2016 Hungarian Grand Prix team radio transcript

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

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The Hungarian Grand Prix turned out to be the final race before the restrictions on radio communications were lifted.

Among the few radio messages which were broadcast to television viewers was one involving Jenson Button which led to him receiving a penalty for receiving forbidden assistance.

However while fans only heard a small fraction of the discussions which were going on, this was the second race in a row where teams were able to listen in on all of their rivals’ communications. Some had multiple team members listening to the communications of several drivers at once in a bid to ensure they didn’t miss a useful scrap of information.

The radio communication ban was lifted at the following race. Look out for the German Grand Prix team radio transcript coming up shortly on F1 Fanatic.

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2016 Hungarian Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRFrom Lewis HamiltonHave to refill my drinks bag, if you can. For whatever reason I think the tube has come loose and it’s unplugged from my helmet.
PRFrom Max VerstappenGuys this is so difficult to drive.
5From Jenson ButtonPedal’s going to the floor. What’s the problem?
5To Jenson Button

OK Jenson, we’re looking.
5To Jenson Button

Jenson do not shift, we’ve lost hydraulic pressure.
5From Jenson ButtonSo game over.
6To Jenson Button

Jenson stay out, stay out.
6From Jenson ButtonOh, fantastic. Race from hell this is going to be.
8To Max Verstappen

You are still within DRS of Ricciardo.
8From Max VerstappenI’m driving like a grandma.
14From Jenson ButtonSo the brake pedal going to the floor isn’t classed as a safety issue. That’s quite interesting. Think someone needs to read up on what is safe and what isn’t.
20From Lewis HamiltonI’m struggling for pace.
21To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel doing a good job mate. Mercedes both doing 26.9, you are one second quicker than them at the moment and you are six seconds behind Rosberg.
25To Lewis Hamilton

So just need to pick the pace up a little bit.
25From Lewis HamiltonI’m working on it.
28To Kimi Raikkonen

Pace is still good Kimi, just hang on in there.
33To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis so Ricciardo’s about to get onto the back of the train so we really need to open this gap up.
33From Lewis HamiltonWell I’m driving to the best of my ability on these tyres.
33To Lewis Hamilton

OK copy that Lewis. If these cars bunch up then we’ll be bringing Nico in first.
33From Lewis HamiltonWell why would they do that? It’s not like I’m driving slow, I’m trying.
33To Lewis Hamilton

Yeah Lewis just the risk is we’re putting the win in jeopardy.
37From Sebastian VettelCome on, blue flag. [Censored by FOM] that’s ridiculous.
38To Max Verstappen

OK Max so we’ve had one warning of going off-track at turn 11. Turn 11, track limits.
46From Sergio PerezSo what happened there, guys? Why you were not ready.
46To Sergio Perez

Understood Checo, let’s focus.
48From Sebastian VettelBlue flag, I mean come on, seriously.
50To Max Verstappen

Max, track limits, turn four.
50From Max VerstappenYeah I know, I ran wide, but I lost a lot of time.
50To Max Verstappen

That is two warnings now, Max.
54To Fernando Alonso

And Fernando we’ve had final warning for track limits.
54From Fernando AlonsoWe are on two or three?
54To Fernando Alonso

We are at three. That was final warning.
58From Kimi RaikkonenHe moved right and then back to left when I was going there. I took my [censored by FOM] front wing off.
58To Kimi Raikkonen

Copy, copy, keep pushing on the way in.
61From Max VerstappenKimi is going out of the track limits.
62From Jenson ButtonBox this lap, box this lap.
62To Jenson Button

Jenson back off, we’re going to retire the car.
70From Kimi RaikkonenHe’s not stopping moving then we will hit each other.
70To Kimi Raikkonen

70From Kimi RaikkonenBecause I move first so [censored by FOM] don’t move after that. I have nothing that I could do once I decided that I go inside and he turns after that in front of me.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Awesome race Lewis. Mega result. Well done mate, great stuff.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Great job Lewis fantastic drive.
VLFrom Lewis HamiltonAs always guys thanks for all your hard work this weekend, everyone back at the factory. This is agreat result for the team and I appreciate all the hard work. Thank you.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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    1. blue flag, come on maaaaan. I like Seb, but I will call him blue flag from now on. He says it in every race.

      1. Funnily enough I’ve noticed both Ferrari drivers like to say that a lot, it seems to be there thing. Alonso said it quite a bit too

    2. “So the brake pedal going to the floor isn’t classed as a safety issue. That’s quite interesting. Think someone needs to read up on what is safe and what isn’t.”
      I wonder how much this message contributed to the rethink on radio communications restrictions.

    3. I love to see Alonso using everything he can to finish at the highest position possible, the three track limits warnings included.

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