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Something has surprised Jenson Button and his McLaren team mate Fernando Alonso.

What’s going on in this picture? Post your funniest suggestion for a caption in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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151 comments on “Caption Competition 108: Button and Alonso”

  1. Alonso and Button try to keep their fans entertained after both cars broke down again

    1. Hehe goone one

    2. And it’s all smiles at Mclaren after it’s drivers completed their Artificial Joy Training during the summer break.

  2. ‘McLaren Drivers React to: All teams bar Sauber and Manor disqualified for rest of the season’

  3. McLaren decided it was high time they shared their drivers’ Top Gear Audition images.

  4. McLaren announce a surprise return to Mercedes engines for 2017

  5. petebaldwin (@)
    13th August 2016, 12:10

    Jenson and Fernando catch up on the WEC highlights between sessions.

  6. spafrancorchamps
    13th August 2016, 12:12

    Ron Dennis: To attract more sponsors, we need more air time. Therefore, I have decided that next years engine will be developed by Lockheed Martin.

    1. spafrancorchamps
      13th August 2016, 12:14

      In order for the team to get more air time, Lockheed Martin joins McLaren to develop its 2017 engine.

      1. That’s actually pretty good :P

  7. Pebbles and Bam Bam fast-tracked into F1 to catch Max Verstappen.

  8. Shock test in 3… 2… 1…

  9. spafrancorchamps
    13th August 2016, 12:29

    Jenson and Fernando looking at the season standings, as a technical mistake put McLaren at the top of the table.

  10. “Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari engines will be banned for use of illegal fuel”

    1. Nice one :-)

  11. McLaren drivers react to Hamilton’s recent tweets.

  12. The drivers are fitted with new temperature sensors following Jenson’s concerns in the last race.

  13. Jenson gives us a sneak peak at his post-F1 career…ventriloquist using an Alonso dummy.

    1. brilliant!!! i would pay to see that

  14. Jenson: “…and then the doctor did THIS…”

  15. Jenson breaks the most important rule at Mclaren as he unexpectedly rear ends his teammate.

  16. Alonso’s email attachment to Vettel after once again Ferrari switched off very early to prepare for the following year.

    1. Hehe not bad

  17. Ron (off camera) “ok guys, you’re going to use the same engines as last race”

  18. The McLaren boys celebrate the fact that starting near the back of the grid will let them see the grid girl’s for longer

  19. ColdFly F1 (@)
    13th August 2016, 13:02

    Button and Alonso’s reaction when learning they once again topped the Drivers Salary per WDC point chart.

  20. Alonso’s and Button’s reaction to Rosberg after saying he can still beat Hamilton for this year’s title.

  21. Blooper: Jenson assumes he’s changing batteries in his life-like Nando-bot.

  22. Helmet crash test …test vs control …the McLaren way :)

  23. Ron: Guys we are considering ditching Honda and returning to Merc power.

  24. “Oh no! My hair is going to look like that when I take off this helmet too?!!!

  25. Button and Alonso react to the FIAs suggestion of reverse grid qualifying.

  26. Williams, here we come!

  27. Look, we’re quicker than STR! yey!

  28. McLaren announce a switch back to Mercedes power units.

  29. When you realise F1 2016 is weeks away!

    1. It’s actually not

  30. McLaren drivers can’t produce natural expression when the team order them to rehearse their enthusiasm of Honda engine.

  31. Best buddies take time off from their mid-Summer break to take in the greatest thrill in motorsports: a mid-season Manor driver change.

  32. McLaren drivers excited after hearing that for 2017 their car is going to be equpped with a turbocharger instead of a hand drier

  33. When checking the office noticeboard the drivers show their reaction after reading…

    To all.
    Mclaren have decided to retain the services of Jenson Button in 2017. However Fernando Alonso has been fired.

    Kind regards

  34. What’s that ? More downforce and horse power you say???
    We’re in!!!

  35. “Blimey! I beat you 5 to 3 in Keith’s German GP driver rankings!”

  36. Button and Alonso are informed that they are both through…

    To qualifying…

  37. Button and Alonso react to Hamilton’s naughty picture in the pool

  38. Alonso and Button are ecstatic to pick up a rare pokemon…

  39. Felipe is faster than you

  40. Nick (@theawesomefish)
    13th August 2016, 15:17

    “Wait, we BOTH got through to Q3?!”

    1. Duncan Snowden
      13th August 2016, 19:16

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Er, fingers. Surely that’s the only possible winner?

