Pictures: 2016 Singapore Grand Prix preparations underway

2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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With four days to go until the Singapore Grand Prix begins, the streets of the country’s capital have almost completed their transformation into a racing circuit.

Here are pictures from the track ahead of its ninth Formula One race.

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11 comments on “Pictures: 2016 Singapore Grand Prix preparations underway”

  1. It’s all very shiny and impressive under the lights but I’d take a day time race over night any day of the week, like GP2 did a few years back. It completely transforms the circuit in day light, makes it look like more of an Indycar circuit instead of the colourless insipid circuit that it is under the glare of artificial night. Maybe a dusk race would be good?

    1. I prefer the Singapore GP as a floodlit race. Cities just look cooler at dark with all the lights on than at daytime.

    2. @unicron2002 I thought the track looked pretty shabby in the TV footage from those GP2 races. Plus it’s built an identity as the original F1 night race so I can’t imagine them wanting to change that. Unless there are local objections to racing cars blatting around the street that late at night – the kind that prevent Melbourne from turning their event into a night race, for instance.

      1. I guess that’s my point, I like the shabbyness! It’s not a bad thing in my books, plus you actually get to see more of the city – the buildings, the trees, the marina. Sunset race please, best of both worlds then

        1. @unicron2002 They tend to want to stay away from ‘sunset’ races because of the visibility problems that can arise as the sun sets.

          I think it was in 2009 when they ran Melbourne really late in the afternoon & towards the end the drivers were complaining about how bad the visibility was as the sun got lower in the sky & how they were basically blind in a few points over the lap.

          I think the other issue would be that for the organizers it wouldn’t be worth spending the money on the lighting equipment & setting it all up when its only used for part of the race. You either want a full night race to make full use of the lighting equipment or a full day race to avoid the additional cost of said lighting equipment.

          1. @gt-racer but what about Abu Dhabi every year? A bit different because it’s a permanent circuit I know, but there are certainly no visibility problems. Abu Dhabi do.

      2. That and the fact we want you to watch a race at an inconvenient time for a change…..instead of us most of the time.

        1. I watch plenty of races at inconvenient times, just ask Mrs F1 Fanatic :-)

      3. @keithcollantine Is that the reason the Australian GP hasn’t become a floodlit race? I thought the organizers of that race just didn’t want it. I’ve never read/heard that being mentioned as the reason for their reluctance to shift their race into the evening.

    3. You can’t have a daytime race in Singapore- it rains nearly every day there- and the time of day it is most likely to rain is 3 p.m.- and the time of day it is least likely to rain is 3 a.m. So it would be guaranteed to rain at some point during the day. And I like the idea of having a night time GP race.

    4. So that means you would like to watch it live in the early hours of the morning european time? And i mean early.

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