Rio Haryanto, Manor, Baku City Circuit, 2016

Haryanto paid half of €15 million Manor bill

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In the round-up: Rio Haryanto, who was dropped from Manor’s race team earlier this week, had only paid half of the €15 million (£12.9m) promised to the team.

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A photo posted by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on

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Complex new rules for 2017 give the FIA power to force a manufacturer to supply power units to a team, but not everyone thinks this ambitious piece of legislation will work:

Just imagine a scenario where Mercedes or Ferrari lose all their customers, then proceed to getting bullied into supplying a team it dosen’t want to.

The forced supply rule is not going to work and all it’s going to do is encourage manufactures not to join F1 and likely encourage existing manufactures to leave. Goodness me the people making the rules in F1 never think of the long term consequences and it seems neither do current manufactures.

When or if Renault becomes a competitive team i bet you Red Bull will lose their supply.
Armchair Expert (@Foreverred)

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Manfred Winkelhock died on this day in 1985 as a result of injuries sustained in a World Sportscar race at Mosport.

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  • 62 comments on “Haryanto paid half of €15 million Manor bill”

    1. So what the new Manor color & decal? Manor color based on Pertamina field uniform. Or the 5 million deal had cover these for whole year?

      1. It might be that is one of the reasons for keeping Rio Haryanto on as test/reserve @ruliemaulana. I am sure there was an agreement between the parties on that

      2. @ruliemaulana They can now base the livery on the Kopaja!

        An orange-bajaj based one would also look great. A metro mini livery, not so much.

        1. Didn’t know you’re an Indonesian too @davidnotcoulthard … or at least live here

    2. F you too Lewis. :)

      1. Yeah it’s an odd picture to post to people who follow you. I know we’ve seen it because of this site having it in the roundup, but by and large it will be seen by his fans who care enough to follow him on social media. Very strange post to make to them or is there some context to it?

        1. Yeah its a bit random, the smiley face with it is just odd. I’d understand if he wrote something like ‘to the haters’ or even ‘@peta’ but just your middle fingers up and a smiley face? Very weird… still trying to be ‘gangsta’ :-)

        2. It’s different. But maybe that’s better than being pandered to :)

        3. ColdFly F1 (@)
          12th August 2016, 6:12

          context: Guiterrez steals Hamilton’s wave.

          1. I thought he was taking the photo ;)

        4. I suspect whether it’s something to look up to is a matter of taste.

      2. Thats that British role model for the kids we know and love! Next British GP, wait in line for hours to get that man to scribble on your sons t shirt. It is worth it!

        1. Oh my god won’t someone please think of the children!

        2. @ibrahim, you do seem to strangely obsess about him and about his nationality…

    3. Looks like Lewis is having fun. I hope everybody is or will have some pleasant vacations. Anyhow, this is a family site.

      1. I feel like Keith can decide what he can or can’t post on his own site.

      2. @peartree @omegadetra My interpretation of the photograph is he was providing perches for any passing injured songbirds to alight upon.

        Though surely PETA would find a way to have a pop at him about that as well.

        1. That may well be the best thing I have ever read. Hats off to you @keithcollantine!

        2. @keithcollantine I thought it was a subtle message to his team mate telling him how many times they have collided this season…

        3. @keithcollantine You do have a fairly strict restrictions on comments…

          1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
            12th August 2016, 16:54

            @mike +1

        4. @keithcollantine I got your idea for the Ham picture but as Mike said, we get censored sometimes, but that’s ok, as long as PETA keeps their focus on stardom.

      3. “Family site”– right. First, we all know from Bernie, that kids have no interest in F1, so they’re not here.

        Second… You really think kids old enough to visit an F1 site don’t know what *all* those hand gestures mean?

        We must have some seriously sheltered parents around here. :)

      4. You should get to your “Safe Zone ” immediately.

    4. ColdFly F1 (@)
      12th August 2016, 6:19

      Very interesting article by AMuS; worthwhile to learn German today ;-)

      1. The result is more or less that 1. the Mercedes is faster in the slow corners because of 2 factors (the driveability of the engine as well as having a better balanced chassis, because of weight distribution, suspension but also not having such an aggressive rake angle), Red Bull being faster in the faster corners (their fascination with downforce) and Mercedes being faster on the second part of longer straights (with both the better energy recovery/hybrid helping as well as higher drag because of their DF philosophy holding back RBR) @coldfly

        1. Briliant article… It essentially gives us fun racing. That being said atleast RBR is now faster in some places.

        2. @bascb, the thing is, I don’t think it is necessarily a great comparison given that Red Bull were visibly running a higher downforce package than Mercedes (as can be seen in their header photo for that article, the rear wing angle on Red Bull’s car was noticeably higher than Mercedes).

          That, to a certain extent, does corrupt the data set – are Red Bull necessarily faster in those higher speed corners because of their chassis and aero design, or was it because the car was more stable due to them running a higher wing setting than Mercedes? It doesn’t seem as if AMuS have taken all of the variables into account with their analysis, so I would be wary of taking too much from that data set.

