Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Sepang International Circuit, 2016

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2016 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. 23 Points! This is Nico’s championship to lose now.

    Also now I can expect Alonso might be able to surpass Hulk before the end of the season.

    1. That will depend on various permutations, like hulk not scoring and one of the two getting a big day.

    2. Everything can turn in 1 second. Don’t expect that, we saw what happend in Monaco to Germany… And Belgium- today. If anything, Lewis will be in ultra mad mode for the last 5 races. The only thing that I see stopping him are mechanical failures and bad luck.

      1. @krichelle or something like China 2007…

      2. Indeed. I think luck is separating those two and could determine the world champion, Lewis can annul this 23 points deficit if he wins the next 4 races (and it’s doable) regardless of what Nico does. If Lewis reliability issues are over, I’d say the championship will be decided in Abu Dhabi and it will be close in favor of either ROS or HAM.

        1. If all remaining races are Mercedes 1-2, Hamilton will need to win them all. So it’s Nico’s championship to lose, but it can be lost. Probably it will be decided by some failure/spin/crash/bad stop…

        2. But as Hamilton has just one engine to finish the year, it may hinder him as he has to save it until the end of the year.

  2. So, ROS needs to win once more and finish second in the other races to guarantee the title.

    And that’s assuming HAM wins the other four races.

    1. And that’s assuming Rosberg doesn’t have mechanical trouble.

      The races are boring but at least the championship will be decided at the last race.

      1. Lets hope for the entertainment that both Ricciardo and Max will get into the mix for the top race results in remaining races. Ferrari clearly had a really bad day today and no sure signs they have must to show in rest of season to claw back what Red Bull took away from them today in the WCC…

  3. What odds would have found at the start of the season for a Rosberg and Raikkonen to beat their team-mates double!?

    Both have been pretty fortunate in my book, with each respective team-mate having far worse luck, but makes for an interesting end to the season.

    For those saying it’s Rosberg’s to lose, I’m not sure you can say that until he has the trophy or it’s mathematically impossible… I’d bet there could be at least one more Mercedes DNF before the end of the year.

    1. Honestly, if Rosberg doesn’t win this year’s championship, then I really don’t think he’s WDC material. Pretty much all the luck has gone his way this year, so let’s see if he has the mental fortitude to wrap this one up.

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