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Lewis Hamilton confers with his race engineer Pete Bonnington during last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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129 comments on “Caption Competition 111: Hamilton and Bonnington”

  1. “So, am I the white Power Ranger or the yellow one?”

    1. Now come on… You’re being silly… If you don’t take your helmet off you won’t be able to eat your alphabetti spaghetti and then you’ll never grow up to be big and strong like P Diddy.

      1. ‘And though you might not realise….I am both Woolf and Bonnington….
        … see….I’m a shape shifter !’

        Lewis last seen running down pitlane screaming gibberish….!

  2. HAM: How is my new song thru the headphones.. Toto?

  3. Toto, “I am just listening to Sky Sports. They’ve once again change their stance and put you on the backfoot for the title”!

  4. How is my new song thru Headphones , Totto?

  5. “Can I be in the next F1 meme? Please? I don’t want Alonso hogging the spotlight!”

  6. Toto: “I’ve got some bad news, Nico is faster than you.”

    1. Doesn’t seem funny at first, but if you picture Toto saying it in his accent , it cracks me up !

  7. “Beware off Wolff in sheeps clothing”.

  8. What do you mean ”it’s Nico’s turn to win the championship’?

  9. Toto: This is the last time you are going to have Susie take care of Roscoe. Your mutt just shredded her mink coat.

  10. Keith, this is Bonnington and not Toto

    1. Benjamin Richardson
      24th September 2016, 14:15

      I don’t get it

      1. :-)

        I wanted to let @keithcollantine know that the person next to Lewis is his race engineer Peter Bonnington and Toto Wolff

        1. keith got it really wrong this time;D because like icemangrins says it is NOT Toto Wolff on the picture but Peter Boninngton – Lewis’s race engineer

    2. So it’s a Bonnington in Wolff’s clothing?

    3. both are equally worthless, but thats clearly toto, waxing his cool shtick.

    4. @icemangrins Indeed it is – they look very similar from this angle. Thanks for that, I’ve changed it now.

  11. I don’t appreciate you calling me “Lewis baby” on the team radio.

  12. “I’m really sorry Lewis, Bernie has asked us to throw your race again, ya know, for The Show. I swear this’ll be the last time.”

    (Note, not my personal views on the situation)

    1. Fed up of Hamilton’s moaning, Toto now always makes sure his headphones are on whenever Hamilton’s near

  13. LH: Mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble.

    TW: Copy…your brakes will be fine.

  14. Hamilton: “Why are wearing these ugly glasses now?”
    Bonnington: “I’m trying to disguise as Toto Wolff to improve your situation within the team again after what happened last week in Budapest.”
    Hamilton: “Are you sure this will work?”
    Bonnington: “This plan is fool-proof, Lewis. Many F1 fans already recognized me as Toto and even Niki did as well.”

    I actually thought as well it would be Wolff but with a closer look you can recognize him. Wolff looks most definitely older. :D

  15. “Lewis baby, stay cool. We’re in a good position, stay cool. Okay”

  16. LH: So is it hammer time yet ?

  17. “Don’t Worry Lewis, i’ll bless the rains down in Malaysia”

  18. “Last time I checked my contract it didn’t say German horse power!”

  19. Hamilton: “How can I go faster around here?”

    Engineer: “Give me a minute, I will go and ask Nico.”

        1. Thanks guys!

  20. toto: nico will have a car failure at abu dhabi and you will win the title.
    lewis: ok.

  21. Ja, it’s ok Looovis….but I much pdefer something like Julie Androos singing… know…..’Edelweiss’

  22. The Blade Runner (@)
    24th September 2016, 14:31

    That’s Pete Bonnington not Toto!

  23. Lewis we need to let Nico win again to justify his new contract.

  24. My helmet comes off when you give me my lollipop!

  25. The Blade Runner (@)
    24th September 2016, 14:44

    PB: “What do you want for lunch?”
    LH: “Whatever Nico’s having but twice as much!”

    1. LH: “Because after all, Nico is not as hungry as me”

  26. Toto: Listen Lewis, we’ve asked your team mate to crash to bring out the safety car so don’t worry!
    Lewis (TO HIMSELF): Great, and when you get caught you’ll get banned for life and I will still be the hero. Hoorah!

  27. Toto: I’ve replaced your brakes with some of Susie’s chicken fillets, ok?

  28. My left shoe has less grip. Can I Snapchat about it?

  29. Lewis, I know you are trying to impersonate The Stig. but its not working.

  30. Toto: It’s a good news/bad news type of situation, Lewis. The good news is Liberty Media just blew 8.1 billion dollars for F1. In order to attract more viewers, the bad news is you and Nico must start the 2016 races behind the Manors.