  41. Next year, everyone’s got Mercedes engine.

  42. Mclaren title sponsor has issued a cheque!!!!

  43. Hurray. Haryanto won’t be faster than us on the straights.

  44. Jensom surprised by how big and shiny Alonso’s helmet his.

  45. “McLaren switches back to Mercedes engines for 2017”

  46. Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have pulled out!

  47. Both cars in the points!!!!!

  48. Honda found 3hp more!!!

  49. Button and Alonso spot a world championship point for the first time in years.

  50. Ron – “We’re gonna scrap the size zero philosophy”

  51. Ron actually cracks a smile for the first time,,,,ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and hamilton just got sacked and decided to release a single……..

  52. McLaren drivers reacting after Fernando Alonso actually wins the Belgian Grand Prix… in Codemasters’ latest F1 game.

  53. McLaren drivers coming across a tiger Hamilton took in the paddock for a ride.
    LH: don’t worry, it doesn’t bite !

  54. Honda engine now so slow on straights that its possible to catch Pokemon.

  55. Honda have found a surefire way to improve the KERS system …. by fitting Pikachu. Pokemon Go

  56. Jenson Button’s jaw gets locked after McLaren drivers fail to swap face on Snapchat as Alonso kept his helmet on.

  57. The Johnnie Walker storeroom was temporarily left without guard…

  58. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    13th August 2016, 18:27

    Jenson and Fernando react to a concerning verdict from the team’s doctors about the effects of all Vandoorne’s air-miles…

  59. Ron Dennis just revealed to them early the 2017 McLaren GP2 challenger.

  60. That moment when they realise Williams has been chasing Jenson’s services ever since Juan left

  61. Ron: We’ve just heard Red Bull are going to ditch their Renault engines next year, so under the least supplied engines rule Honda will have to supply them too.

  62. Jenson and Fernando looking at the Austrian Grand Prix qualifying results

  63. Jason (@supergogoplata)
    13th August 2016, 19:09

    Jenson and Fernando accept their invitation to Kimi’s wedding

  64. Even the McLaren drivers are surprised when Toto Wolff again declares Ferrari as a major threat!

  65. The Venezuelan athlete Pastor Maldonado has won the Gold Medal in the finals of the Lip Reading contest at the Rio Olympics. He had correctly guessed “This is ridiculous” by Fernando Alonso and “You are going to have to wait for a while, I’m sorry to say” by Jenson Button.

  66. Look! Another click bait article about Hamilton!

  67. Button, giggling like mad, reminds Alonso that he didn’t just grab a hand brake

  68. Button and Alonso announce joint 2017 Le Mans effort with Porsche.

  69. “We both made Q3”

  70. Wow! That rollercoaster at the fair was FAST!

  71. Ron : “Haryanto is going to replace on of you next year”

  72. Yeah we just finished ahead of Lewis in a video game.

  73. “Here Fernando read this, Ferrari think they’ll win the title this season!”

  74. “Si Jenson, that is Bernies’ daughter in my hotel….”

  75. “Look Nando! Your car….. It’s working…… So’s mine!!!!!

  76. The 2017 car is behind the camera. Alonso just can’t wait to get going…

  77. Yeah, we got payed this month too!

  78. Yeah, fat tires next year!

  79. Button gives Alonso’s helmet a squeeze…

    13th August 2016, 22:10

    OK, to fit in the 2017 race car, we are going to have to chop off one of your legs. The good news is you get to chose which one…

  81. Jenson: “I know my Spanish is a bit rusty, Fernando, bit that was not what I meant when I asked you to hold on to my helmet!”

  82. Ron Dennis announces he’s found 200bhp more Honda power! Fails to mention it’s in the type r company cars he’s blagged from Honda.

  83. Jenson & Fernando agree to hold each other’s helmets…

  84. Willem Cecchi (@)
    13th August 2016, 22:33

    “Martin Whitmarsh joins Mercedes.”

  85. “We’re not last! We’re not last!!”

  86. Jenson: Look how much Top Gear offered me to replace that ginger bloke!

    1. ^ Winner

  87. McLaren announce that Button will partner Vandoorne in its 2017 driver line up

  88. “The Honda engine has been given 400 more Horsepower.”

  89. “Which of you two wants a Williams seat next year?” asked Claire Williams on FaceTime.

  90. We’re faster than Massa!!!

  91. Alonso en Button finished their first GP with McLaren

  92. Alonso is pushing a Button

  93. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    14th August 2016, 0:32

    Jenson and Fernando stumble across some engine tokens while Pokemon hunting.

