2016 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2016 Italian Grand Prix

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2016 Italian Grand Prix

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17 comments on “2016 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Does this now make Rosberg favourite for the Championship ? He’s always been strong later in the season and his run at the end of last year was very impressive. USA,Mexico,Brazil,Abu Dhabi he was the stronger driver. He also out qualified Hamilton in Japan. Singapore and Malaysia are in question but I think this may be Rosbergs year.

    1. I wouldn’t say favorite. I mean, I think it’s fair to say that Lewis is absolutely an incredible driver. But if Rosberg can driver, at his best and have luck at the same time, it’s certainly possible. But Lewis does have a knack of pulling out a bit extra when he really needs to.

    2. If he is ever going to win it, it is this year. Although as stated in @mike ‘s reply Lewis does have a knack of pulling it out the bag. All being equal I think Hamilton will take it, but it wouldn’t take much to swing it the other way this year. There is also the prospect of Rosberg getting the updated engine package that Lewis can only have with additional penalty.

      1. I very much want to see Rosberg win it to be honest.

    3. It’ll be close.
      I don’t think either Nico or Lewis will run away with it, but I can see both drivers having solid weekends against each other.

      In some respects, it might come down to who has the biggest reliability issue/issues.

      1. Not with HAM’s rate of unforced errors. ROS could very well win it with races to spare.

    4. I think it does make ROS 2016 WDC favourite and the relief+determination right before he crowdsurfed the Merc mechanics post-race spoke volumes. The clincher for me is the fact that ROS has managed to pick off grands prix where HAM is expected to win, a couple in fact being maiden wins for him, whilst minimising his own rate of unforced errors. It would not surprise me if HAM were to claim all the remaining poles and still end up losing out on poor starts. HAM is putting on a straight face, but even when running in clean air this afternoon, the pace edge he seemed to have from quali was nowhere to be seen.

      ROS appears to have figured out the best way to beat HAM, namely keep your head down and invite him to make the unforced errors. It seems those visits and talks from Niki Lauda over the summer break were just what the doctor ordered for ROS. ROS is already on an all-time-high of race wins in a season and is committing fewer errors. HAM will now know that absent the luck in Belgium he would now be behind ROS in the championship standings.

  2. The championship is close now yes, but I’m still dismayed by how little we’ve actually seen the 2 championship contenders race against each other. There always seems to be something getting in the way be it poor starts like today, reliability and so on. To say that they’ve often been quite evenly matched at times, we don’t often see Hamilton and Rosberg near each other on track on a Sunday.

    to say that it’s been two and a half years that they’ve been front runners together, I can barely believe how rare it has been that we’ve had a good race between them. When it has happened it’s often been electric. Is it too much to ask for us to have it more often?! Here hoping for good racing at the front for the rest of the year.

    1. Good sentiments, but hoping against hope methinks. Close-proximity racing, especially between identical cars, will likely not be seen before the aero and mechanical grip changes come next season. I see ROS winning this on a combination of his low error rate and HAM being his own worst enemy.

  3. I hate how so often the Mercedes cars gift each other wins.

    Whether it’s driver error at starts or car issues, we hardly get to see them race after the first corner.

    Nico is sitting quite pretty even though he is still behind. Has some strong tracks of his coming up, can’t imagine Lewis ever winning in Brazil, for example!

  4. Haven’t done this for a while and felt more exciting than anything during the race after lap 20 or so; I once again compared the standings this year after 14 rounds to last year’s standings. The figure between the parenthesis denote the position in the championship relative to 2015, figure thereafter points compared to last year.

    1 Lewis Hamilton 250 (=) -27
    2 Nico Rosberg 248 (=) +19
    3 Daniel Ricciardo 161 (+4) +92
    4 Sebastian Vettel 143 (-1) -75
    5 Kimi Raikkonen 136 (-1) +17
    6 Max Verstappen 121 (+6) +89
    7 Valtteri Bottas 70 (-2) -41
    8 Sergio Perez 62 (+2) +23
    9 Nico Hulkenberg 46 (+2) +8
    10 Felipe Massa 41 (-4) -56
    11 Fernando Alonso 30 (+6) +19
    11 Carlos Sainz Jnr 30 (+3) +18
    13 Romain Grosjean 28 (-4) -16
    14 Daniil Kvyat 23 (-6) -43
    15 Jenson Button 17 (+3) +11


    1 Mercedes 498 (=) -8
    2 Red Bull 290 (+2) +151
    3 Ferrari 279 (-1) -48
    4 Williams 111 (-1) -97
    5 Force India 108 (=) +31
    6 McLaren 48 (+3) +31
    7 Toro Rosso 45 (=) +1
    8 Haas 28
    9 Renault 6 (-3) -54
    10 Manor 1 (=) +1
    11 Sauber 0 (-2) -26

    1. Thx Nick,
      I will definitely then watch the last race this year !! ;o)

    2. The one thing that caught my eye about that stat is how STR’s points haul this year is only a point better than last year’s even with their well-documented reliability problems last year. Then again it could highlight how much they (particularly Sainz) have maximised their car despite racing with a year old power unit and swapped to a driver who is really under-performing at the moment

  5. Williams traditionally done well in monza, next Singapore this year Street circuits have earned podiums for them. Good chance for force India to grab back p4.

  6. Makes me laugh to think how ignorantly convinced a few people were before the summer break that Hamilton’s gap meant he was untouchable for the rest of the season.

    It will probably not take much to swing it in either direction now, but at this particular moment in time it is very close and will be exciting to watch it unfold.

    With the extra two rounds this year, there’s still more to play for than there previously has been at this time of year. It could result in a bigger winning margin or it could make the difference for a close end to the season. Time will indeed tell.

  7. Red Bull’s points don’t add up to 290. 161 + 121 = 282

    1. Don’t forget Redbull swap Max and Daniil.

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