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2016 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Which F1 driver was the best performer during the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend?

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most during the last race weekend.

Driver performance summary

DriverStartedGap to team mate (Q)Laps leading team matePittedFinishedGap to team mate (R)
Lewis Hamilton1st-0.759s40/401
Nico Rosberg2nd+0.759s0/4033rd
Sebastian Vettel5th+0.284s0/00
Kimi Raikkonen6th-0.284s0/034th
Felipe Massa10th-0.155s0/55313thNot on same lap
Valtteri Bottas11th+0.155s55/5515thNot on same lap
Daniel Ricciardo4th-0.137s50/5621st-2.443s
Daniil Kvyat15th-0.005s0/55314thNot on same lap
Nico Hulkenberg8th+0.17s0/5638th+10.268s
Sergio Perez7th-0.17s56/5626th-10.268s
Kevin Magnussen14th-0.406s0/171
Jolyon Palmer19th+0.406s17/17110th
Max Verstappen3rd+0.137s6/5632nd+2.443s
Carlos Sainz Jnr16th+0.005s55/55211thNot on same lap
Marcus Ericsson17th-0.133s45/46212th
Felipe Nasr18th+0.133s1/461
Fernando Alonso22nd+1.888s19/5637th-16.611s
Jenson Button9th-1.888s37/5629th+16.611s
Pascal Wehrlein21st+0.136s37/55315th-21.223s
Esteban Ocon20th-0.136s18/55216th+21.223s
Romain Grosjean12th-0.096s7/70
Esteban Gutierrez13th+0.096s0/73

    Vote for your driver of the weekend

    Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

    Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

    Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

    Who was the best driver of the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix weekend?

    • No opinion (0%)
    • Esteban Gutierrez (0%)
    • Romain Grosjean (0%)
    • Esteban Ocon (0%)
    • Pascal Wehrlein (0%)
    • Jenson Button (1%)
    • Fernando Alonso (34%)
    • Felipe Nasr (0%)
    • Marcus Ericsson (1%)
    • Carlos Sainz Jnr (0%)
    • Daniil Kvyat (0%)
    • Jolyon Palmer (2%)
    • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
    • Sergio Perez (1%)
    • Nico Hulkenberg (0%)
    • Max Verstappen (12%)
    • Daniel Ricciardo (21%)
    • Valtteri Bottas (2%)
    • Felipe Massa (0%)
    • Kimi Raikkonen (1%)
    • Sebastian Vettel (0%)
    • Nico Rosberg (8%)
    • Lewis Hamilton (18%)

    Total Voters: 477

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    160 comments on “Vote for your 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

    1. Voted Max Verstappen.
      He was only beaten by Ricciardo due to the late VSC and had great pace all weekend long despite falling down to sixth after the turn 1 collision. Ricciardo deserved to win a race but he has had so many better performances than this. Like Singapore, there were many contenders. Great drives from Alonso and Hamilton aswell

      Well done to Bottas, Perez and Jolyon Palmer for very good drivers in the midfield aswell

      1. Also whilst Alonso drove very well, he wasn’t the driver of the weekend. The chaos at the start gained him ten places, the VSC timing and the fresh sets of tyres allowed him to beat JB. But not as lucky as his overrated Spa drive

        1. So Button should have not run the qualifying to get the same “advantage” of fresh tyres. Awesome strategy from Alonso, then. JB should learn the lesson and stop trying to get into the Q3 from now on, just to beat his teammate with fresh tyres.

      2. Verstappen also only got ahead of Ricciardo due to an early VSC.

        1. Yes Porsche he did and Ric out drive in turns 4 and 5 on older tyres

        2. If Verstappen hadn’t been screwed by Vettel at the start and managed to stay in front of Ricciardo at that moment, he would have won the race.

          Verstappen had more pace than Ricciardo during both quali and the race.

          Easy DOTW for me, and a bit weird to see him only 4th at the moment.

          1. Vettels actions shaped the whole race. No turn 1 incident no 1st Vsc so no chance to pull the strategy that gave him a chance. Plus Rosberg would have been in 2nd and Merc would of had no issues until Hamiltons engine blew in which case Rosberg would have won. Vetted in a round about way contributed to Rb having a better shot at victory.

            1. The VSC that shaped stategy was caused by Grosjean’s brake failure. The one for the Vettel/Rosberg/Verstappen incident barely affected strategy at all. I agree with the rest of what you said though.

          2. IF Rosberg hadnt got turned around…..IF Hamilton’s engine hadnt self destructed…..see how easy that was?

          3. Patrick, Ves struggles managing his tyres and has done all year ..a few quick laps over Dan here and there means nothing, it is a race to the finish..1 extra pit stop? Couldnt pass ric on younger tyres and didnt win the race does not = DOTR or weekend to me…..