  94. “Jenson is faster than you” :-)

  95. McLaren Hond’s engineers revealed the reason for their limit speed to their drivers : “The hand brake was ON, we simply forgot…Sorry”.

  96. The McLaren duo cannot believe how small the rear would be on the 2017 car.

  97. Pastor Maldonado is back to racing!

  98. Pastor Maldonado is coming back to racing!

  99. What !!! No radio rules anymore ?

  100. Hey Jenson, Fernando, what’s your thoughts on Vandoorne’s chocolates?

  101. First driver to get their helmet off gets to go to williams next year

  102. V-tech finally kicked in yo!

  103. So, Stoffel is definitely driving for Manor next year?

  104. Alonso: So Jenson, if you really want to stay with us next year, remember to Stoffel all your energy into the camera.

  105. Jenson: So, Fernando, remember to tell Ron that we spent the last hour or so on strengthening our face muscles for next year which is guaranteed to give us an extra 0.2 secs, yea?

  106. Jenson: The least we can do this year is to help some bloke on F1F win the competition?

  107. Alonso: When I said F1 is like one of those slapstick comedies where you get hit in the head, I truly meant it.

    Button: This could be tricky guys…

  108. Wow I just ended up submitting five entries to see if I stood a chance when I participated in my first ever CC at F1F. And no that’s not a caption ;)

  109. AMR (@aiera-music)
    14th August 2016, 7:52

    “Kimi’s wedding invitation says Unlimited Bar Tab!”

  110. Jenson and Fernando after finding out that there can be no engine failure for 4 weeks now.

  111. Guys I know you are going to be dissapointed to leave the McLaren family, but Ron lost a bet to Nikki and now there will be a driver swap with Merc for 2017.

  112. motorsport manager is now on pc you say!!

  113. Topless photographer! Why did no one think of that before?

  114. Button shows alonso his contract offer from Williams

  115. Fernando and Jenson being told that they will race with two 2014 Mercedes engines found behind the factory.

  116. Button poses for Alonso’s next helmet design.

  117. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
    14th August 2016, 9:50

    The 2017 spec Ronspeak translator has just arrived, and Jenson learns he DOES have a contract for next year

  118. Butt & Ern audition as Bert & Ernie on Sesame Street.
    “You’re Not Bert” sketch:
    – Uh Ern, tell me, how do I look?
    – With your eyes, Butt!

  119. The moment a Honda spokesperson tells them they’ll be getting a 10bhp upgrade for the coming Spa gp

  120. Jenson: “That explains it Fernando: it’s a HOOVER engine – not a Honda!”

  121. Fernando discovers that they have incorrectly wired the new MGUH into the drivers seat. Jenson’s just thankful he’s not in the car.

  122. Evil Homer (@)
    14th August 2016, 13:10

    Jenson: REALLY Ron, you signed me again?!!
    Fernando: REALLY Ron, you signed him again?!!

  123. Button and Alonso first hear that they are not the slowest team on the grid…

  124. Nobody told the McClaren drivers that the Johnnie Walker had been replaced with absinthe until it was too late.

  125. Fernando: Jenson – Our exes are teasing us with Jimmy Johns sandwiches and milk.

    Jenson: And only 2 words to describe it: ALEXANDER ROSSI.

    Fernando: Bu… bu… but why Jimmy Johns and milk?

    Jenson: He won the Indy 500 and got 18 months of free sandwiches from Jimmy Johns.

    Fernando: Ron – ignore his calls.

  126. McLaren finally get some R&D upgrades xD

  127. Button and Alonso testing the new internal rectal sensor required under the 2017 rules.

    1. It does look a bit like that!

  128. Jenson and Fernando’s reaction after seeing Lewis Hamilton dancing shirtless in Barbados.

  129. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
    14th August 2016, 18:42

    Button and Alonso looking at the F1 fanatic page.
    Button: hey look we’ll be getting a completely new car specs next year. We’ll be finally winning some races then..
    Alonso: 😲

  130. Alonso and Button decide to attend their first prostate examination together.

  131. YES ! Your Pokémon Go! avatar is ready Fernando !

  132. Jenson and Fernando got excited that F1 is going to be an Olympic sport in the next two Olympic Games.

  133. Fernando and Jenson decided to watch the Olympic 100 meter run finals and found out that Usain Bolt can beat their cars.

  134. Hey! It’s Kyle and Kenny from Southpark.

  135. CVC sold out to General Motors!

  136. In order to look pleased with the Spa engine specs in the PR photos, Fernando and Jenson get botoxed together.

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