Sebastian Vettel, 2016

Caption Competition 107: Vettel’s ambulance

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Is Sebastian Vettel tried out something very different to his usual SF16-H at an event for one of Ferrari’s sponsors.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 129 comments on “Caption Competition 107: Vettel’s ambulance”

    1. Martin Brundle: “Straight to the scene of the accident”

    2. At least people move out the way for these blue ‘lights’

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        6th August 2016, 16:34

        First in with blue lights. Winner IMO

    3. Don’t change your racing line more than once, I’m trying to get this lad to the hospital!

    4. Finally they listen to the blue flags

    5. ”Should I do the race in this? I think that it will be faster than my Ferrari, and for sure, much more reliable!”

    6. Derek Edwards
      6th August 2016, 12:04

      Bernie’s latest proposal seemed intended to make even Seb have doubts about the Halo system.

      1. Hahhhaa…!! Good one…

    7. Vettel tests a more aesthetically pleasing version of the halo.

    8. “Blue lights blue lights, come on blue lights!”

    9. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      6th August 2016, 12:07

      Vettel on his way to resuscitate Ferrari.

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        6th August 2016, 12:23

        Vettel tried his best to inject life back into the Scuderia, but it was all in vein.

    10. “Yeah, it’s my career. I’m just taking it to the hospital.”

      1. The best one yet IMO!

    11. Who’s in the back? Oh just a couple of drivers from mercedes and red bull, nobody important really.

    12. Christopher Burrows
      6th August 2016, 12:30

      Sick of blue flags being ignored, Seb moved to something the other cars would jump out of the way of.

    13. “Hey Felipe, I found you a drive for next year.”

    14. After collecting the patient from the accident site, Sebastian Vettel inadvertently parked his ambulance in the Mcdonalds car park, several kilometres away from the hospital.

    15. I can get you to the hospital in four minutes but you’ll still have to wait for four hours.

    16. Tabloid Healdine: “Sebastian Vettel Spotted Testing a Mercedes!”

      1. It is a Renault ambulance actually, not that it would make much difference to the tabloids :)

    17. Sebastian Vettel to appear in Casualty’s 30th anniversary episode.

    18. *siren siren* emergency – patient’s heart beat is slowing down – Formula 1

    19. As a fellow member of the Ferrari family, Sebastian lends his helping hand when he found out that Esteban Gutierrez is suffering from i-will-fight-for-the-world-championship-in-the-future syndrome!

    20. With Kimi ahead by 2 points, Seb goes in to have his bruised ego examined.

    21. Charlie said he’d let me drive a medical car. This isn’t what I had in mind.

    22. After a heavy night of drinking with the team, Vettel was happy to drive Kimi to the hospital.


    24. “Hahah, suckers! It’s a wet start! By the time safety car peals off on lap 5, I’ll be 2 minutes in the lead already in this thing!”

    25. Vettel volunteers to drive the post race whambulance. But who is it for this time? Lewis or Nico?

    26. NHS plan to cut ambulance response times 😂

    27. To put minds at rest Vettel assured the awaiting press that the only casualty was his career at Ferrari

    28. Gavin Rothman
      6th August 2016, 13:34

      Seb guiding the “Krankenwagen” to the ailing Ferrari team for some rescuscitation.

    29. “Look, I even have my own blue lights over here!”

    30. Vettel was asked to suggest a way of improving Ferrari’s current performance.

    31. Translation woes continue at Ferrari: I said “Give this car a rest” not “Car-diac arrest” said Vettel as he was taken away for a hospital check-up in the team’s latest blunder.

    32. Seb takes Esteban to get his eyes checked. Apparently he cannot see the colour blue.

    33. Vettel, ever the humanitarian, invests in specialised equipment and training for the inevitable ‘Ferrari Restructuring’ activity during the summer break…

    34. Sebastian Vettel brings just what Ferrari need to revitalise the team.

    35. With the inevitable horses head on its way Seb has decided to get the ambulance ready, but will it be for Sergio or Maurizio?

    36. Seb: “It’s just an FIA mandatory checkup. I tripped a virtual g-force sensor in the simulator.”

    37. Not being clear enough with his words, Seb has taken on visual aids to explain the rule makers in what kind of state the sport is in.

    38. Vettel gets to drive Bernie’s new ride

    39. “I’m here for Bernie”

    40. Sebastian Vettel offers to ‘take good care’ of Daniil Kvyat.

    41. Nee naw, nee naw, nee naw, whoop whoop whoop, wheeee. Great I’ll take one. Can I have one that plays Greensleeves and has a Mr Whippy machine, as a gift for Kimi?

    42. Vettel gets the chance to try out Ferrari’s wider F1 car for 2017.

    43. Signs that F1 has taken safety too far, when told this is what they will be driving next year.

    44. I’m safer in this, as there’s a rumour Crashtors coming back next season…. ??

    45. Vettel on his way to bring some much needed results for Ferrari.

    46. “That’s why Pirelli tests are useless to F1”

    47. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      6th August 2016, 16:23

      Seb confirms that visibility remains excellent in the approved 2017 halo alternative

    48. Vettel driving Ferrari’s 2016 season to the hospital because it’s dying.

    49. Lewisham Milton
      6th August 2016, 16:35

      “You’re goin’ home in a [Censored by FOM] ambulance!”