            1. Conspiracytheoriesmakesmelaugh
              5th October 2016, 12:09

              “Ves struggles managing his tyres and has done all year” – Ah, that’s why he did win Barcelona, not being able to manage his tyres. Being in a position to manage the tyres it means a driver needs to be in a position to manage the tyres. Getting back to the front of the race is not a position in which a driver can manage his tyres compared to those who are already in front (and who are cruising and not being able to put pressure on the driver in front of him).

              “..1 extra pit stop?” – We will never know if VES needed the extra pitstop. The stop was done due to the VSC caused by HAM and the stops of RAI and ROS during that VSC. It was safe without losing positions even with the fact that VES had to wait for RIC. it was a descion of the team.

              “Couldnt pass ric on younger tyres” – Also something which we will never find out. He gave it a shot, would probably take another shot but the advantage of the younger tyres was killed directly after VES 1st attempt by the VSC and double pit stop of RBR. The advantage was turned around to RIC.

              For me VES and ROS are DOTR, getting back to the podium after the 1st corner incident with the (agressive) overtaking(attemps) which I like to see in a race.

          4. @paeschli
            Well, not everybody is dutch like you.

            1. do you mean the reason HAM has so many fans here is all about being Brit?

        3. check ur laptimes…Verstappen clearly had the upperhand on Ricciardo all weekend long

          1. @indiana Check what I wrote. I didn’t say he was slower, I didn’t say he does not deserve DOTW, but you can’t say Ricciardo only got ahead thanks to the VSC and ignore Verstappen had the same benefit earlier on.

      3. Max was helped by the more aggressive strategy from RB which I was surprised by as Ricciardo was the lead driver and this is not the first time they’ve done that. Also did anyone else see how Horner was talking to Max in the podium room and not Ricciardo, considering he’d just won the race I thought that was odd to say the least!

        1. @fifthlion
          If they told Max to hold position and not attack Dan to guarantee the 1-2, then you’d expect Christian to be behaving as he was in the pre-podium room.
          Dan would be on a high from winning, while Max would be feeling at least a little annoyed that he’d been denied the win, or the opportunity to try to win. So he’d be needing the arm around the shoulder and encouraging word in the ear.
          Obviously this is just speculation on my part, but that’s how I was reading it at the time.

          1. I’m not so sure about orders. I assumed they happened, but there were no broadcast messages about it. And the way Ves approached Ric after they parked… I actually think Ves may have given it his best and just come up a bit short. If it was team orders, maybe he’s just content because of Spain, and because he had his chance and just missed it when they were wheel to wheel before Ham’s engine blew.

            Also, I think Horner was talking to both Ves and Nico about the turn 1 situation.

      4. Voted Verstappen….best driver of the weekend

      5. Quite frankly Im amazed VES seemed so content. He had the upper hand all weekend on Daniel (who even coppied VES setup as his own wasnt working) to begin with and either RIC would have had to pit again before the end (and lose 23 secs to the Dutchman) or if he didn’t VES would have passed the Aussie at some point in the final six laps for sure.

        The VSC rather screwed VES in terms of strategy and even more so because they had to double stack.

        To me Hamilton would have won it if he didn’t DNF so that rules him out to no fault of his ow. Alonso inheriting 10th in one go early on with the VsC rules him out and so, in light of the above on RIC and VES I have to give it to VES.

        RIC deserved a win this yr for sure, it just should have been last week or Monaco but not this race imho.

        1. How does the fact that you think that Hamilton would have won if he didn’t DNF rule him out? As far as I know, winning the race is a positive thing.

          You can rule him out if you don’t think he did enough with the car he had or he made a mistake or someone else was just better but don’t say you rule him out because he would have won. That doesn’t make sense.

          1. @blockwall2
            To be honest, that wasn’t the only thing that didn’t make sense in that comment.

      6. Loved the way RBR put the young Bully VES in his place by regulating him at the end and giving him the slower tyres. Good call RIC was not going to let the child overtake him that easy and the child would probably destroy both cars. Clever move by RBR management.

        1. “giving him the slower tyres” You know the tyres are nominative, don’t you? Total nonsense.

          1. To VES credit he seemed to be a good sport about it after the race for now. Webber mentioned at the post race interview ” Multy 33 VES”. Haha but hey believe what you want my friend.

          2. @spoutnik What @nigel probably meant was that VES’ last tyres were 3 laps older. That is true and has a simple reason: While RIC saved one set of unused Softs in qualifying VES did not.

            1. That was what happened, not what he meant. He’s just rolling i guess.

      7. VES leaving 3rd and finishing 3rd while his teammate leaving 4th and finishing 1st thanks to a clever qualy strategy. Max was just what an average driver would do with that car. It is not impressive. RIC was much better.

        1. Sorry for the error. We all know Max finished 2nd.

    2. Alonso for sure

    3. has to be alonso, could be 4th or 5th without the engine penalties

    4. Could only be Hamilton. Led almost every session pole by some margin over the equal car.
      Credits also to Alonso who seems to be ever more the sepang specialist. Though part of his advantage over BUT might be down to the upgrade. Ricciardo also drove a stellar race but was beaten in quali.

