2016 Belgian Grand Prix championship points

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg closed the gap to Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ championship to nine points, while Force India overtook Williams for fourth in the constructors’.

Drivers’ championship

1Lewis Hamilton232  
2Nico Rosberg223  
3Daniel Ricciardo151  
4Sebastian Vettel128  
5Kimi Raikkonen124  
6Max Verstappen115  
7Valtteri Bottas62  
8Sergio Perez58  
9Nico Hulkenberg45  
10Felipe Massa39  
11Fernando Alonso30  
12Carlos Sainz30  
13Romain Grosjean28  
14Daniil Kvyat23  
15Jenson Button17  
16Kevin Magnussen6  
17Pascal Wehrlein1  
18Stoffel Vandoorne1  
19Esteban Gutierrez0  
20Jolyon Palmer0  
21Marcus Ericsson0  
22Felipe Nasr0  
23Rio Haryanto0  
24Esteban Ocon0  

Constructors’ championship

2Red Bull274
4Force India103
7Toro Rosso45

2016 Belgian Grand Prix

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13 comments on “2016 Belgian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Fantastic race from Force India, really happy for them :)

    1. Yea fantastic race, hulk deserved a podium, safety car ruined it. Hope force India consolidate their p4.

    2. Same, 4th really is over achieving.

      1. I hope perez stays with fi

  2. Sviatoslav (@)
    28th August 2016, 15:29

    Force India was great today!

  3. This is getting much more interesting. The Mclaren have overtaken Toro Rosso, Force india have taken down the Williams.
    By the end of the season, I’m expecting force india will be close to ferrari and mclaren will overtake the williams.

  4. Great performance from Force India and also from McLaren after last year’s dismal effort. Red Bull’s P2 might not last long as Ferrari have two clean drivers and Red Bull only has one.

    1. But then Red Bull have a fast car and are doing a decent job running it, while Ferrari is seems to be clueless @ultimateuzair. I guess the rest of the season will show what is more important.

      And I guess Vettel will have to go and apologize to Kimi and Max for not leaving room at the start. Because all three of them know that it WAS his fault for not leaving room.

      1. Vettel clearly thinks otherwise.

  5. So basically, Hamilton exchanged 10pts for 3 engines.

    1. Ridiculous that any driver/team can circumvent the (intentions of the) rules like this.
      And sad for the sport…

      1. “Ridiculous” because other teams wanted it to benefit this rule change, and Mercedes objected to this change about the exact same reason they used it for! They warned this could happen, and they applied this ridiculous rule…

    2. Yes, but the engines going wrong in the first place also cost him points.

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