Force India: F1 teams should be franchises

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In the round-up: Force India suggest introducing a franchise model for Formula One team ownership.

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Thanks to everyone who joined in last weekend’s Caption Competition, especially @Fullcoursecaution who came up with two very funny suggestions including this winner (here’s the other one):

Kvyat: “Straight from the can, Danny?”
Ricciardo: “Yeah mate, the barman’s wearing sandals.”

Pat Ruadh (@Fullcoursecaution)

Special mentions also go to Tom, Black n Blue, Rocky, Stephen Crowsen and Serkankster who all made great suggestions.


Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari Racing Days, Hockenheimring, 2016

Sebastian Vettel returned to the Hockenheimring to entertain fans at the wheel of a 2012-specification F2012 in the Ferrari Racing Days event.

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On this day in F1

Ronnie Peterson gave March their final victory as an F1 constructor on this day 40 years ago at Monza.

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27 comments on “Force India: F1 teams should be franchises”

  1. l understand Jense, you were sacked and you wont be back….RK was a massive talent and a WC in the right seat…what a shame.

    1. Yeah, Rupert Keegan was the real deal… ;)

  2. I don’t know if we’ll see Jenson back in the saddle in 2018. If McLaren really does produce a potential championship winning car, it’ll be hot property, and there would be a lot of drivers wanting to be in that seat. Will they put in the guy who spend a year on the sidelines?

    I do hope he’ll get the opportunity to end his career as a racer, he’s such a likable character and great guy.

    1. I agree, I’m not expecting to see Jenson back in a McLaren, at least not racing after the end of this season. There should be ample talented drivers available to fill his seat, and his replacement should be producing good enough results by the end of 2017 that they won’t need Jenson.

      1. @maarten-f1 @drycrust It looks like McLaren are just hedging their bets in case they produce another failure and Fernando decides he has had enough. If McLaren produce a race-winning contender then Alonso will stay in place, if they produce another flop then Jenson might find himself back on the grid, but not at the sharp end.

    2. If they build a winner next year Alonso will probably stay to enjoy it (unless Stoffel “humiliates” him or something, you never know), so Button’s change relies on Mclaren being not quite a winner and Alonso walking out on them @maarten-f1, @drycrust. Not the most unthinkable scenario either. And the sponsors love him and if F1 starts to promote the sport he could drive a lot of epic cars in numerous events, nota bad trade off Imo.

  3. That Ferrari F2012 in that livery looks so beautiful I don’t even have words for it.

    1. The nose is still hideous though.
      Funny that Seb was driving a car that nearly beat him to a WC.
      I know he’s driven it before when he first came to Ferrari but it’s still funny to think about it.

    2. As Ruben mentions, thefront is still hideous. And I always prefer the cars in their original livery

        1. Really. I think its really ugly compared to most of their cars in most years. Hey, we’re all different!

    3. Not only is the nose hideous, I always find those double airboxes ghastly. That’s why while a lot of people celebrated the F2013 for being slightly less hideous, I still found it quite unpleasant looking. For me the F2012 is one of the ugliest cars to ever win an F1 race.

  4. The 2016 livery looks much better on the F2012. On an SF16-H, it looks an ugly mess. Hopefully, a livery change for next year.

  5. SF16-H looks beautiful but I think that side shot of the F2012 looks even better :o

  6. Can anybody explain the funny caption to me? I don’t get it. :/

    1. It’s because Danny has drunk the fizzy wine from his racing boot the last 2 times on the podium

      1. aaahh, I get it! :)

    2. I don’t either

    3. @pastaman Ricciardo has started drinking champagne from his sweaty race boot on the podium.
      My silly caption infers that he orders all his drinks in shoes…
      (Cheers Keith!)

      1. Well deserved.

        1. Hilarious! Good one!

      2. @fullcoursecaution
        There is a saying about Germans, according to which they laugh three times about every joke they’re told: The first time is when you tell the joke, the second time is when you explain it to them, and the third time when they finally get it …

        I reached the third stage, and had a hearty laugh. Cheers, mate!

  7. Well, I understand Jenson fully. I Took a sabatical last year, it was awesome.

    He is racing from age 5 or something. Atleast 15 years at the sharp end. ..

    He deserves a break. It might be a permanent one, who knows, but I hazard a guess it wil do him good.

  8. What a caption! There could be no other winner.

  9. Singapore at night, under lights with lots of Zika filled mosquitoes. I bet Alonso would prefer to test the canopy instead of the halo.

  10. So, Force India thinks F1 should have a “franchised” ownership structure. Liberty Media just paid $8 billion enterprise value for the business. If we segregate that ownership into 12 franchises, allowing for one additional team, that’s $667 million per team.
    Is Force India prepared to write a check for $667 million to buy a franchise?
    Oh, you mean Force India thought the franchise was going to be a gift from Liberty Media?
    Honestly, there is a reason these people are “racers” and not business people, and it’s the same reason that Bernie was necessary to commercialize F1 in the first place.

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