      1. @unitedkingdomracing

        For your information, Alonso didn’t run with the new power unit and the new power unit only sorts out reliability not pace

        1. Really? I never heard that. But of course I only have access to NBCSN…

      2. Alonso and button both were using the same spec of engine,so there is no additional advantage for alonso over button due to the upgrade

        1. Thanks guys even more impressive showing from Alonso then, maybe I was just so impressed by the pace that I assumed this connection, I don’t know. Too late to change my vote though and Hamilton deserves it as well.

          1. The new tires he had left from not running in qualifying has helped rather.

          2. I think he used the new power unit on Friday and then changed it back to his Singapore one for Saturday, then he’ll use the one he used on Friday in Japan for Honda’s home race, without getting any grid penalties.

            1. That’s indeed the plan I’ve also heard

    5. I would give it to Lewis Hamilton as he was flawless and dominated his teammate in qualifying. A shame about the engine failure.
      Honourable mentions to Ricciardo, Rosberg, Alonso, Bottas and Palmer.

      1. Same.

        It’s rare that I’d give it to a driver who dominates, and I think I am yet to give my vote to him this season, but in complete fairness this time it was very unfair what happened to him, so on that basis I feel it’s nice to recognise the strong drive.

        On a slightly different note, @keithcollantine what do you think of the driver of the day vote? I’ve only just noticed that they have the voting open during the actual race, not after it. Is it just me or does that seem really bad?

        1. It’s bad I agree. But then again, they just wanted a bit of fan engagement and who gives a flying fish really? ;)

        2. @strontium I prefer our poll (what a surprise!). A driver’s efforts before the race, even in practice, can have a significant bearing on their final result, so it makes sense to include that. And allowing people to commit to a vote before the race is even finished has obvious shortcomings.

          I’d be interested to see how the outcomes have compared throughout the year – perhaps it would be worth starting a forum thread on that.

    6. Lewis was just MEGA this weekend.

      1. I really think that Lewis just blew up his engine due to all the pressure he pushed on it during the whole weekend. Practice sessions are not for killing the engine and Lewis was driving trying to find the best time. Same in Q1 and Q2, when it is not necessary (RIC knew it). He acts by his guts and not by brains. An intelligent pilot take care of the car during practice pushing the car only a couple of laps only. Lewis knew it too late, this is why now he is proposing not to participate in some practice sessions of the rest of the season.

        BTW, don´t you remember when RAI was blowing up engines, brakes, suspension, etc during his old times in McLaren? Lewis reminds me a lot to that Raikkonen.

    7. A clear Verstappen win for me. Even with the first lap mess up due to Vettel he would have beaten his teammate if it wasn’t for the VSC due to Hamiltons engine disaster.

      1. Ignoring the fact that he got the tyre advantage he was using to battle Ricciardo due to the initial VSC period…

    8. A clear Vettel win for sure.

      1. @mashiat – he certainly won some attention from the officials.

    9. Alonso for managing to beat a Force India and his teammate. Strong in practice, screwed in qualy to then smash the race. Awesome.

      1. How did Alonso screw in quali?

        In case you didn’t know, he had a massive penalty beforehand for the estra PU and whatnot (30 positions if I remember it right) so all he did was a perfunctory lap in order to get within the 107% rule and save tyres for the race. There was no point in fighting for a better grid position.

        1. @hyoko
          He didn’t say Alo screwed in quali, he probaby meant he WAS screwed in quali.

    10. I’d be happy to give this one to Alonso, a couple more laps and would have been fifth with the McHonda starting last in the grid, not bad at all. And the recovery drive from Nico Rosberg wasn’t bad either (although it earned him the most preposterous penalty of the year). But it’s much easier with a Merc, mind you.

      But what I enjoyed most was the spirited -and 100% fair- defense by Dan Ricciardo from an aggresive Max on fresher tyres. Too bad we didn’t know at the moment this was a scrap for the win, courtesy of Lewis; it seemed a fight for 2nd place.

      So, this one goes to Dan. Max, learn from the master, you didn’t win this one for me.

      Neither did Lewis. Decent start from pole, got to T1 first while the competition removed themselves, and pretty much did nothing else but coast along until his engine failed. Sorry pal, better luck next time.

    11. I don’t think any more could have been done by Hamilton or Ricciardo. But Alonso yet again ‘lucks’ into a result. There comes a point that you see him get results like this so often that I’m starting to think he might actually be the real life Archer with a little something called situational awareness.

      1. I couldn’t agree more on that!

      2. It’s DOTW, not DOTD. I voted Ham, but I disagree about Ric. He didn’t dominate Ves this weekend. He won the race by beating his teammate in the wheel-to-wheel scuffle with Ves, which was great, but that’s just the race.

