Gutierrez hails “awesome effort” after Haas Q3 debut

2016 Italian Grand Prix

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Esteban Gutierrez praised his Haas team following their first appearance in the top ten shoot-out during qualifying at Monza.

Gutierrez was the only one of the team’s drivers to make it into Q3 and will start the race from tenth position.

“First of all I have to say thank you to the team,” said Gutierrez. “I’m very grateful and proud of them because everybody has done a great job in achieving the consistency that has allowed us to work on the details that make the difference.”

“In qualifying, for the first time we broke the top 10 barrier by getting into Q3. It was an amazing effort from everyone involved in setting up the car throughout the weekend and having the communication and level of understanding to make it work.”

“The laps were fantastic,” he added. “I really enjoyed them and I loved pushing the car.”

Gutierrez is yet to score a point since returning to F1 with the new American team in 2016. His best starting position of the season so far gives him the chance to achieve the second points finish of his career.

“Today we have extracted the maximum from our opportunities and we have to make sure we do the same tomorrow,” he said.

2016 Italian Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Gutierrez hails “awesome effort” after Haas Q3 debut”

    1. Well I wish him luck. I never rated him very highly in his time at Sauber, but in the last few races he has been more consistent and consistently faster than Grosjean; with the car working well, this is a good chance to get his first points of the year.

      1. Yes, I never rated either him or Romain highly nevertheless I wasn’t expecting Esteban to consistently beat Grosjean.

    2. Good job, Haas!

      So far, its not been a bad debut season at all.

    3. I have to say that Grosjean leading 28-0 in points is probably the most misleading stat of the season when comparing team-mates.

    4. Gutierrez is as underrated as Perez was 3 years ago

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