Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Spa-Francorchamps, 2016

Honda: Alonso qualifying run ‘was a mistake’

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In the round-up: Honda’s Yusuke Hasegawa admits that the engine supplier should not have given the okay for Fernando Alonso to attempt a qualifying run after problems in free practice.

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Provisional grid. First row for Lewis and me. #penalties #60and55places 🙄🙄

A photo posted by Fernando Alonso (@fernandoalo_oficial) on

Comment of the day

Esteban Gutierrez was awarded a five-place grid penalty for impeding Pascal Wehrlein in final practice, but did he deserve it? @thegianthogweed disagrees…

I disagree that Wehrlein was forced onto the grass. He simply wasn’t. Gutierrez was in the wrong again but Wehrlein made it look a huge amount more dramatic and dangerous than necessary. Wehrlein could see that Gutierrez was in a very inconvenient place. However, he could have braked instead of only lifting off slightly and choosing to go on the grass. There was another more sensible option such as going around the outside of him. I know Gutierrez should have moved but Wehrlein made a rather big deal about it. It looked nowhere near as bad as what Verstappen did to Bottas in practice in Canada. That was much worse and Verstappen only got a reprimand. Verstappen was on a warm up lap going very slowly on a bend that was blind to Bottas (Bottas was on a fast lap). Verstappen didn’t even seem to move off the racing line as Bottas suddenly came up behind him and Bottas pretty much had no choice but to drive off the track as he had only just seen Verstappen and was going round a tight bend.

What Gutierrez was clearly doing yet another thing that was against the rules but I think he should just get a reprimand at max as Wehrlein didn’t really need to make it look as bad as it was. It only looked dangerous because of Wherlein driving onto the grass. As I said, I’m pretty sure he could have avoided that.

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Championship leader Damon Hill learned he was being dropped by his Williams team on this day 20 years ago.

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  • 13 comments on “Honda: Alonso qualifying run ‘was a mistake’”

    1. I like Fernando’s grid. Can we go with it?

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        28th August 2016, 9:09

        Great post by Alonso. He still seems to have fun.

    2. And what about Ocon getting in the way of one of the Saubers big time! Just in front of the last chicane, he parked his car on the outside, forcing the Sauber to take the inside line into the corner, which is of course absolutely what you do NOT want to do.

    3. If we are to fully believe Toto’s comment on junior drivers replacing present day drivers, then why did he decide to keep Nico Rosberg and not promote Pascal Wehrlein?

      1. I saw an interview of his on Sky in the qualifying show, he gave the impression he thought junior drivers needed at least a couple of years F1 experience before they’d be considered for the Mercedes team. But I’m not sure what else he’s been saying.

      2. Rosberg is performing pretty well, except when compared to Hamilton, but I’m sure he would beat most of the grid on equal cars, so there’s no need to promote a young promising but unproven talent like Ocon or Wehrlein. It’s not like Red Bull, who knew they were throwing points away with Kvyat.

        1. Plus going into the 2017 regulation changes, it’s better to have consistency in the team. With the link between feedback from the drivers and how the engineers interpret it.

    4. Karthik Mohan
      28th August 2016, 6:01

      Alonso, what have you done? Now that tweet will convince Bernie to go ahead with the reverse grid idea for 2017!

      1. Alonso has just realized that “reverse grid” is his only chance of a front row start in a McHonda:-)

    5. Allonso has added to his 35 grid penalty…with 22 cars on the grid….How stupid is that comment!!!!
      Looking at Alonso when he was attaching the steering wheel yesterday…..I thought his body language said have had enough of this…..thehonda engine may get quicker, but it will be a long time before it is reliable……
      He stands a better chance at Renault

      1. He gave McLaren a 2nd go, he gave Renault a 2nd go, continue the ppattern and give Ferrari another go…..please.

    6. First, I think that Honda’s power unit is a huge mistake. Second, I recall that last year some fans told that if Hulk doesn’t get a top seat after his maiden win in LeMans, then F1/the system is wrong.
      I think we can watch F1 without Stoffel. He should drive in some other racing series, because F1 is no good.

    7. Poor McLaren fans…once the biggest UK F1 team (alongside Williams). And look where they are now…obliged to support a German team!

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