        1. What part of his weekend did you find particularly weak? Was it quali?

        2. @grippgoat

          You’re right, it is based on the entire weekend, not just the result from Sunday. Which is why despite the engine blowing and not finishing Hamilton still deserves a vote. And despite Alonso not taking part in qualifying due to the grid penalty he also deserves a vote.

          I can only vote for one. Hamilton was flawless. But Alonso defied logic with yet another jaw-dropping performance. That car deserved 8th if it had started there on the grid. He does this too often to be luck.

      3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        3rd October 2016, 4:55

        philipgb let’s be honest here – Alonso does not luck into results. The guy is a super driver.

        1. @freelittlebirds
          That’s why he wrote and not just .

    12. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      2nd October 2016, 19:24

      I gave my vote to Jolyon Palmer. Kept his head under massive pressure to eek out a one-stop, for what could be a career-saving points finish

      1. +1
        Jolyon did an outstanding Job this whole weekend. Well… maybe not during Qualify. I found it very good of him to admit he screwed up his setup in Q. Then responded by finishing with his first point. Probably with a car that still had the wrong setup, which makes it even greater.

      2. Palmer made a dogs breakfast out of quali..are re you joking Erwin?

      3. Me too ! Just for the one point ! I think he deserved it!

    13. I think a lot of them deserve driver of the weekend… Lewis, Jenson, Fernando, Max… We could give it to both mclaren guys… Though I think Lewis will easily win it this weekend… bar his mistake in q3, got the car off the line properly and did what he needed to do. BTW, it seemed as if Lewis reacted quicker than Nico at the start if you look closely… I wonder if we can know how much reaction time there is from every driver once the lights go out…

      1. @krichelle – with the well-known bias of a British-based site, as I write the most popular choice is… Alonso. I thought it might go to Hamilton, too. He put all the work into practice and qualification so the race wasn’t spectacular (at least not in the right way). He was strong, clean and quick all weekend, such a shame about the engine failure.
        In the race I was impressed by Alonso, Ricciardo and (thankfully) Palmer amongst others. It was a good race.

    14. Alonso. Give that man a car, please.

    15. Voted VES because HAM DNF. Was faster than RIC all weekend and was the fastest man on the track for most of the race. Had some bad luck in the race but still got a very nice P2.

      RIC ROS and ALO were pretty decent as well

      1. i had no idea the team counted in this poll.

        1. I have no idea what you mean with this comment

    16. To Ricciardo for holding onto his position through the sweeping turn 5, not touching the sister car and being fair in his fight. Without that save, Ricciardo would have wounded up 2nd. More importantly, Red Bull would have been at a loss to explain to RIC their ineptitude with his strategy when they have a chance of winning. He saved the skin of a lot of people there! Alonso was great too. But the pure entertainment of watching that 5 second clip of RIC-VES is the clincher for voting in favor of Ricciardo. Oh and what an atmosphere before and during the podium celebrations. Rare to see all smiles these days :)

    17. Alosno jumping from 22 to 7 makes the Pi nerd in me happy so Fernando for DotW. :)

      1. Hahaha…..I like what you did there! :)

    18. Ric for sure on pure racing skill and his cool head, FA for 2nd choice

      1. pure racing skill??? He even copied the setup setting from Max….sure…pure skill

        1. So what all teams look at the data and go with the better set up..pure racing skill kept Ric on “Older Tyres” in front of Ves in 4 and 5 ..m

        2. Max got some tips on his from his engineer.

    19. I’m glad so many people noticed how good Alonso was.

    20. Alonso hands down. A McHonda scoring points from last place on the grid?
      Sure it’s another P7 but you have got to take those opportunity’s given as he does.
      And like the man himself said on Twitter, from P67 (start position + penalties) to P7 is a great drive. ^_^

      And besides the obvious Ricciardo and Lewis (not really his fault) my honorable mention goes to Palmer. Scored points in a Renault like Magnussen did in Singapore, but I doubt it will be enough to safe his seat for next year.

    21. Alonso was fantastic. He made gains not because of the chaos. Watch the aftermath of the first corner and how Alonso was delayed on the outside by the Rosberg spin.

    22. Daniel Ricciardo, of course. Well weekend also for Hamilton, Palmer, Bottas, Perez.

      1. How did Alonso do?

        1. Getting that out of crooked Jorge would be a miracle.

          1. Hahahahaha :)

      2. Ricciado ffcourse?? How? All weekend his teammate dominated him…Luck is what helped Ricciardo. He even copied Verstappens setup to his own car…..nice DotD…hahahahaha

      3. That’s quite objective, as usual.

    23. If Verstappen did what Alonso did in the race today, everyone would have wet themselves. Alonso gets the vote from me. Sad for Hamilton. He deserved the win (as much as a win can be deserved in F1).

    24. Again, it’s driver of the weekend, not just the day (although the race itself is, of course, the most important thing), so I think I’ll go with Hamilton as he was pretty much untouchable.

