Hamilton pleased to win over critics of his lifestyle

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he is glad some critics of his lifestyle have now accepted it does not affect his commitment to F1.

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Ferrari may have lost their way again, but things could be worse reckons @Jureo:

Seems they are always one restructure away from winning titles. Sadly its always next technical team, next year, next, rule set, next driver…

They are however reliably close to the top. Look at what happened to other legacy teams: McLaren, Williams.

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James Hunt took pole position for the Austrian Grand Prix 40 years ago today. But Ferrari were not present following Niki Lauda’s near-fatal crash at the Nurburgring – and had even tried to get the Osterreichring race weekend cancelled.

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46 comments on “Hamilton pleased to win over critics of his lifestyle”

  1. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    14th August 2016, 0:11

    Gasly you’re probably not suited to F1 then…

    1. Next season’s tyres will be more durable.

    2. They are dropping high deg tyres Next season

    3. I’d say that Gasly’s bigger problem is the fact that, going by his junior career record, he’s not shown that he has outstanding pace when compared to his rivals. He’s succeeded more through consistency than outright performance – for example, in his 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 season he was the only driver in the top 7 who failed to win a single race but, because he happened to rank up 8 podium finishes, finished 2nd in the drivers championship that season.

  2. ColdFly F1 (@)
    14th August 2016, 0:15

    Black Jaguar White Tiger sounds like a new drug!

    I mean ‘literally’ (not sarcasm)

  3. I’m not an expert on big cats, but the videos on that Facebook page look nothing like the sort of videos you see from tourists in Asia where the cats are drugged, or in poor condition, and being exploited.
    The cats just appear to be domesticated, trained, and comfortable around people, which would make sense if they’re rescued pets and circus animals.
    I haven’t spent ages checking all of the details, but from a quick look, it does appear that at least some of the criticism Lewis has got from some over these pictures was premature, maybe even misplaced.

    1. pretty much my opinion too, some people just like watching people fall, I like watching Lewis make those people fall on their faces :) #Justice #Karma #TheForce

          1. word of the day – classism.

    2. yeah watched the FB video, that cat’s not drugged, it’s mildly annoyed though. Would be nice to see those cats get some bigger plots of land though.

      1. @xsavior Is there any time when a cat is not annoyed? ;)

        1. When they are sleeping.

    3. It’s absolute crap, absolute and utter crap. They say they are trying to stop a species go extinct, but they will never, ever be able to released such tamed animals back into the wild. No amount of “love” changes that. The only alternative to that is the animals are drugged, which is also unacceptable. What they are doing does nothing for the species. If you go to a reputable zoo, where they are running a breeding program, you will not see people patting the big cats. This is not by chance.

      I don’t blame Lewis at all, but, wealthy westerners who want to pat big cats fuel this exploitation. Just as for example, Chinese medicine fuels poaching in Africa (which in the last few years has sky rocketed).

      1. @mike But the fact is, animal who can live within human environment, domesticated or by being invading pests is the one who survive from extinction. Look at wolf in the wild vs domesticated wolf (dogs), or big cats vs house cats. We never worried about extinction of chickens, horses, cows, sheep, etc. too. I know it’s human fault that invading their natural environment, but unless you have a solution to control 6 billion people in 5 continents, not releasing them to the wild and make them can live within human population is better alternative.

        1. @sonicslv

          The purpose of breeding programs with endangered species is to be able to keep the species healthy in numbers long enough that the problems that caused them to be endangered in the first place are solved. The aim is to prevent the risk of extinction of an endangered species.

          Domesticating makes this far, far more difficult. As the animals will not be able to cope in the wild. If the animals are domesticated, then they will not be able to be reintroduced to the wild.

          This is indefensible.

          There is absolutely no reason apart from gratuitous greed that such animals should either be domesticated or drugged.

          1. @mike The problem that caused them to be endangered in the first place is simple: human population expanding thus we needed to open new lands. Every year it happens, and the rare occasion where nature reclaims an area back is so miniscule that it was nothing on the big picture. For me, making the animals can co-habitat with humans is a very acceptable solution instead of insisting them “back in the wild”. Hopefully it will be symbiotic relationship like we have with household pets instead of pest invasion. Unless of course if you willing to spend your fortune to buy a large chunk of land and just leave them as it is for new home of those wild animals (and few acres is not enough for sustainable ecosystem too).