  31. “Ok, Sure you’re losing your hair, but think how long a bottle of shampoo will last you.”

  32. Bonnington: Listen Lewis, hush still, but I think my Toto disguise is working…
    Lewis: [muffled voice] OK, mfff, ssso nhow you av toooo let the wmorld knowww Merrrcedesz ar mmnnaking mne wear this helmmmet forrr the rest ovv the seazonnn so I cannnmt go partyinnng.

  33. Pete Bonninator: “I’m a Cyborg from the year 3087, sent by your great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchild, Lewis Hamilton XV of The Kingdom of Eurasia.”

    Lewis: “Yeah but..”

    Pete Bonninator: “Listen! Nico winning the 2016 wdc results in a catastrophic turn of events that leads to the collapse of the western sports industry, which in turn sends Bernie Eccleston into a maniacal frenzy which…suffice to say…sparks world war 3. You must win the championship baby, you MUST!”

    Lewis: “Is this a YouTube prank?!? I bet it is lol!!”

    Pete Bonninator: “Come with me if you want to win.”

    1. Had it been Toto Wolff, it would have been amazing. But this is still great!

  34. Hamilton sits in despair as Bono tries his best Tony Ross radio victory celebration

  35. Lewis: “What’s wrong with my car now….”

  36. The media distorting the truth as always :-)

  37. “Don’t worry Lewis, you are still my favorite. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go have a word with Nico”.

  38. “Don’t talk to me while I’m on break!” – Hamilton

  39. Hamilton: “Who, Toto? Toto’s my dawg!”

  40. The Blade Runner (@)
    24th September 2016, 16:20

    Lewis: “Don’t tell anyone but I can’t get this fricking helmet off man!”

  41. Can I have my phone back now?

  42. “Lewis, could I just check your new hairstyle?”

  43. Lewis, “So, I heard Bernie requesting Dynamo to disappear Mercedes from the grid?”

    Peter Bonnington, “Don’t worry Lewis, Chase Carey is on his way”


  44. Bono, can you hear me? There’s a a guy talking to me who sounds just like you but looks like Toto …

  45. “What about the other car ?”

  46. LH: What do you mean, we can’t copy Nico’s setup?
    PB: Well, your hard drive was full with all the tracks you recorded …

  47. “But Totto he pushed me off the traaaaaack”

  48. I’m sorry mate, there are no more toys in the pram. But daddy said if you’re good at the next race, he will take you and Kimi out for ice cream.

  49. It’s hammer time Lewis for the remaining races or Rosberg is gonna get you hammered !!

  50. Chad (@srichandrakumar)
    24th September 2016, 18:26

    Toto : “You really need a break before your next race is Malaysia”
    Lewis : “No..!! What i really need are better brakes in Malaysia..”

  51. Though there aren’t many downsides to being a Mercedes driver, having to use Qualcomm’s new super-connected, cloud-sharing toilet is definitely one of them.

  52. Bonnington: Sorry Lewis, but I just have to tell you: some of your range of fashion accessories that you designed, they are just so “passe” … ummm … excuse me for asking, but you don’t need to put your helmet on just yet.

  53. Engineer: so here is the game plan for the next race Lewis, go strait, fast, be easy on the breaks and stop trashing hotel rooms it bad for you.

    Lewis: I don’t trash hotel rooms I sleep in them.

  54. Toto: Lewis, I’m telling you the team absolutely must have another driver besides yourself because we’ve got 2 cars.

  55. Man in Hamiltons Helmet:how’s my car setup looking Toto?

    Bonnington: Lewis, its me, Pete, I’m just pretending to be Toto :)

    Rosberg: that’s OK, I’m just pretending to be Hamilton.

  56. Hear no evil, speak no evil

  57. Toto: Lewis, the BBC just called back. You can’t be the Stig.

  58. I’m not Lewis, I’m an actor paid to pretend to be Lewis.
    He’s got a party to go to.

  59. “Lewis, could you help me? These lazy-ass journos keep calling me Toto…”

    no offence mate :P

  60. Lewis: This is clearly not what I meant by needing assistance with my brake management

  61. How would you like to drive for us in Singapore, Pascal?

  62. LH: “Wolff. … Once and for all, and please stop asking … This is me, Lewis … I am NOT The Stig”

  63. official title of this picture: “wannabe hip hopper talking to wannabe Toto Wolff”

  64. Hamilton needs to be comforted after hearing the news about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  65. Don’t you see? Toto and Bonnington… it’s the same person. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.