      Honourable mentions go to Bottas (did screw up quali), Alonso (did not take part in quali), Ricciardo (fought well in the race but overall seemed slower than Verstappen).

      1. @kaiie I love when Rosberg is untouchable in China for instance, or Baku, he doesn’t win DOTW

    25. Verstappen was faster then his team mate all weekend and the only driver to put some pressure on Hamilton… till second VSC Ricciardo was fighting for third, VSC fell in his lap miraculously.

      Ricciardo was the first to admit this was his lucky win, P3 would have been his possible best.
      Most likely P2 would have been best case scenrario for Verstappen if Hamilton would have had his DNF, while it still became P2 it felt like losing.

      Solid performance from Verstappen, if Hamilton would have lasted just a few corners more …

      1. Exactly my thoughts!
        VES clearly had the overhand all weekend, RIC was just lucky in the last VSC period

        Alonso did what he could, he deserves the DotW

    26. Between Alonso, Ricciardo, verstappen and rosberg for me. Rosberg had a spectacular comeback, Alonso got his car much higher than expected and the 2 red bulls kept the pressure on Hamilton.

      I voted Ricciardo as he beat verstappen wheel to wheel and the other 2 had some luck.

      1. you are voting for a driver of the day.. and the poll is about Driver of the Weekend ;)
        RIC could not win this DotW because he was beaten by his teammate all sessions.

    27. Tough one. I voted for Ricciardo, as I felt he did fantastically – great on track defence and a fully deserved win.

      Special mention to Verstappen for showing fairness in his battles, Alonso for shoving the McHonda into the points from last and Rosberg for actually fighting back from last – something I can’t recall seeing him do.

      Good race. Those drivers especially showed their class and ability.

      1. It’s a good point that VES seemed to drive fairly and maturely and deserves some kudos for that improvement. I haven’t paid much attention to his demeanour after races but he seemed very satisfied (probably helped to be with three other people that were emminently so).

    28. Voted Alonso

      But the biggest balls of the weekend belong to Rosberg

      1. @johnmilk – I remember reading a comment last week about Rosberg “never having overtaken anyone on track”. I wonder if that old chestnut will continue to be brought up, even after this race?

        1. @tribaltalker I read it too, but to be fair it was more like ‘he never won with overtaking’ (which is a bit nonsensical though, victories are victories).

        2. @tribaltalker one of the best overtakes that I remember seeing is one that Rosberg did on Klein if I am not mistaken, don’t remember the gp at the moment.

          I never thought about how many overtakes he does, but it is only normal that the two mercedes drivers don’t have to overtake anyone to win, at least most of the times, so I expect those sorts of comments to come along every now and then.

          I don’t rate him the most exciting driver of them all, but he has made a few interesting moves over the years

    29. Alonso and Palmer.

      1. Come on now, palmer screenen up his lap in qualy-pace and didn’t get out of Q1&2 while gis teammate did…. It’s called driver-of-the-weekend

        1. Even though it’s a ‘driver of the weekend’ I still base my choice/s on the race alone.

    30. In Spa this year Rosberg won from pole position easily as Hamilton hit trouble. Hamilton had to start from last position because of grid penalties (that weren’t his fault) and he finished 3rd aided by other drivers’ misfortunes. Rosberg received 6 % of DotW votes while Hamilton got 18 %.

      This time Hamilton would’ve won from pole position without engine failure easily as Rosberg hit trouble. Rosberg dropped to the last place at the start (not his fault) and finished 3rd aided by other drivers’ misfortunes.

      It will be interesting to see how the vote goes this time :)

      1. Difference being Hamilton was nearly half a second quicker than Rosberg in qualifying here, where as Rosberg never had a challenge at spa…. race day pretty similar barring the engine blow out rest of the weekend a different story… plus rosbergs ‘overtake’ on Kimi, I’ve looked at the replay a few times even tried to make a case for Nico, but without the contact Nico would have been way wide and almost off track before he got the car round the corner, those 2 things tarnished his weekend for me

    31. RIC for me. That duel with VER which afterwards ended up deciding the winner. ALO had a great result, but if winner is decided with such fighting on track, it gets my vote.

    32. I’m sure this must be total ignorance on my part, or I missed something. Button was in P7, there was a VSC, Alonso and Hulkenberg went in for tyres, and when the VSC finished Button was P9. I thought that drivers had to hold position during a VSC. Can someone enlighten me?

      1. It is just down to the speed differential. Button lost 4 places when he rejoined the track as he pitted with four cars in the 15 seconds behind him.
        At the time of Alonso’s pitstop on lap 41, Button is 27 seconds behind. Even in normal conditions he probably would have been still behind with pitstops done in about 24-25 seconds. With the VSC he had no chance at all.

        1. So he wasn’t P7 when the VSC started, he was P11 (though P7 before he came into the pits three laps earlier). Is that right? I must have blinked for three laps because I had him at P7 when the VSC kicked in!!! Thanks for putting me right. Yes, I’m aware you can change tyres, but I’m clearly not always aware of drivers’ track position….

