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Spa sunshine may not last until the race

2016 Belgian Grand Prix weather

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Sunny conditions greeted the teams at Spa today ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix but cooler conditions and a chance of rain are expected over the coming days.

While much of Europe is enjoying warm conditions at the tail end of summer an approaching low pressure system from the Atlantic will bring cooler weather to Belgium during the upcoming race weekend.

Current weather models indicate Spa will not experience the worst of this until some time after the chequered flag falls on Sunday evening. But of course all forecasts can be subject to change.

As things stand Friday should be another bright and Sunday day for practice with temperatures nudging close to 30C. That’s around 5C warmer than we saw at any point last year.

Saturday’s weather will be similar, though the approaching cooler air will bring more cloud cover with it, particularly in the afternoon.

Race is currently expected to be a repeat of Saturday: sunny and up to 28C in the morning up until race start time, after which conditions will get cloudier and some light showers are possible. But keep an eye on the weather updates over the next few days to find out whether Spa will serve up another of its famed mid-race showers.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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13 comments on “Spa sunshine may not last until the race”

  1. A possible wet race at Spa?

    Ooh, yes please…

    1. If rain comes Williams might struggle again

      1. When are they NOT struggling this year?

  2. A charging Lewis Hamilton from the back through shower.oh cant wait to see

  3. As long as the start is dry, I’m happy.

    1. Same here, LOL. If rain comes then hopefully it won’t come before the scheduled start time.

      1. I don’t really mind if they are using the new procedure where there is a grid start after the safety car has pulled in. Not sure if that is in immediate effect or next year.

  4. If lewis starts at the back and it rains he will either be out at the first corner or leading the race by lap 5.

    1. Don’t get me wrong Tony but Lewis is not going to be leading race when it rains. RedBull guys will be upfront. And then maybe Lewis or Vettel.

      Rosberg is like Lorenzo in MotoGP when it rains, he goes straight to the back.

      1. The Red Bull guys had nothing on Hamilton in Silverstone. Why would Spa be different? In fact with the long straights, it should suit the Mercedes even better.

  5. If it is scheduled to rain it’s bum squirming time for Rosberg and Williams.

  6. It’s not gonna rain guys, don’t get your hopes up. Rosberg has already won the race.

  7. Wet races at Spa:

    2008 (partial)

    It has been a while!

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