Alonso was “hoping for a podium” after start

2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso said he was hoping for a podium finish after moving up to fifth place at the start of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver ultimately finished seventh which he said was the best position available given the lack of interruptions to the race after the second lap.

2016 Singapore Grand Prix in pictures
“Seventh was the maximum we could achieve today,” said Alonso, “the best of the rest after the two Mercedes, the two Red Bulls and the two Ferraris.”

“We weren’t perhaps quite the fourth-fastest team here this weekend, so it’s thanks to good strategy and a good start that we were able to bring home this result.”

Alonso avoided the collision on the pit straight which put Nico Hulkenberg out and gained from the collision.

“I chose to go on the outside at the start, and the crash didn’t affect me as I was already up into sixth at that point. Then I braked very late for the first corner and got past Daniil [Kvyat] and Kimi [Raikkonen]. Everything went fine – sometimes you just need to get lucky.”

“For a time, I was even hoping for a podium finish – if something had happened ahead of me it could have worked out that way – but in fact it was one of those races in which nothing happened at the front. But, overall, we did the best we could today.”

2016 Singapore Grand Prix

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    17 comments on “Alonso was “hoping for a podium” after start”

    1. I’m satisfied with the results, although Button is capable of points finish if not because the first lap shunt. The most important thing is McLaren keep making progress, its still embarrassing for a team with such history but I’m still putting my faith in them

      1. @deongunner Jenson lost it yesterday. Had he stayed within the walls, he’d have qualified for Q3. Everyone behind was delayed by the yellow flags, so only Alonso and him could improve their times. He was going faster than Fernando too.

        Sad because we’ve have seen 2 McLarens in the points, something that rarely happens.

        1. @fer-no65 He was actually half a tenth slower

          1. @mashiat was he? I thought I heard in Ted’s notebook that he was ahead. Maybe he was behind, then. Either way, a tenth slower than Alonso would’ve got him into Q3.

      2. they were 8th with 36 points last year and now 6th with 54 already . Not where they want to be, but they are moving up.

        1. They were actually 9th with only 27 points @thetick. Just shows how awful McLaren were last year. They are definitely making progress though.

    2. So in other words, Alonso paid Hulkenberg to pull a “Pique” and crash, thus taking out key opposition.

      Hulk failed and will be dealt with accordingly.

      1. lmao nice!

    3. Alonso does have a habit of making a lot of places at the outside of the first corner, particularly at this track.

    4. Two Mercs and a RB plus a Ferrari as the first 4 cars and he was still hoping for a podium? Not to mention Vettel blazing through the field.

      I get the ‘something happened in front of me’ part. But more often than not, the something usually happens to McLaren and it did to Button.

      1. spafrancorchamps
        18th September 2016, 22:52

        If two front runners collide with each other, he’d be running third at that point. If it would happen at the right time, then yes, a podium would have been possible.

        1. No, wasn’t possible, he’s just talking rubbish. He did it many times. Have no idea what’s the purpose of this kind of talking, I don’t see any gain. Let’s be honest, 7th place is quite far from 3rd place. The cars now are very reliable (especially compared to the pre-2000 cars), the chances to have many accidents/incidents at the front, so that he could benefit from them, were minimal… so, pretty obvious he’s aiming too high. His car at the moment is simply too slow to get a podium. Must be a really chaotic, 1 of a kind race to get a podium with that car.

    5. He’s always hoping isn’t he. But then as usual it all just fizzles out for Nando.

      1. He seems to get high up at the start and then it’s a waiting game for others to pick him off because of the car. Alonso proves once more that he is still up there and deserves a competitive car.

    6. Alonso should stop with the excuses and follow Button and Massa out of the sport. I’m not saying he’s terrible but it’s painfully obvious that his best days are behind him. No way he has another year in him and he should spare himself the beating he’s going to get with SVD next season.

      1. oh, please… go and kill some apexes…

    7. Hopefully McLaren provide their drivers a competitive car next year. Enough mediocrity already. The best driver on the grid deserves better machinery.

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