    33. The Driver of the Weekend award has become ridiculous with most people voting for their favourite driver no matter what or against someone they dislike.

      This race there should only be two candidates: Palmer who got 10th from 19th on the grid or Rosberg who was punted to last on the opening lap but by lap 20 was back in contention and finished third (others have been voted DOtW for finishing lower after starting from the back…)

      Hamilton – didn’t finish, so should be out of contention
      Ricciardo – started fourth, got lucky with first Rosberg being punted out, then when Hamilton’s engine blew. Did nothing special
      Alonso – did well but nothing special if you stop to consider a race where so many retired and three SC/VSC periods
      Verstappen – Please! We all know he’s an eighteen-year old wunderkid…

      DOtW was a great initiative but since people do not take it seriously, it’s time to scrap it.

      1. “This race there should only be two candidates: Palmer who got 10th from 19th on the grid”


        “Alonso – did well but nothing special if you stop to consider a race where so many retired and three SC/VSC periods”

        Is it just me or is there a serious lack of logic in the aforementioned?

      2. It’s driver of the WEEKEND…

        Hamilton – did nothing wrong and was untouchable all weekend… yes it’s only a 2 horse race in qualy this weekend but 4 tenths!!
        Ricciardo – Had a whole lot of luck, much overdue I might add and it was some fanastic defending from Verstappen. But was slower most of the weekend
        Alonso – Got some luck in VSC’s but also drove impeccably all weekend, couldn’t have done any more
        Verstappen – Was on it this weekend, but ultimately failed when it mattered, better luck next time
        Rosberg – 4 tenths slower than team mate in Qualy. Poor attempt at an overtake on Kimi, otherwise drove well in the race, not enough for me.
        Palmer – Made some set up mistakes, slower than team mate in qualy, showed inexperience. Race day made up for all that and more getting a Renault in the points this weekend is impressive although it did come with some luck too, no Hamilton DNF and he’s in an unlucky P11…

      3. By your own logic, Palmer only got to 10th because of the retirements and the VSC periods.

      4. For the race I can see Rosberg, but, like Ricciardo, he got beaten on Saturday by his teammate.

        1. Re: Alonso, surely he doesn’t get lucky almost every race and makes up lots of places at the start everytime????

      5. “Rosberg who was punted to last on the opening lap but by lap 20 was back in contention and finished third”

        He was seriously outpaced by his teammate all weekend, made more clusmy overtakes and got a penalty. I’m not sure how you can ignore all that but rule out Hamilton because he had an engine failure.

        1. Again, we have this incredible bias and double standards…

          Last race, Rosberg was untouchable in quali and race, yet he only got DOtR by three of four votes. In Baku where he was perfect, he did not even get it. Why: “He’s got the best car and only did what he should”. Guess what, Hammy’s got the same car, his main competitor was knocked down to last on the first lap and what’s more, he didn’t even finish the rade – yet no less than NINETEEN percent (19%) vote for him?!? Get real ffs!

          DOtR is become a joke. Scrap it.

          1. “Again, we have this incredible bias and double standards…”

            So you are just going to ignore the bias and double standards in your comment that I pointed out?

            “Rosberg was untouchable in quali and race”

            He’s in a Merc, his only competition was beset by mechanical issues/failures during practice so of course he was untouchable.

            “yet he only got DOtR by three of four votes”

            He got DotW (not DotR) though. So what is your argument? He should have won by a bigger margin? Why was his performance so much better than Vettels?

            “his main competitor was knocked down to last on the first lap and what’s more, he didn’t even finish the rade”

            Why should either of those things affect Hamilton’s driver rating? Hamilton massively outpaced his teammate during qualy (he had the biggest advantage over their teammate out of everyone) and drove perfectly during the race, 80% of people didn’t vote for him as Dotw and yet you are still complaining? I don’t understand.

            You are saying I am bias but where did I even say Hamilton should be DotW? Or that Rosberg shouldn’t? There is no bias in my comment.

    34. Fernando Alonso for me. Honorable mentions to Jolyon Palmer and Nico Rosberg.

    35. Nando, for reasons which have been adequately covered by others.

      I hope that we see more of them up the pointy end next year.

      1. Alonso for me but Ricciardo can easily be the best driver of the GP too. Hamilton was doing great but is hard to pick him because the retirement. I really don’t get how can anyone pick Verstappen over Alonso or Ricciardo, opinions I guess.

        1. @zoomracing – But Hamilton’s retirement wasn’t a self-inflicted crash. You might as well criticise Alonso for not having a very good car under him. (Ducks as hordes of Alonso fans take this the wrong way… Perhaps I should have said Palmer?)

    36. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      3rd October 2016, 5:00

      Lewis deserves it this weekend, seeing his engine give up with a 25 point penalty and a GP loss and a championship loss.

