Haas bringing final 2016 update this weekend

2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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Haas will introduce its final upgrade for the VF-16 at this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

The championship newcomers, who are eighth in the points standings at present, say the design of their newest parts was completed two months ago before they switched their focus to 2017’s regulations change.

“We’ve been using a 60-percent scale model car in the wind tunnel since February, but from February to June we developed both cars (2016 and 2017) simultaneously,” explained team principal Guenther Steiner. “In the past two-and-a-half months, it’s been all hands on deck developing the 2017 car.”

The Singapore upgrade will compromise a new “front wing, modifications to the floor and the brake ducts”,” Steiner explained. “We’re aiming to reduce corner sensitivity so the car is more consistent, and enhance aerodynamic performance and overall efficiency.”

“These changes came from wind tunnel data and it took a little bit of time to develop the parts,” he added. “We took our time so we are better prepared for next year.”

Haas used a special low-drag rear wing for the previous race at Monza (pictured) and has a new package ready to coincide with Singapore’s high-downforce demands.

However Steiner admitted the team’s run of near-misses in recent races has begun to irritate. “The frustrating thing is finishing 11th five times,” he said. “You’re almost there, but you’re not there. Eleventh is the first spot out of the points.”

“Again, frustrating, but you know you are not far off and you are doing well. The 11th position has been earned by merit. We didn’t luck into it five times. We qualified once in the top ten and made it to Q3 in Italy, so I think we are encouraged, but still disappointed that we don’t have more points.”

2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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    1. The package in Monza looked faster than Force India and McLaren, but there drivers need to start delivering. Grosjean needs to find some form again and Gutierrez needs to find out how to start and not finish eleventh

    2. The Singapore update will comprise, not compromise – small typo. Hopefully…!

    3. Best of luck to them. Remarkable effort for a rookie team.

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