    5. I’m somehow missing the relevance of that social media post. If Valtteri Bottas were to post footage of himself writing his name in the snow, would we get to see that as well? Are we in for a wave of excretory content produced by very bored F1 drivers?
      Or is this post really about sharing a certain driver’s views, however irrelevant they may be? Then that would make sense, but in a very dissatisfactory way.

      1. That’s a very good question and one I don’t have a very good answer to. The simple explanation is if I see something a driver posts on social media which I find interesting or amusing or which I think reveals something about their character, that makes it a good candidate for the social media section in the round-up.

        And it’s also part of my ongoing curiosity about the way Hamilton uses social media and the image he is trying to cultivate. Would I include the same photograph if it involved a different driver? Yes I would, but would any of them share such an picture in the first place?

        Also there’s the possibility it’s intended as a response to PETA, but I’m not sure if the timings reflect that.

        1. Perhaps someone just threw him in the water? Perhaps a paparazzi was whizzing past on a jet ski?

        2. @keithcollantine
          ‘That’s a very good question and one I don’t have a very good answer to.’
          Well, your answers are actually a lot more satisfactory than I anticipated. No complaints from my side. :)

    6. Seeing as he’s in water, maybe Lewis was channeling his inner Santo Condorelli ;)

      (Santo Condorelli: Canadian Olympic swimmer, gives his dad the finger before each race –

    7. Lewis his post is what it is. I’m not bothered by whatever his intentions are. It does not represent Mercedes or any of his sponsors but Lewis on his own social media account. I don’t care, however, who goes swimming with a hat on?

      1. @xtwl I’m glad someone on here can cut through the BS and see the real issues here. Swimming with a hat on. Shocking.

        1. @petebaldwin, @rethla I would like, NO what am I saying, I demand the FIA impose an immediate investigation and if needed impose the correct penalty and adapt the rules as such.

          I also think swimming with hat on will eventually be the root cause of Hamilton losing the title this year, but equally if he wins it.

          1. @xtwl – It’s very difficult to say for certain as there is a rather surprising lack of statistics in relation to the effects of wearing a hat whilst swimming on driving performance. Perhaps we’ve found what sets the top drivers apart from the rest? Did Senna wear hats whilst swimming? Does Alonso?

            Does this perhaps go further than F1? Does Lionel Messi wear a hat whilst swimming? Did Jesus?

            1. @petebaldwin I’ll dive (hehe) into it as soon as my research has proven working in the autoindustry indeed makes your grass grow slower.

      2. One that cares more about his looks and the photo than about swimming. Lewis is trying to hard.

        Im more interested in actual F1 personalities than the official Mercedes and sponsors junk we see everywhere but everything Lewis sends out is as personal as the clarification statements that are sent out every time Lauda opens his mouth.

      3. Hat on, that strike me too; but there’s a reason; he’s not swimming, he is in a jacuzzi, so hat and bling and gestures are mandatory for a raw model.

    8. It is interesting that for all the grief everyone gives the “oil rich gulf nations”, that not a single one has plopped down the cash to put a driver in a car, or to fully back a team? Why not a Team Emirates or Ethihad or some financial group? Why would not a single gazillionaire Shaykh not have had his spoiled prince son do a season or two in lower class gp whatever to get his license and a seat in f1? Is it not odd? We have every Tom, Dick, Haryanto and Pastor paying for a seat, but not someone with real cha ching?

      1. @ibrahim, with regards to backing a team, what about Mumtalakat and their involvement with McLaren? Ferrari also used to have a quite high profile sponsorship deal with Etihad Airways, as well as from the Mubadala development company.

    9. Aside from Hamilton being a fool, for the life of me I don’t understand how any company can put up €5 million to put a driver such as Haryanto in an F1 race seat. Why do it? Can’t they just sponsor the team instead? Surely being associated with such a poor driver does not provide any return.

      Maybe I’m missing something and should find an oil and gas company in the UK to sponsor me whilst being rubbish in my job.

      1. @john-h I don’t get it either. For that money, you could have them called the “John H Manor F1 Team” or have a big picture of your face on the side of the car. Surely that would be better publicity?

      2. You are missing the 250000000 people that dont care about the team but care about their national driver.

        1. @rethla yes you’re right, sorry you make a good point. I gather he’s quite popular at home. I guess it was a bit of a reactionary comment to wonder what’s going on, when a government pays for a driver to drive in F1… but I guess it’s kind of similar to all the funding olympic teams get through the national lottery (basically a tax) in the UK.

      3. Haryanto has been one of the most surprising performances of the season. I was expecting a rehash of Chilton Vs Bianchi but he’s actually held himself pretty close to Wehrlein. His GP2 results also ain’t half bad, the 3 drivers who finished above him in 2015 are all pretty major potential talents.

      4. Pertamina was being cheap as always. Too much privilege and protection from government. The €5M is still under 1% of its annual promotion budget which just 5% to 20% compare to its competitors spent annually.

