Gerhard Berger, Jean Todt, Silverstone, 2016

Caption Competition 109: Berger and Todt

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Gerhard Berger and FIA president Jean Todt shelter during a downpour at the British Grand Prix earlier this year.

Can you come up with a funny caption for this picture? Post your best suggestions in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 71 comments on “Caption Competition 109: Berger and Todt”

    1. GB: I see you’re having trouble getting it up, Jean.

    2. Looks like someone has a lack of structure

    3. Todt: The rest of you are wrong. This is clearly the best format for an umbrella.

    4. Symbolically the FIA umbrella only goes half way toward it’s stated intention.

    5. Take cover, Keith had Verstappen in fourth.

    6. Jean Todt shows off the new FIA official head protection solution.

      1. spafrancorchamps
        20th August 2016, 23:52


      2. +3, golden

    7. Gerhard: You know I can still see Bernie whispering in your ear, right?

    8. “I’m staying Todtally dry under this thing”

    9. GB: “So, do you think this reign will last much longer?”

    10. GB: “It look as if you’re having some problems with both form and function Jean… and you’re umbrella isn’t quite right either”

    11. What do you reckon, Jean? Time to bring in the Safety Car and get on with the race?

    12. Jean Todt demonstrates Manor’s proposed alternative to the Halo to an impressed Gerhard Berger.

    13. Jean Todt is an optimist, his umbrella is always half open…

    14. Gerhard: How ‘s the weather down there?

        1. Good One

    15. Jean, “Bernie says this crown suits me!”

    16. Gerard: why are you trying to hide yourself from Bernie?

    17. Yes I know I look like an idiot, but I get paid a very handsomly to get the watch in the photos.

    18. Berger: You and Bernie have a watch advertising obsession, you know.
      Todt: Shut up and… put this on your wrist.
      Berger: Oooh! Shiny!

    19. Todt finally makes public appearance after 9 years as FIA president.

      1. Berger: Jean, you know you had more power in F1 when you were with Ferrari…
        Todt: But now I have this watch. And an umbrella! Did I mention the watch?

    20. Berger: Jean, what do you think about completely new rules and regulations changes again for 2018 F1 season?

    21. Gerhard says….Right its lined up at Bernie now press fire on that little button.

    22. Berger and Todt at the disastrous first test of Bernie’s track spraying initiative:
      Berger: Thanks for the umbrella, Jean.
      Todt: Can I interest you in this waterproof watch?

    23. On their way to one of Max Mosley’s famous fancy dress parties:

      Todt: I’m going as the Sydney Opera House. You?

    24. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      20th August 2016, 15:59

      The silly season gets underway as Sauber announce their 2017 driver lineup.

    25. Jean Todt reportedly told Gerhard Berger customer cars will not be allowed under his watch.
      “How about I get you a new one?” says Berger.

    26. Just popped to see the guys at Honda. It’s raining tokens in there..

    27. Berger: It’s not that wet Jean.
      Jean: It will be when the fans cry outrage over another Safety car start.

    28. Gerhard : “You might want to change how you wear that umbrella Jean, because wearing it like a jester cap makes it a bit too obvious what you really are.”

    29. todt: i’ll be back when rosberg is world champion lmao

    30. Jean: I want to wear umbrellas, suspenders & a bra & hang around FIA MEETINGS at a bar.

    31. Berger: You can run, but you can’t hide from people who want change in the rules, Jean…
      Todt: Oh God, not you too…

    32. “Are you sure it’s not Ferrari Internationale de l’Automobile?”

    33. Gerhard Berger: “Haha, Jean it’s you. Still hiding for the current state F1 is in?”

      1. Haha.. Awesome one

    34. Let’s pretend it’s raining..

    35. WillOfTheSupremo
      20th August 2016, 17:16

      “When do you think fans are going to stop coming down?”

    36. ColdFly F1 (@)
      20th August 2016, 17:30

      And according to FIA rules he cannot change the position of the umbrella for a full season.

    37. I invented Halo, and FIA approves it…

    38. How’s the weather down there?

    39. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      20th August 2016, 18:46

      GB: Free FIA umbrellas!
      JT: I know but where’s the catch?

    40. Full wets tyres are like a half opened umbrella, good for a sprinkle but useless in a downpour.

    41. See Gerhard? I’m completely untouchable.

    42. Berger: hey Jean, is your umbrella broken? I have a spare here…

      Todt: thanks Gerhard, this one is fine, I just need to keep it low so no one knows its me…..

    43. Race Steward Berger informs Todt his umbrella has been deemed a movable aerodynamic surface, given 5 grid spot penalty.

    44. “Still in the shadows I see, Jean”


      “.. and then I said, we’ll make GP2, F2!”

    45. “I told Sebastian, welcome to Ferrari!”


      “Remember what was Ferrari like when you joined? It’s like you never joined again”

    46. GB: Here, Jean, did you know one of those betting guides reckons Rosberg is going to win this race.

    47. Berger and Todt still can’t believe that no one has worked out that the ‘F’ in FIA is Ferrari.

      1. Ferrari Influences All

    48. GB: You do know the umbrella works best when it’s fully expanded, right?

    49. GB: I heard Lewis trashed another hotel room again and you are still not in charge in F1.
      JT: That’s why I not in charge yet.

    50. GB: I think that guy in the white jacket on our side is following us. Let’s try to move away as quickly as possible. Any good place to go?
      JT: Bernie’s closet he will never go in there.

    51. Atleast the 2025 spec engine wont rust anymore.

    52. Jean Todt trialling the 3rd iteration of the “Halo”.

    53. Berger’s dirty words have clearly disturbed the aerodynamics of of the FIA’s 2017 rain prevention system (RPS).

    54. Todt takes shelter after Ecclestone’s track sprinkler idea is accepted by the F1 commission

    55. “I think F1 went too far with this artificial rain.”

    56. Soon, we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi…

    57. Berger: You’re not seriously telling me you prefer sausages to Bergers?

    58. “Ah, Jean! That’s where you’re hiding! You should break cover and take a look at what’s happening in your sport more often…”

    59. Todt: “it’s very simple. This way the umbrella can be open or closed. Now I just wait to see what everybody wants and then I go with the flow. It’s called governance.”

    60. Berger:It looks like you have an umbrella malfunction there,Jean..
      Todt:Can I use yours?
      Berger:Remember Estoril,Jean…Remember Estoril..

    61. Berger: Jean – This is the last time I will let your wife do a massage for me.

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