          2. If they animals are not drugged, it’s just a matter of time until one of them flips out and tries o rip someone open. No matter how domesticated, these are not loving fluffy creatures, they’ll tear someone apart sooner or later. Even house cats and dogs have their “off days” in which they become aggressive and attack things/people. So, if they’re not drugged, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

          3. *the animals

          4. Further more, the gene that causes them to be white is recessive, you can’t get it without serious inbreeding. Which results in significant health defects. No reputable breeding program will breed for it.

            It’s got nothing to do with land being taken. It’s pure and utter exploitation.

          5. Just do some research many of these animals at the foundation are inbreeds and have serious conditions and could not be rehabilitated into the wild anyways, they sterilized the animals also the organization is not about saving the species but to save the individuals from horrible lifes, of course bigger enclosures would be great but hello money…. It’s not about rich dudes wanting to pet big cats but them wanting to have a better life by drawing attention to the organization

          6. @rike Ok, it’s a shelter for animals. Fine.

            Then why are they constantly talking about preventing extinction?

          7. maybe they care about the cats and want to keep them around? Do you blame the parents of albinos for inbreeding? Reputable breeding program? Is that really respecting Animal right?

          8. @flig, even served in the military, human beings are not that much better. People are just as dangerous if not more dangerous. And please, lets stop talking about the cats being drugged unless you actually have some sort of evidence to present. Cause they look well fed, not drugged.

          9. @xsavior I’m not saying they’re drugged, I have no way of knowing that. I’m saying that if they’re not, it looks dangerous to me; so many stories of “exotic” pets that lived peacefully for a long time until one day they killed and ate whoever took care of them for years, no matter how much food and love they received.

          10. @xsavior

            What we are talking about is purposefully inbreeding animals to get a particular recessive gene, even though we know and fully understand that it results in harmful health defects in the animals.

            I don’t care if he “cares” about them.

            Inbreeding the animals is bad.
            Treating them as pets is bad.

            Those two things should be blatantly obvious. No amount of nice feelings makes what he is doing ok.

          11. @mike But the breeding is not done by the foundation. They stated they never breed any of the animals. It’s like you blaming an orphanage for the orphans, not the irresponsible parents. Also treating them as pets is not bad because if they are result of inbreeding (by another party) then they never had the skill necessary to survive in the wild, and treating them as pets implying mutual relationship which is much better than treating them like some kind of liability.

            What is your proposed solution anyway? Releasing them in the wild where they have large chance to die within days? Treat them as an sorry product so they should live the rest of their life miserably and without love? Euthanize, I mean, killing them upright?

          12. @sonicslv

            I propose he run an animal sanctuary, not a private petting zoo for the famous. There are more than enough examples around the world of how to do it right. Lewis should not be seen running around a room playing with cubs. It’s beyond a joke.

        2. The only joke here is @Mike. Your blaming the orphanage for letting the kids have fun, when you should be blaming every human being alive today, including yourself.

          We caused the decline in habitat, we caused the destruction of the environment, so save us the PETA bs!

          And you haven’t done anything to make things better either, so just SAVE IT!

          Lewis has literally put animal conservation on this forums topic of discussion at the very least… What exactly have you done again @mike?

          1. On a further note, Lewis (the brand, not the human) is worth millions, and on whom hundreds, if not thousands, of other people rely on for their living. You really think his advisory team would let him anywhere close to an apparent danger? And while the statement by the foundation could have been slightly better worded, I completely get their frustration towards the PETArder keyboard warriors who love nothing more than manufacturing outrage in between of looking themselves in the mirror while inhaling the rich aroma of their organic & fair-trade exhaust pipes.

          2. … They are NOT kids. They are not human, they are not friends or pets.

            Lewis and other celebrities who go to places where they can pet big cats contribute to the problem. It doesn’t help. At all. I’m not blaming Lewis, because he, like yourself, are under the impression that bringing awareness via petting zoo’s is a good thing.

