Ricciardo dedicates Malaysia victory to Bianchi

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo dedicated his Malaysian Grand Prix victory to Jules Bianchi, who died following a crash in the Japanese Grand Prix two years ago.

Speaking to media after the race Ricciardo also thanked his team and family after taking his fourth grand prix victory.

Malaysian Grand Prix in pictures
“After Monaco in particular was obviously mixed emotions. It was a hard one to take. I felt we’ve come through that, as a team we’ve learnt a lot. As a person, it made me a bit stronger. I think I’ve only got better since then.”

“I want to thank my parents. They’re not here this weekend but definitely without them… I think just simple things, the way they supported me growing up. I had a good upbringing, I’m thankful for that. I think it’s definitely helped me get to this point. My sister as well.”

“And I want to dedicate this one to Jules, as well. I’ve been waiting for a victory and waiting to dedicate this to him.”

“My life definitely changed after that incident. I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of everything that I’ve got. I’ll dedicate this to him.”

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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    13 comments on “Ricciardo dedicates Malaysia victory to Bianchi”

    1. R.I.P Jules. Wish you were here. And a nice touch from Daniel there.

    2. You have made our night Daniel.Now for our rugby league grand final and bbq.

    3. Good to see Red Bull back in form.

    4. For a bogan Aussie shop drinks from his shoes, the man has some class

    5. Classy as hell that man. Great driver and great person

    6. Well done, Dan.

    7. Evil Homer (@)
      2nd October 2016, 13:24

      Well all of us Aussies have a little bogan in us :)

      Great drive Daniel and despite some bad luck from Lewis we will take it! (Doesn’t square the ledger, but close)!

      Best podium ever, I wouldn’t want a ‘Shoey” myself but Daniel Ricciardo is making F1 fun again!! Well played WA bogan !!!

      1. Evil Homer (@)
        2nd October 2016, 14:14

        I missed the most important point, a very nice touch to dedicate this to his mate- RIP Jules !!

    8. watching the replay of Ricciardo’s defence on the faster Verstappen “at the time” in turn 5/6, it is INCREDIBLE, how did he defend that? basically just after turn 4 Verstappen was ahead heading into turn 5, and somehow Ricciardo bought a super human level of driving to defend a position that has always been lost with a cut back at turn 4 and lead into turn 5, a move that Verstappen did, yet somehow Ricciardo who was consistently slower by a bit this weekend to Verstappen found something extra on the inside of turn 5 leading to outside of turn 6… to me that is pass of the year, as he lost the place at turn 4 and did not have the momentum. this pivotal moment in the race won Ricciardo the race, what a racer.

      1. Arnoud van Houwelingen
        2nd October 2016, 18:46

        it most definitely won him the race in hindsight

      2. I think it’s because he put Max on the inside for the final stanza – he doesn’t seem to do well there.

    9. Dan is the best on the grid at the moment no doubt

    10. That is really touching. Thanks Danny Ric.

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