Perez not worried by yellow flag investigations

2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez is not concerned about being under investigation for failing to slow and overtaking a car under double waved yellow flags during qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore GP qualifying in pctures
The Force India driver said data from his laps in Q2 will prove he slowed down sufficiently despite overtaking Esteban Gutierrez at one point.

“It was a very tricky session with everything,” Perez told reporters after qualifying. “I had three yellow flags on my lap so I was lifting a lot, I lost around six-tenths with yellow flags.”

“And at the end with Esteban he was just very slow so I just managed to keep the line and he obviously was on a very slow lap so he opened up the racing line. Obviously on that certain occasion I lost four-tenths because I had to lift. So I think we have all the data that backs me up so there’s no issue at all.”

Perez fully expects the stewards will clear him. “At the end of the day you have the telemetry that the stewards will check and I have no problem.”

2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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    4 comments on “Perez not worried by yellow flag investigations”

    1. The consequences of not penalizing Rosberg at Hungary (among other cases). This thin line between “slow down and being prepared to stop” and “look, I lifted, see? 0.1 secs slower than my previous lap”… I don’t think it’s correct that Perez is able to improve his time and get into Q3 at a time where 2 cars were stranded on the very limited run off that exist in such a tight street track.

      1. @fer-no65 he also overtook other driver in the process.

        I can understand the circumstances of the Rosberg incident, with improved track conditions and all. But I think there is no justification in this case, if he gets away with it I expect other drivers to do the same in future occasions.

        He does go slower after the first yellow, but it doesn’t look like he lifted in that instance and the difference is so small that one may say it wasn’t voluntary. He does lift when he catches the second yellow, but he catches Gutierrez and overtakes him. In fairness Gutierrez was going very slow and off the racing line, but under yellows he should have though that something was in the way, fortunately the road was free, but image if they arrive at a scene of an accident at the same time?

        Basically imo he should take a penalty

      2. Agree’d.

        Another situation where there could have been marshals on circuit and driver’s not giving a toss about being ‘prepared to stop’.

    2. Perez: “I had three yellow flags on my lap so I was lifting a lot, I lost around six-tenths with yellow flags.”
      Let’s do the math:
      – Perez Q2 lap (“lifting a lot”): 1’44.703 -> 174,15 Km/h
      – Perez Q2 lap without lifting a lot (-0,6s): 1’44.103 -> 175,15 Km/h

      So, from Perez’s point of view, a yellow flag deserves a 1Km/h of slowing down. Ok, maybe he slowed down on that corners more than 1Km/h, but let’s look to his best lap in qualifying (Q3): 1’44.582 (-0.121s vs his Q2-lifting-a-lot lap).

      Some drivers don’t get what a yellow flag means.

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