  66. PB: Here’s what you when you with a girl in your hotel room, go strait, go fast and go easy on the breaks.

    LH: Got it.

  67. Bonnington. “No lewis, your doing it wrong…
    I know its what the people say they want…
    Just trust me, this is not what a ‘gloves off’ battle means”

  68. Lewis: So Toto which do you prefer Asian women or Susie.

    Toto: Well…

  69. “Hallo Louuwiss, Aye aaam Toto, your teeem manatscher.”
    “Very funny Bono…’
    “Aye aaam naaat Bono, aye aaaam TOTO!”

  70. Look, I’ve superglued your helmet on, you superglued my headphones on, let’s call it quits.

  71. Lewis, we need you to sit off the seat like this to prevent your overalls wearing through.

  72. PB: “I know, Lewis, it’s terrible, but we will find you another hairdresser. Now, you can’t keep your helmet on through the entire weekend.”

  73. Esteban Gutierrez
    24th September 2016, 22:39

    Beware of turn 6 & 8, and no matter what avoid Esteban!!

  74. What do you mean Mel & Sue have left bake off.

  75. Lewis : “…and if I go like this?”
    Pete : “No Lewis. I know it’s shameful to be on a podium with someone who drinks out of a shoe, but you can’t wear your helmet on the podium.”

  76. Sorry, Bake Off went where???

  77. Sorry Lewis, I asked Toto for a better strategy, but all he told me was to tell you to drive more like Nico.

  78. Is that you Toto?….Pete?…I’m sorry, you guys all look alike to me.

    1. Lol. Very good.

        1. I’m sorry, I really did not mean to shoot anyone. Just, it was very funny.

    2. Winner! Very naughty!

  79. C’mon Lewis! you’ve already won twice! let Nico win this before RedBull trash us all next year!

  80. Mika Hämäläinen
    25th September 2016, 1:12

    PB: Ok, Stig, listen. This is important. Remember to work on your hand tan.

  81. So toto your telling me this is not the new Mclaren one zee like Nico said? Damn dude.

  82. You got the job, you are now the “New STIG” and Button will be the new guest host of Top Gear, so keep Wednesday’s open.

  83. Hamilton: “How my new rap album? On fleek isn’t it?”
    Bono: “Erm.. copy that Lewis”

  84. Lewis Hamilton’s head in a nutshell.

  85. Why are we doing this? – It’s all about appearances Lewis, Nico must win some as well. Let them believe you’re struggling.

  86. Gosh, Lewis, you were right. There *is* an “other car”.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

  87. You can take the helmet off. I promise it’s not Eddie Jordan doing the interviews.

  88. OK Lewis it’s hammertime, you’re late to the grid!

  89. Lewis – By any chance, did you and Toto have a parent in common?

  90. Bonnington: I don’t know why Lewis but on this particular track you really sing-a-poor!

  91. Lewis, will you make me the happiest man in England?

  92. “We’ve been giving Ross pointers on his “Woo-hoo’s” when Nico wins. We’ll hopefully notice an improvement soon Lewis.”

  93. That awkward moment when your engineer tells you Rio Haryanto is replacing you for the weekend as a publicity stunt to sell more cars.

  94. May I recommend Colgate, Oral-B or any other good breath-freshening toothpaste.

  95. I think those _were_ the droids we’re looking for…

  96. Don’t worry about those kids bullying you, Toto will take care of them.

  97. LH: You look like Toto….
    PB: I wish you looked more like Nico today…

  98. “One more reminder and I almost got on top of the brakes and started break dancing”.

  99. I promise Lewis, Nico won’t throw anything at you, so can you please take off your helmet?

  100. Lewis: “I told you not to talk to me man”

  101. Look Lewis if you promise not to sulk about Nico beating you I will get you are pair of them snap chat sunglasses you want ok
    will that make it better
    Come on stop crying now your a big boy.

  102. It was awkward for Bono to share the news that Ron Dennis took Roscoe home with him

  103. So, remember the plan? On lap three the marshall will stay out at the end of the main straight. Lap three, Lewis.

  104. No use disguising yourself as Lewis, Dr. Marko – I recognised you’re Helmut immediately…

  105. Lewis, sit down. It’s time to drop the hammer.

  106. Did Rosberg’s mechanics mess with my car again ?

  107. “That’s weird, we found a hammer jammed in your brakes!”

  108. “Engineering has confirmed that your helmet is stuck, Lewis. We need to go strat mode 3.”

  109. Look we can’t keep giving you a bent car like the last three years. People are getting suspicious. .

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