Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz Jnr, Daniil Kvjat, 2016

Caption Competition 110: Ricciardo, Kvyat and Sainz

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Daniel Ricciardo, Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz Jnr share a laugh during a recent Red Bull PR event on board a tram.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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  • 86 comments on “Caption Competition 110: Ricciardo, Kvyat and Sainz”

    1. Daniil: Carlos why do you have such a long face today?
      Carlos: Well everything seems long to you because of how short your Red Bull career was.

    2. “Jeez, I need to learn how to speak Daniiel.”

    3. Sainz: “Is this what Red Bull tastes like? Yikes!” *dials phone* “Hello, Ferrari?”

    4. Sainz:”Marko told me i won’t have to be with Torro Rosso for long, just one more year.”

      *Kvyat and Ricciardo burst out in laughter*

    5. And then Mr Trump says you’re fired!

    6. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      10th September 2016, 12:43

      Riccardo to Kvyat: Are you drinking a Harvey Wallbanger?

    7. Sainz: I dunno if this is a good idea. Rossi is going to have a blast and security is going to be tight at COTA.

      Kvyat: Really? Are you sure you want to raid Rossi’s RV and steal his lifetime supply of Indiana Milk?

      Dani-Ric: I also found out that Jimmy John’s have offered him free sandwiches. He has 16 months left on his gift card. 15 months once we arrive at Texas.

      Sainz: I was hoping for a trip to AJ Foyt’s ranch. I heard he is going to have a BBQ party.

      1. “Where’s Max?”
        “The bouncer wouldn’t let him in without ID!”

        1. Oops, didn’t see yours before giving my caption below. good one @supernicebob

    8. Sainz: When Max was my teammate last year, he stilll drank out of a sippy cup.

    9. DR: “… so then Seb said he was leaving to go and win the title with Ferrari!”

      1. +1 ahahah that’s really good @fullcoursecaution

    10. You should’ve seen Max’s face when being told he was too young because they serve alcohol here.

    11. Daniel: Games of Thrones, LOL!

    12. Kvyat: ‘Straight from the can Danny?’
      Ricciardo: ‘Yeah Mate, the barman’s wearing sandals.’

    13. The awkward moment when Kvyat realises the cocktail guy as been promoted to Torro Rosso…..

    14. Carlos looks on as Daniel and Daniil talk about the old days at Red Bull.

    15. “Pitty we had to leave Max behind at the last stop, he could not cope with the cornering forces in this …”

    16. Max was told there was a seminar for driving etiquette.

    17. Daniil:”I still can’t understand why colliding with a Ferrari twice gets you demoted but ruining the race of 2 Ferraris simultaneously gets you supported even more.”

      Daniel:”Double standards mate.”

      Carlos:”It should’ve been my turn after Spa.”

    18. RIC: Don’t worry about Max. I put some laxative in his drink

    19. “Daniel, now Max is also hitting the Ferraris, do you think I should be promoted back to Red Bull?”

    20. DK: “And then Marko said, ‘Don’t worry Daniil, your ride here at Toro Rosso is safe'”.

    21. A Streetcar Named Desire

    22. Carlos lost a few man points after ordering a vodka & cranberry.

    23. (Conversation happens in the days before verstappen/kvyat driver swap)

      Kvyat: how come this tram is going so slow? – is verstappen driving or something?
      Riccardo and Sainz, say nothing, share a knowing look and avoid eye contact with Kvyat……

    24. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      10th September 2016, 17:09

      The Red Bull boys show Kvyat his future career prospects.

    25. Kvyat: …and I said to the bartender: “I’m thirsty, can you Poetin some more”.

    26. RIC: “Enjoy that drink, Dani. You’ll be making them next year…”

    27. Sainz: I just can’t wait for my chance at Red Bull to show what I can do.
      Kvyat and Ricciardo: [Roaring laughter]

      1. Sainz jr.: But because my name is junior they told me I had to stay with TR for the rest of my life.

    28. Ric, “Nowadays I add Heineken into Max’s orange juice just before the race…I recently did it in Spa!”

    29. After one vodka Red Bull Verstappen decided to party crash Ferrari’s event.

    30. Riccardo: What are you guys drinking? I am having a Red Bull!
      Sainz: I am having a bloody toro!
      Kvyat: I am having lemonade. Oh, wait. Oh.

    31. No No Daniel, Gasly didn’t say he was replacing me. He said it was Carlos!

    32. Ricciardo : “Helmut is getting senile, he called me Webber.”
      Kvyat : “Yeah I know, he called me Vergne.”
      Sainz thinking : (I don’t know guys…)

    33. “Max wouldn’t be able to swerve as much if he was driving this”

    34. Sainz: “I wonder how we still manage to get rid of anti-dopping tests in F1.”
      Ricciardo: “Sponsorship, my friends. Sponsorships.”

