McLaren’s motorhome transformed into a pub for Button’s 300th race

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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McLaren transformed their motorhome into a British pub in honour of Jenson Button’s 300th grand prix start at Sepang this weekend.

Several of Button’s F1 rivals joined the celebration at ‘The Dog and Button’. Specially-branded bottles of beer titled ‘300’, ‘Somerset Scrumper’ and ‘Ol’ Brawny’ – a reference to his championship-winning 2009 season – completed the pub theme.

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17 comments on “McLaren’s motorhome transformed into a pub for Button’s 300th race”

  1. I think it’s a bit harsh to call Alonso a dog :P

    Seriously though, that’s awesome!

  2. They covered this on Qualy too – nice to see a photo of John on the bar too. He would have appreciated the Dog & Button I’m sure.

  3. Very nice. Good to see Papa Smurf on the bar, not to mention pork scratchings and scampy fries behind it – though I suspect they’ll be eaten by the engineers rather than JB and his health-freak drinking buddies

  4. The Ol’ Brawny doesn’t come in any sort of specially marked glass, just a plain, unadorned pint glass. They wanted special glassware, but could not find a sponsor.

    1. Well played!

  5. This is so nice of McLaren to arrange this for Jenson. I will miss JB next year

  6. The Blade Runner (@)
    30th September 2016, 14:22

    Unfortunately – until very recently – the car has been the dog!

    A great way to celebrate JB’s landmark weekend though. I wish I was there for a few craft beers!

  7. “If you drive, never drink”

    Well that went out of the window!

    1. Maybe ‘drink after’ is allowable though @craig-o!

      Anyway, this is neat, good way to celebrate with JB and the drivers, have some fun.

    2. They aint drinking Heineken

  8. I wonder if Lewis and Nico R grabbed a pint at the McLaren pub?

  9. looks like fun times!

  10. Awesome farewell for the champ! Something he’ll remember for a long long time.

    I wonder if it is only Buttons better driving buddies that got an invite to the bar?

    I see Sainz, Ricciardo and Kvyat went but no Verstappen?

  11. Nicely done Mclaren.

    Hell of an achievement 300 races, and it’s great to see it being recognised.

  12. Sergey Martyn
    1st October 2016, 9:35

    Great! I wish I could buy that sign.
    Forza Jenson!

  13. Nice to see McLaren show their human side, and also acknowledge the performance of the car over the past two seasons!

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