    50. “Maybe if I use the sirens I’ll win”

    51. “Blue lights, blue lights, blue lights,…”

    52. I am going collect those limping back markers to safety with my own blue-lights…

    53. “Just kidding Bernie, your mother in law is in the back”

    54. Michael Shumacher new ride ?

    55. After the Halo and aeroscreen, vettel is very pleased with Ferraris new safety measures.

      1. I brought this incase maldonado shows up!!

    56. This is the only Mercedes seat available Sebastian could find for 2017.

    57. Ten minutes to save a patient, hospital 20 kilometres away. So they needed a driver who can do it.

    58. Let me make it perfectly clear: I just don’t trust the halo.

    59. “I heard Maldonado is coming back.”

    60. After having a heart attack, Bernie asks Vettel to drive the ambulance.

      Vettel revs the engine turns and tells the fans ” Don’t worry, I’ll ditch him in the woods”.

    61. “Mercedes power!! Yes yes yes and yes again!”

    62. At least he won’t stop racing a lap too early in this. It’s easier to know that you’ve reached the destination when you see a hospital.

    63. Multi 21? does that mean I drive the ambulance

    64. “Hey Nico, is this much yellow enough to slow you down? “

    65. Vettel says nothing as the FIA has banned radio communications from the medical car in case the paramedics are being told how to do their jobs….

    66. Oh, it’s my Ferrarri in the back.
      It’s not doing so well!

    67. No halo for 2017? Who you gonna call?

    68. SV: “Very funny, so this is the car you promised me that would be able to pass everybody.”

    69. “These driver’s still aren’t obeying blue flags.”

    70. James Beumee
      7th August 2016, 0:10

      “Nothing happening here, just taking Kvyat’s career to the hospital!”

    71. “Please come to A&E Sebastian.”

      “Negative. I’m going to take a couple more laps. Patient is still good.”

    72. “It wasn’t my fault, it was the seagull.look there it is!”

    73. Ferrari said they were in a crisis. I was already prepared. ;-)

    74. Ferrari gets new aero package and sponsor

    75. I’m off to the scene of the wreck……at Maranello

    76. “I don’t know about a truck, but this Ambulance handles like a Ferrari..”

    77. Ramesh C Panjala
      7th August 2016, 3:35

      Now that Allison is gone this is Ferrari’s next upgrade this year to win races. Turn on the siren and the mercs and bulls will move over. Mission accomplished.

    78. A Merc…. at last!

    79. You guys don’t like the halo 1.0? Let me test out halo 2.0 for you all…

    80. Sebastian tries his hand at being a Top Gear presenter for the day

    81. Always fond of British humour, Sebastian wanted to test the “You’ll never sell any ice cream going that fast!” in front of Kimi.

    82. First time, this year I overtook so many cars.

    83. Seb testing ferrari’s new halo design for driver’s safety.

    84. AMR (@aiera-music)
      7th August 2016, 9:43

      “It’s nothing major guys, I just lost my finger.”

    85. What the [censored by FOM] was Maurizio thinking, I asked him to get Charlie to look at the [censored by FOM] blue flag situation and he thinks it’s [censored by FOM] funny. I’ll [censored by FOM] show him blue [censored by FOM] flags all right.

    86. WillOfTheSupremo
      7th August 2016, 13:59

      Seb was genuinely surprised Ferrari’s latest upgrades made them faster that a truck…

    87. This time the seagulls weren’t so lucky

    88. “At first I was sceptical, but the new downforce package has definitely been a huge step forward! Grazie forza Ferrari!”

    89. “so this is how it feels to drive a Renault”

    90. Introducing Halo 3.0

    91. Paramedics arrive to revive Ferrari.

    92. Kvyat surely would not run into an ambulance twice in a row….

    93. They promised me a ride in this if the Kvyat transplant operation went well.

    94. Damiano Pillon
      8th August 2016, 2:16

      As Vettel stops and answers to the press , Ross Brawn sneak in of back of the ambulance as it’s heading to Maranello.

    95. Sure I’ll be behind Manor, but they all have to pull over when I turn on the siren.

    96. Taking Arrivabene to a mental clinic. And everything is gonna be OK.

    97. Jan Hendricks
      8th August 2016, 5:35

      Yeah Maurizio, they managed placing my Ferrari in this ambulance. But I forgot; I had to bring it to a hospital or was it a graveyard ….?

    98. See-vet : I just heard that Daredevil Super Dave Osborne needed an ambulance. I just found out he botched another stunt. Where did he go?


    99. “If they don’t pull over for blue flags, maybe they’ll pull over for blue lights??”

    100. Vettel practices ‘mirror mirror shoulder check’s’ in case Rosberg might one day come from behind and “forgets” to turn in.

      1. Well maybe it would be better just to say:

        Vettel, as always preparing for every eventuality, practicing ‘mirror mirror shoulder checks’ in case he comes near Rosberg…

    101. Due to lack of winning, Ferri decided to check in Seb to rehab to be rehabilitated.

      1. Correction; Ferrari

    102. “Outta the way! I’ve got Kvyatt’s career on life support here!” – Seb

    103. “I’m fine. It’s just my career that’s injured!”

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