      5. Your ex is not a famous singer, your last contract is non existent and does not pay 20 mi, you don’t own multiple expensive cars, your not a 3 wc and you don’t own a plane.

        But at least you call him a fool and feel better in that you’re superior to Lewis Hamilton..

        Not irl though.

    10. Hmm, no one talks about one of the factor why Haryanto doesn’t paid enough? Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport initially should pay about 5m. Heck they even tweet the photo of their letter to Manor (and it was in the round up too). What happen next, is few weeks after that there’s lot of (actually not that lot, just as usual few people shouting out loud to everyone who cares to hear them) critiques come in which basically saying a government shouldn’t pay for an individual. After that, I think it’s ruled by the House of Representatives that they (the Ministry) can’t pay for Haryanto seat. In an attempt to save their face, they said they still support Haryanto in spirit and made a program for the people to support Haryanto by sending premium SMS, which apparently doesn’t do well either.

      1. The problem was transparency. Pertamina can easily paid €25M as long as the corrupt decision maker get €10M kickback. It was Manor fault not to had prior understandings of its partners culture.

        1. @ruliemaulana Not sure what you trying to getting at. How many Pertamina can or could paid is not the question, they promised 5m and they paid 5m. As far as a business deal go, they are doing what they should. Manor also doesn’t really need to care about a country internal politics. They dealing with a person, Haryanto, which they asked 15m for the seat price. Since Haryanto couldn’t paid upfront, the ministry stepping in by sending a letter which basically assures Manor (at that time) that the money will be paid. Obviously it’s not ideal for Manor, but an official letter by a country usually a good enough warranty so they give him the seat. The problem is that ministry doesn’t do what they said. IMO, either they should paid the 5m as agreed and deal with the law consequences internally, or man enough to send another official letter to correct the previous letter and tell Manor Haryanto doesn’t have official backing from his country anymore.

    11. I’ve met a lot of people during my backpacking days who did the whole ‘stroke a tiger thing’ before it became such a cliche and they just didn’t realise they were taking part in animal cruelty. Honestly though I eat meat so I’m not going to pass harsh judgement on the ethical side of it. But it’s just such a cliche to instagram a picture of yourself with a big cat! What’s next Lewis, planking?

      1. It’s ridiculous really, people need to do research, Peta never do their research… It’s an organization Lewis is donating money to, they save big cats out of bad conditions in circuses and private homes. These animals are often very ill need operations and intense medical treatment, stars like Lewis help to get awareness and by that donations

      2. @philipgb How stroking a tiger is an animal cruelty? Giving a bit of love to another creature is the opposite of cruelty IMO. Unless it’s a newborn which I could see they can be abandoned by their parents if they have “unknown” stench. All I see is Hamilton is petting a tiger that big enough and already touched by people before him.

        1. @sonicslv

          Because they’re drugged up to stop them eating the people who want that snazzy photo taking with them. As I said though I personally couldn’t give a hoot seeing as I eat meat, but that’s the beef animal rights advocates have with the big cat petting scene.

          1. @philipgb While I agree some are bad (*cough* PETA *cough*) some are actually legit on trying to make the animal life better. The one that Hamilton visit looks like a legit one. Getting drugged doesn’t mean it’s always a bad substance, a mild tranquilizer to made them sleepy few times in a year certainly better when it accompanied by guaranteed food and safe environment everyday. Some may actually doesn’t care about humans touching them because they learn people there is not a threat and thus not needing any drugs at all. It’s not like animal in the wild is immune to stress and guaranteed a long happy life anyway.

            1. These Tigers are not drugged, many of them are in the care of the sanctuary since they were Cubs, and they don’t let just anyone pet them, it’s no zoo and certainly not a petting zoo, I would suggest to follow them on Instagram, these people working there are heartwarming and you see the animals love them

            2. @sonicslv As I said I don’t have any qualms with it. I’m not an advocate for animals being sentient beings. I’m happy to consume them for food and clothing materials and see no more ethical questions people wanting them drugged up for a photo opportunity.

              An animal rights advocate though who does consider all creatures sentient I can understand their gripe here. To them it’s no different than going to say a battered wives shelter, or a homeless shelter, doping up a resident without their consent for a photo opportunity. I don’t consider it an equivalent as I said I don’t consider animals sentient, but you can see how someone who does would find what Hamilton did ethically questionable within the bounds of their own principals and beliefs though.

            3. @philipgb I’m not thinking you having qualms either, especially after you said it 3 times already ;). Also, I don’t think you need to be vegan in order to feels something for the animals. I, for one, don’t like my vegetables and loves my meat but I still don’t like animal cruelty. I also consider them sentient but I can see past that, that there are group of people who legit trying to save them. Since the animals can’t work and pay for the resources they need, those people need to find a way to get those resources and a photo or celebrity visit is nothing compared to what they get in returns. Heck imagine if it was people, homeless people or battered wife as in your example that only need to do photo sessions once in a while and then they get free (healthy) meal and taken care of for as long as they’re there. It actually a better place than current shelter we have for those people!

    12. 7.5 million euros. Sickening.

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