      He left the Red Bulls in the dust and Ricciardo was closing up.

      If you can’t win when you beat 2 cars with great pace and you lose your half century GP victory, when should you win it?

      1. @freelittlebirds Seriously? The Mercedes was way quicker than the Red Bull. Lewis had it easy.

    37. Voted Vettel, just because it shaped the whole race.

    38. Alonso for me. Yet again showed his majesty behind the wheel.

      Honourable mentions to Hamilton, Verstappen and Ricciardo.

    39. Several drivers worthy of mention in this race:

      In the end, I gave it to Alonso. I was about to vote Rosberg since he reached the podium from the very back with a lightly damaged car following Vettel’s shunt at the start.

      Several strong drives in a very good Grand Prix.

    40. Why does somebody vote for Vettel???

      1. @peking901 – a very dry sense of humour, I think.

    41. Has to be either Verstappen or Hamilton, both outqualified and should have outfinished their teammate.
      But it’s Alonso.

    42. What grates me is that if HAM and ROS weekends had been the other way around loads would be saying that Lewis drove magnificently and deserved the points.

      Take Spa. Lewis came 2nd in the driver vote. Same situation in the race after exploiting the rules. He was better off on lap 1 than Nico was yesterday, not mentioning unseen damage yesterday and the fact that actual safety car periods helped more than virtual ones.

      Not bad for someone who can’t overtake.

      I voted for Fernando. He looked hungry at one stage and provided some great midfield action as always. Shame he couldn’t compete in quali.

      1. What grates me is all these “had [it] been the other way round” posts. They complain about bias against driver X and then the rest of the post is invariably bias against driver Y. If Hamilton had drove the way Rosberg had all weekend then no people would not be saying he was magnificent. If fact I’m pretty sure Hamilton would have wanted Rosbergs weekend, being thoroughly outpaced and out classed all weekend by his teammate only to luck into a large championship lead.

        “exploiting the rules”

        I love how when Hamilton missed two Qualification sessions due to reliability issues ruining two races everyone said “well that is racing” but he then follows the rules and takes a *further* penalty just to get back on a level playing field with the other front runners and suddenly everyone is up in arms.

        “not mentioning unseen damage”

        By unseen do you mean imaginary? Because nothing was mentioned on team radio or reported afterwards.

        “and the fact that actual safety car periods helped more than virtual ones.”

        yeah and lets not mention the fact that:
        -the red flag ruined Hamilton’s and Alonso’s strategies
        -Hamilton’s setup was compromised in order to get him into the points rather than compete for a podium (which he still did, finishing 5 places higher than Mercedes own simulations suggested he would)
        -Rosberg gained time by pitting under VSC twice during the race.
        -Rosberg was outpaced by Hamilton pretty much all weekend and before Hamilton’s engine failure was set to lose the championship lead and not finish on the podium.

        “Not bad for someone who can’t overtake.”

        He crashed into Raikkonen and got a penalty for it (he got off lightly too, as others have said people have got drive-throughs for less than that). So yeah I think your “someone who can’t overtake” comment is pretty apt.

        “I voted for Fernando”

        What? But he ‘exploited the rules!’

        1. Taking four engines is exploiting the rules, something which highlighted the fact it needed changing and they’re taking steps to do so from next year. Maximising a ruleset is usually how you win, so fairplay to them. The difference between this and Fernando, is that Fernando has to end up doing it every weekend!

          At the time there could’ve been something that didn’t show up on any of their equipment, the engine failure was seemingly out of nowhere, so thats different to starting the race facing in the correct direction with a car that hasn’t had a large impact.

          The Red Flag at Spa was one of the reasons it went so well for HAM and ALO! It destroyed the races of others who had pitted under the safety car before the red flag was called. It made their race possible! The strategy before a red is largely irrelevant as you’re allowed to whack a new set of rubber on with 0 cost, providing you had extra sets. Given the fact that they both took engine pens and therefore didn’t bother in Qualifying, they definitely had a larger choice of strategic options presented to them.

          I thought the penalty was uncalled for. Wasn’t exactly a crash, more of a kiss. We saw Kevin Magnussen’s race ruined because someone (Can’t remember who, think a Toro Rosso?) rammed him straight up the backside and escape without penalty. Raikonnen knew he was there, Rosberg knew likewise. It was a “racing incident”. Do you want the track to be double the width and have giant frames around the cars? This isn’t dodgems and it’s the kind of close action we like to see, regardless of who it comes from. If they hadn’t touched, would it have been inspired?

          1. “The difference between this and Fernando, is that Fernando has to end up doing it every weekend!”

            So it is ok to exploit the rules so long as you do it regularly? That’s a very odd stance.

            “At the time there could’ve been something that didn’t show up on any of their equipment”

            If it didn’t show up then it wasn’t affecting performance and so doesn’t matter.