            You understand that they are buying cubs right? That’s encourages breeding. Animals are being breed and raised in close contact with humans BECAUSE of people wanting to go and be close to them and pet them. Lewis going will increase the number of people who go. That encourages it.

            This petting zoo, is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem.

            Lastly, the “you haven’t done anything” thing is just, stupid. And actually I have, I go to a non-profit open range zoo near where I live. You don’t get to pat the animals. But the breeding programs they have their will result in animals being released back into the wild in time.

            It’s an example of the right way to do it. THAT is animal conservation.

  4. No offense intended to Keith, but the summer break should apply to F1 media as well as the teams.

    1. @mtlracer And how will you find out about anything?

    2. @mtlracer I think they did, we going to talk about big cats during summer ;)

    3. @mtlracer I’m getting plenty of downtime, don’t worry. The barbecue has seldom had chance to cool since the start of the month.

  5. – The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation (Facebook)

    The condemnation of Hamilton as always is quick, fierce and 90% of the time totally wrong. What does it say about those who engage in it?
    Regarding Keith’s approval of derogatory words from fans where Hamilton is concerned, I am still waiting for that article or report of something negative on Jenson Button from Keith so that I too can use such words on JB and hopefully Keith would let those words through.

    1. You can write something mean about JB now if you like. Why wait? Has JB done anything you think is particularly controversial? Have you considered submitting it to Keith as a tip off?

      I think accusing Keith of favoritism is silly.

  6. It’s always a great feeling when you just live your life, do your own do and stop living by the bias and mantra’s of others.

    I guess even more so when you can do that and still succeed at a level of the top sub .0001%. It must be unimaginably hard to realise with the constant pressure of the worlds Media bearing down.

    Certainly inspirational.

    1. It must be unimaginably hard to realise (..) – Or it must be as simple as the way he does it, partying ‘all over the globe all the time’, looks like.

  7. Yeah but Rio did promise more money and did not pay up. Why would Dave keep his promise when The others don’t

  8. @marussi Like I said before (https://www.racefans.net/2016/08/12/f1-fanatic-round-up-1208-4/#comment-3246922), the most blame is literally on the ministry itself. If you don’t pay someone after they give their product and even showing their goodwill by giving a little bit more chance, then you shouldn’t be disappointed. You should be grateful. Double that gratefulness since they not suing you and completely terminate the contract (being reserve driver sounds Haryanto still can get into F1 without working the license points again).

    1. I guess the ministry saying it regrets how things went etc is sort of diplomatically saying that they pretty much expected as much but can’t say it like that.

      To me it seems that how Manor handled the whole thing, making clear from the go that there were some doubts about the money, but they were going along. Then when asked about it before the summer they made clear that half of the money was not there but they were working on it together with Rio and his management. And then they let him race until Germany even though he could have been without a drive from Hungary onward and keep him in the team as a reserve driver.
      All very solid and cooperative imo, I am sure Haryanto himself would also feel that way, even if he might be disappointed that the money did not come to help him keep the racing seat @sonicslv, he must be realistic enough to know that it was always a possibility.

      1. @bascb I’m only blaming the ministry here, because they the main reason the money doesn’t available after all the publicity stunt they’re doing, and even then still dare to trying to shift the blame to Manor (typical politicians I know, but still I hate it). I know it’s pretty clear since long time ago from Manor and Haryanto side that the 15m has very slim chance to be paid and they both handle it well. Again, the only crook in this party is the ministry. The very least they should issue formal apology for not delivering their own words, or keep paying their share and deal with the law internally.

  9. Evil Homer (@)
    14th August 2016, 14:25

    I heard from a very reliable source that Nico gave the tiger meet & greet as a gift for his birthday, along with a parachute jump, bungee, live volcano walk and bare knuckle fist fight with Chuck Norris :) :)

    I am certainly not the biggest Lewis fan in the world and have been backing Nico for the past 3 years. But if he can jet set the world as he does and rock up and drive like he does, well, more power to him. I would!

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