Charity 5-a-side football match, Monza, 2016

2016 Italian Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Pictures from the build-up to the 2016 Italian Grand Prix which began with Felipe Massa announcing his retirement in a press conference at Williams.

Some drivers also played in a charity five-a-side football game on the pit straight.

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5 comments on “2016 Italian Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. Can’t wait to see if Maxtor Maldonappen tries to cause a massive accident again.

  2. Umm, can someone tell Pascal and Manor that they are on the wrong track! :D :D

    1. I don’t think it will make a difference which track they race on.

  3. I didn’t know that Lewis switched to Ferrari and that Ferrari was rebranded Mercedes.

    1. I don’t think that’s what really happened, smartass.

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