    35. Daniel: If you go 2 centimetres off the track in this thing you are in big trouble.

    36. Max is driving. I told him this thing corners on rails and he thought it must be the simulator for next year’s car! Still, should stop him moving in the braking zone!

      1. borrowing from you.
        “2017 prototype drives like on rails and could fit three drivers due to increased width.”

    37. Kyvat: Where’s Max?

      Riccardo: He’s too young to drink!

      All: Hahahahahahahaha!

    38. So I told Max sue he could come but only if he completed an 100% race round Monaco

    39. Guy in the background: “OMG my phone keeps crashing!”
      Carlos: “It must be Max, I heard he is going to crash the party.”

    40. Carlos: Where’s Max. Should he be here with us?
      Daniel: I told him to take the other train so we could have more fun without him interrupting and blocking our conversations. It’s so annoying when he does that.
      Danil: Which train did you told him to take?
      Daniel: Straitgh to his Gramma’s home. he’ll spend some good quality time with his gramma.

      Everyone: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Max decided not to attend when told that the ice man would be behind the bar…

    42. “We are not in Max’s bandwagon.”

      1. Or

        Daniil: “Where is everbody”
        Ric: “Yeah, I guess we are the only ones who are not in the Verstappen bandwagon”

    43. I told Max that our PR event was at the Santander Bar. Kimi’s going to be shocked!

    44. As jaime alguersuari passes out the drinks the boys have a joke at who’s replacing him next.

    45. Daniel, Daniil and Sainz sharing their Maxxed out moments.

    46. Daniel: Here comes Max. Barman, are you gonna serve another drink or is he just gonna come and take Daniil’s?

    47. Sainz jr.: Why are you talking about Max all the time?
      Ric.: Because everybody is talking about Max all the time!
      Kvyat: I’m very happy about that because some month ago everybody was talking about ME all the time.
      Sainz jr.: Why is nobody talking about me all the time?
      Ric. & Kvyat: Who are you? HAHAHAHIHIHIHOHOHO!
      Bartender: Gentlemen, I just got a call from Mr. Verstappen. He asked me to tell you that he will arrive a little later because he needed more time to finish the autograph-session at the RB Fan Base.
      Ric.Kvy.Sai: FAN BASE???

    48. So…how do you reckon this thing will handle round Eau Rouge….I mean
      with the three of us here, plus the barman…and don’t forget Max is
      up front driving…..?

    49. Danil: “Where’s Max while we’re getting fun?”
      RIC.: “Under daddy Josh hands treatment, non having met target.”
      Carlos (thinks): “My dad is different.”
      Alls than laugh soundly..

      1. Second ending – RIC to KVJ: “Thanks God your daddy is different!”

    50. DR: ‘And then Maurizio promised me Kimi’s seat for 2018.’

    51. Daniel Ricciardo is explaining the Renault engine will only be 15 hp down on Mercedes next year

    52. After driving cars that are virtually on “rails”, The Red Bull drivers get a taste of a vehicle which is actually on rails.

    53. “And than he said he is not going to change is driving style”

    54. Ha ha Max thinks he’s so good but we beat him to the Caption Competition 110.

    55. News flash. All Mercedes power cars have been found to have 1800cc internal combustion engines and therefore all Mercedes powered teams have been disqualified from 2016 drivers and constructors championship.

    56. Kvyat: ‘And then Gasly thought he had my seat for Singapore!’

    57. So there IS a glass ceiling in F1.

      Gotta be 21 to drink with the big boys.

    58. Ricciardo: Do you know who they told me this guy is ?
      Sainz: Just a barman ?
      Kvyat: Helmut Marko’s boyfriend ?
      Ricciardo: Nop, your replacement at Siganpore !

    59. Daniil: So after Monaco Helmut turned around to Max and asked him if he wanted stabilizers.
      Daniel: Haha
      Carlos: Are those allowed?

    60. “You have to keep your shoes on your feet in this place Daniel”

    61. Shame it’s past max’s bed time

    62. Carlos holds on after being told the tram corners like 130R.

    63. “For once we are all having the same speed”

    64. “Max is way ahead of us”

    65. Don’t worry Daniil, I’ll teach you decent driving on my PC. You will secure a place with the Red Bull gocart team.

    66. Daniel likes a sweet drink, while Daniil and Carlos like sour drinks.
      Isn’t that telling?

    67. Max is making a picture for his photo book about his victims.

    68. We need downforce so I hope this will give us wings.

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