2016 Italian Grand Prix team radio transcript

2016 Italian Grand Prix

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For the first time since the restrictions on team radio broadcasts were lifted at the German Grand Prix there was an appreciable increase in a number of messages being broadcast to fans during the Italian round.

In Hungary fans heard just 18% as much communication as they had at the same race 12 months previously, while in Italy that figure rose to 45%. This is still less than half as many messages as were played last year – over 100 fewer in real terms – but it’s a step in the right direction.

Some of that may be put down to the fact it was a very uneventful race and one which involved little variation in terms of strategy. However it’s clear from some of what was broadcast that teams were listening in on each other: Note Williams’ message to Valtteri Bottas telling him Daniel Ricciardo had been “told to do the opposite to us”.

Fernando Alonso’s trials at McLaren provided some of the most revealing moments. In particular, his amusement at how desperate their situation became following the traffic light failure which cost him time in the pits and his unusual decision to make a late-race bid for fastest lap.

Here’s what was broadcast by FOM during the Italian Grand Prix.

2016 Italian Grand Prix team radio transcript

6To Lewis Hamilton

So look for debris this area, look for debris. Left-hand side. So remember Lewis the three cars ahead are on super-soft tyres, they’ll be quick for a few laps then degrade. So just keep an eye on debris, cars are losing bits all round the track.
6From Kimi RaikkonenI have quite a big vibration under braking.
7From Felipe NasrThe handling feels funny, like I have something broke.
7To Felipe Nasr

Copy, we’re checking the data now.
7From Felipe NasrAh the car is undrivable. It’s like I have no rear support.
7To Felipe Nasr

Stay calm, Felipe, we’re checking the data.
7From Felipe NasrThe car is undrivable, guys.
7To Kimi Raikkonen

And we still need you to cool the engine, I’ll let you know when we’re OK.
7From Kimi RaikkonenYeah but I can’t slow down, I’ll lose the tow.
7To Kimi Raikkonen

Understood Kimi, we just want you to do half a car that’s all, half a car width different.
8To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis you’re doing a good job managing these tyres. Just keep looking after and avoid the locks. Just need to be in good shape, five laps’ time.
9To Jolyon Palmer

OK Jo we will retire the car, I’m afraid.
9From Jolyon PalmerYes.
9To Max Verstappen

Give an idea of the balance when you can.
9From Max VerstappenI’m starting to struggle a bit low-speed. Throughout the whole corner losing a little bit the rear.
10To Marcus Ericsson

How’s it going with the tyres, Marcus?
10From Marcus EricssonStill OK. I think it’s possible. I have understeer in Lesmos. Otherwise rear-limited.
10To Marcus Ericsson

OK, very good.
10To Lewis Hamilton

Just make sure you keep these tyres in good shape. We can still get you up behind Nico with strategy.
11To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel so pick up the pace if you can. Bottas is going to drop back, here, he’s going to lose position. See if you can close up on Bottas.
11From Daniel RicciardoYep, I’ll do what I can.
12From Lewis HamiltonRears are pretty wasted already.
12To Kimi Raikkonen

OK it’s not going to be long now Kimi. If we can just get a bit more pace we can get a better emerge.
13From Lewis HamiltonDon’t worry about the start, it was my fault.
14To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis so looks like other cars may be going for the two-stop. So we’re going to stick with plan A. Currently lap 14. And bite point six.
14To Lewis Hamilton

Start picking up the pace as much as you can, three laps.
18From Fernando AlonsoYeah the traffic light didn’t work, man. The [censored by FOM] traffic light. [Censored by FOM] hell.
19To Felipe Nasr

We will retire the car now. Remember switch-off procedure.
20From Lewis HamiltonTyres are still good.
20To Lewis Hamilton

OK, copy, good information. We’ll go target plus two, then.
20To Kimi Raikkonen

OK so Hamilton is still out, he’s obviously very close to us on our emerge. He’s not emerging on us at the minute, so Hamilton is still out trying to get the emerge.
23To Esteban Gutierrez

You are much quicker than Ocon in front of you, come on.
24To Nico Rosberg

Two more laps after this one, just let us know.
24From Nico RosbergI can do it, just check the lap times.
26To Lewis Hamilton

Brake balance for turn one, 55. We’re going to come out behind the Ferraris, they’re on another super-soft tyre so they’re going to stop again. You just need to match their times.
26From Lewis HamiltonWhat tyre are they on?
26To Lewis Hamilton

Both Ferraris have taken super-soft again, so they have to stop once more.
27From Jenson ButtonWhat sort of times is Fernando doing?
27To Jenson Button

Fernando last lap 1’28.5.
27To Sebastian Vettel

These are important laps, keep your head down.
27To Max Verstappen

OK Max front wing update please mate.
27From Max VerstappenBalance of the car is not bad. I wouldn’t really change anything.
27To Max Verstappen

28To Pascal Wehrlein

OK Pascal we need to stop the car please, stop the car where safe to do so, stop the car and switch off. We have a problem, we need to stop the car and switch off.
28From Pascal WehrleinNo! I need to stop immediately?
28To Pascal Wehrlein

Stop immediately, stop the car and switch off, please.
29To Nico Rosberg

So Nico just remember try and get through this traffic as well as you can, as quickly as you can.
29From Nico RosbergLewis is pushing quite hard at the moment.
32From Esteban OconWell you see how much I lose. I’m not losing too much time yet, we can keep going. But the rears are gone for sure.
33To Valtteri Bottas

