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Alonso to take penalty for new power unit

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso will use Honda’s new power unit at this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, but Jenson Button is likely to have to wait two races for the upgrade.

Alonso is set to use his eight different engine, turbocharger, MGU-H and MGU-K. He has also used six energy stores and control electronics. The new power unit will lead to him incurring a 30-place grid penalty.

However the team will avoid incurring penalties on both cars on the same weekend and also ensure they do not take a power unit penalty at their upcoming home race next week.

“Obviously they don’t want to take any penalties in Suzuka which is completely understandable,” said Button. “It’s basically our home race, our second home race.”

“So here I can’t speak for the other car but I personally won’t be having a penalty. It will be a normal weekend.”

Button is therefore likely to use the new power unit for the first time at the United States Grand Prix.

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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