Force India officially confirm new Perez deal for 2017

2017 F1 season

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Sergio Perez’s place in F1 next year has finally been put beyond doubt as Force India have officially confirmed he will remain with them.

Perez will drive for the team for a fourth season.

“I’m pleased to confirm that I will be racing with Sahara Force India in 2017 as the team and my supporters have concluded their agreements,” he confirmed.

“I’m very happy with this team and I have a good feeling for the future. I’ve seen the progress we’ve made over last couple of years and I’m sure we have the potential to achieve even more going forward.”

“The team knows me well and it’s important to have stability, especially with some big rule changes planned for next year. I’m excited for the rest of this season and for the challenge that awaits all of us in 2017.”

“I thank all the team for believing in me and I will do my best repay their faith with points, podiums and hopefully wins. I also want to thank our Mexican partners, especially Telmex and Telcel, who have been supporting me since I was a young boy. They continue to play an important role in my journey through the sport.”

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2017 F1 season

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10 comments on “Force India officially confirm new Perez deal for 2017”

  1. That’s great for Force India, they not only have a fantastic car, they also managed to secure two fantastic drivers for a fouth consecutive season.

    Really hoping they finish foutyh in the constructors championship.

    1. Rumors are now suddenly putting Hulkenberg in a Renault for 2017 !?

  2. Perez is an amazing driver. I would rate him with Rosberg. Interesting to see how Force India develops next year.

  3. Perez and Hulkenberg is one of the best driver line ups for next year. Both very talented, constantly outperforming their car (even if Nico’s had horrendous luck and is somehow without a podium). Expecting to see them both in top teams over the coming seasons.

  4. I was under the impression taking the Renault gamble was a good choice but Force Indai as a team has been looking better lately. In the End a good choice for SP and FI.

    1. If force India given right amount of financial power they would do better than ever. An efficient team

  5. Could Force India be in a similar path to RedBull? They surely seem to be making the right decisions. They keep fighting even against Bernie and they have been improving year after year.

    I know they don’t have the amount of money that RedBull enjoys but they are almost getting the prize for best non-manufacter supported team against the historical williams.

    It is great to see how Perez fought back after McLaren, which if I am not mistaken is the only team that he didn’t manage to be in the podium with.

    One of the best pairings in the field. Looking forwarld to what they will do in 2017.

  6. FI car for 2017 will be really solid, I feel Perez felt it makes more sense to still around and see what FI can do if they start working from 60% wind tunnel model. This will be their first totally 60% car, and it’s likely they will outperform the middle group as they are more efficient in chasing the right path than others. I see them ahead of Williams, Sauber, STR & HAAS in 2017 and if any of the big teams are having a bad time they will cut into their points too.

    1. Where do you put Renault in that ranking for 2017?
      Rumors place Hulkenberg at Renault for next year, but why would he go there as woud doubt they offer him a very long term contract and they are not going to offer a WDC seat any time soon.

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