Ricciardo stayed out, he was told to do the opposite to us. So it’s going to be essential to get past Hulkenberg and then we’ve beaten Ricciardo.
34To Fernando Alonso

Do you still prefer plan A?
34From Fernando AlonsoWell I don’t know what you mean. We have blisters with these tyres, managing with the other one. The real question is to go to between plan B and plan C.
35To Nico Rosberg

Gap to Lewis behind has stabilised to 10.5 seconds after traffic. Lewis running a couple of tenths slower than you at the moment.
36To Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate we need good, clean laps now.
38To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel we’re going to go supers for the next stint, it’s going to be same length as stint one.
38To Jenson Button

Jenson, cars on your pit window are about to be lapped by Rosberg and lose time. We need to stay out because they will lose time. Your pace is good. Keep going.
40To Romain Grosjean

Very good laps. So next car behind is Rosberg, the leader, you’ll have him for blue in one or two laps.
40From Nico HulkenbergDo you think I can push from now, all the way?
40To Nico Hulkenberg

Yes, push from now, all the way.
41To Daniel Ricciardo

OK so you’re one second quicker than Bottas that lap. Good job. Let’s have him.
41To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis you are not in your Safety Car window.
42To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis you know but just be careful with the lock-ups.
42To Max Verstappen

Really good pace at the minute, Max. Try and keep it up.
43To Max Verstappen

Max, make sure you keep a car width away from the left-hand side track edge on the main straight. A lot of marbles on the left-hand side of the straight, mate.
44To Valtteri Bottas

So Ricciardo is slowly catching us however he’s got double the deg that we have on his quali tyre so we’re looking good.
46To Marcus Ericsson

Let’s push, Marcus, we’ve got eight laps to go. The position is safe so let’s push on the tyre.
47To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel so battery is full. Use it when you can. Let’s do him.
48To Daniel Ricciardo

Nice job mate. Excellent job.
48To Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando let’s keep the pace going strong until the end. Grosjean is still out there on 18-lap-old options, he may come towards us.
48From Fernando AlonsoHa, ha, ha!
49To Max Verstappen

Nice job mate.
50To Fernando Alonso

Fernando, three laps to go after this one. We’re happy to make the stop if you wish.
50From Fernando AlonsoBox.
52To Daniel Ricciardo

OK so even with that traffic you’re still quicker than Bottas. Gap still 2.2 seconds and there’s three laps to go.
52From Daniel RicciardoOK, understood.
VLTo Nico Rosberg

A little name confusion at Mercedes.
Woo! Excellent job, good job on that first stint Nicola. Just area under the curve, brilliant job.
VLFrom Nico RosbergThank you very much, Thomas, thank you very much. Awesome guys thank you very much. Great to win here in Italy.
VLTo Sebastian Vettel

P3, Sebastian. Solid drive and enjoy the podium, well done.
VLFrom Sebastian VettelIn Italian: Thanks boys, thanks everyone. It was the maximum.
VLTo Daniel Ricciardo

I know you like coming from a long way back but that might be a new record.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoThat was good fun. Cheers guys.
VLFrom Sebastian VettelI couldn’t perform the optimum at the start because I had [cut off].

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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    1. “Ha, ha, ha!”

      Gotta love Alonso!

      1. Or
        34 To Fernando Alonso: Do you still prefer plan A?
        34 From Fernando Alonso : Well I don’t know what you mean.
        and then opting for plan C (during race day I though he just made that one up.)

    2. So the real question here is, who’s Nicola??

      1. Well as I remember he didn’t like Webber calling him Britney. Hopefully he’s happier with Nicola ;)

    3. Would have been useful to have the HAM exchange around his botched start…

    4. Talent or not I wouldn’t want to work with Alonso. I know we at home find his snipey comments amusing but could you imagine having a colleague that constantly made very public demoralising comments?

      The McLaren radio comment about Grosjean coming towards them was highly optimistic, but things happen in races. Cars have reliability problems, back markers hold drivers up and tyres drop off a cliff. Laughing in the face of someone like that is obnoxious and unprofessional.

      Again great tv and it brought a smile to my face, but this isn’t keeping up with the Cardassians or what ever and the man just lacks class.

      1. At least he stopped complaining about his “GP2 engine aaaaargh”.

      2. I’ve always thought that the comedian is actually his engineer and Alonso is just following his lead

      3. The thing is, he is a position where he can get away with it. Mclaren have always been seen as the most strict with regards to following the company line and not stepping out. They used to forbid their drivers to wear beards. Alonso is now in a position where he knows he is better than the car. He is going to retire soon anyway, so does not need to worry about burning bridges. And finally, if they want to get rid of him, they would have to pay him a tidy sum. So withing measures, he can get away with these comments. His engineer knows what is up and probably at times is as frustrated as him, but he is not in a position to voice it. I doubt he has any complaints.

      4. @philipgb Similar things get said from time to time about other drivers when they’v got a bit heated on the radio, I doubt the teams care in the slightest as long as they’re getting the job done at the wheel.

    5. “7 To Felipe Nasr Stay calm, Felipe”

      What’s in the name! :) (Felipe baby stay cool!)

    6. The most cringeworthy word that’s made it into F1 lingo is “emerge”. What was wrong with undercut/etc?

      All I can think of is Harry Hill and “Bush Push!” …. “Verge Emerge!”

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