, ie. after they’d all stopped it was VER-ROS-VET so a few laps of undercut could conceivably have gained them Rosberg’s place.

    7. “This approach is aimed at providing improved content for fans and spectators” -FIA

      BS, your not fooling anyone fia…. You obviously have no clue what’s going on until you make stupid, race ruining crap new rules, then you don’t even have the guts to accept your mistakes.

      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (That one was for all the “booing is a hate crime” f1fanatic commenters!)

    8. If all teams have access to every team radio of every team, why do we not have access? Not even after the race? Who has to hide what?

      1. Keith Crossley
        4th August 2016, 2:32

        Yes! All of the above transcript was broadcast in the race – already heard it. What about some of what we didn’t hear?

    9. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      4th August 2016, 3:04

      Okay so it wasn’t just me that thought we had an unusually low amount of radio broadcast considering the rules have been lifted. It was almost as if FOM forgot how to do it after 6 months of having no radio to deal with really. Or perhaps the teams have just adapted and don’t necessarily need to communicate to the drivers quite as often?

    10. These transcripts give us far more insight into the personalities – or lack of same – of the drivers than do all the interviews and biographies, combined.

      Rosberg’s little rants are especially fun to hear and read. Has anyone ever asked Keke how he managed to raise such a spoiled brat?

      1. Not really… probably when he was young he might have been like that, but when he got older, he probably changed to more matured…. If it’s one thing, one’s brain and heart can change in 1 year…

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