            “The strategy before a red is largely irrelevant as you’re allowed to whack a new set of rubber on with 0 cost”

            Being allowed to whack a new set of rubber on with 0 cost is exactly what helped the cars infront of Alonso and Hamilton and what ruined the advantage they both had in starting on harder, fresher tyres.

            “Wasn’t exactly a crash, more of a kiss”

            Less a kiss and more a slap in the mouth

            “Do you want the track to be double the width and have giant frames around the cars?”

            No, and nothing in my post went anywhere near suggesting this :/ Im not even sure what problem you think that would solve.

            “This isn’t dodgems”

            Maybe someone should have told Rosberg. He used the Ferrari to basically make the corner, slamming into the side of Raikkonen, damaging the Ferrari and forcing it out wider, losing Raikkonen momentum and time.

            “If they hadn’t touched, would it have been inspired?”

            If he had managed to get round turn 2 and overtake Raikkonen without clouting him on the way passed the that would have been an awesome overtake. But he didn’t.
            To go back to your earlier “If HAM and ROS were switched” argument if Hamilton had pulled that move on someone then he would be getting hell in these very comments for it.

            1. If he has to do it every weekend, it nullifies the point of stacking them all up on one weekend. I thought that was pretty obvious!

              Starting on the harder tyres was the exact reason they were in that position. They didn’t need to pit and this rocketed them up the field when the race was postponed. Either the cars left in front of them had already pitted, or gambled on the red flag. The race then basically restarts and instead of starting on the back row. They start from 5th or whatever it was, I can’t remember exactly. The other advantage they had, Hamilton in particular, was that a lot of the faster cars (VET, RAI, VER) had been involved in the lap 1 incident and they’d got past them already. This meant the only thing between them and the podium was midfielders.

              The double the width and giant frames was because you seem to not like cars getting close. Perhaps the double track width and a protective would solve your issues about it!

            2. “If he has to do it every weekend, it nullifies the point of stacking them all up on one weekend. I thought that was pretty obvious!”

              You are still deliberately making out like Mercedes did something wrong in Spa by bringing it up and then glossing over McLaren doing the same thing. And whether they have to do it every weekend or not (they don’t obviously) McLaren still get a benefit from it just like Mercedes did.

              “The race then basically restarts and instead of starting on the back row. They start from 5th or whatever it was”

              Except it doesn’t because if Alonso and Hamilton were starting the race in 4th and 5th they would have had different car setups to what they ended up with.

              “The other advantage they had, Hamilton in particular, was that a lot of the faster cars (VET, RAI, VER) had been involved in the lap 1 incident and they’d got past them already.”

              And Rosberg had the benefit of VET and HAM dropping out in front of him, so that the only non-midfielder between him and a podium was Raikkonen, who he just clumsily barged out of the way.

              “The double the width and giant frames was because you seem to not like cars getting close. Perhaps the double track width and a protective would solve your issues about it!”

              Again where did I say I didn’t like close racing? Or even that I didn’t like Rosberg *trying* to overtake? You seem intent on making my own thoughts for me. My only comment was that his move on Raikkonen was clumsy. (It could have just as easily ended both their races). That is what I *dont* want to see, not “close racing” as you put it. You get there is a difference between close racing (see Ric and Ves) and clumsy racing (see most of Rosbergs wheel to wheel this season) right?.

          2. Exactly my feelings Martin. Clumsy racing is not what I want to see.
            It looks like a lot of people can’t understand that though. :(

    43. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      3rd October 2016, 8:11

      Rosberg as his drive after that first lap was very impressive. People say he can’t overtake, but he clearly showed he can. That move on Kimi was no worse than what Hamilton has done year on year and he made it stick then the time penalty was overcome buy a huge margin.

      Danny Ric and Max close runners up.

    44. This is a tough one because the only driver who ticks my “out qualified and out raced their teammate” box which I see as a prerequisite for being driver of the weekend is Sergio Perez. But he wasn’t the standout driver for me.

      Had he finished the race I would have said Hamilton, for comprehensively outperforming Rosberg this weekend. Bottas had a blinder of a race but he was dire in quali, so I can’t chose him. All things considered, I went with Ricciardo. The Honey Badger was in great form in the race, his pace was great from start to finish and his dogged fending off of Verstappen (who was on much fresher tyres) was superb. Dedicating the win to Jules was a classy move too.

    45. Rosberg was excellent, aggressive ( perhaps overly so, but if that was Hamilton or Verstappen everybody would have gone wild!)

      Alonso though gets my vote, stunning opening lap again , from 22nd to 12th and to finish 7th with the McHonda was brilliant, and at the end was catching Perez as well rapidly

    46. One percent for Vettel amuzes me.

    47. Gave it to Alonso. The only one who performed on both days.

    48. Sebastian Vet… Oh wait…

    49. Ricciardo deserved a win more than anyone, he’s been superb this season so I’m really happy he got his win. However, I don’t think this was one of his outstanding performances, it looked like his teammate had the edge over him all weekend. Verstappen beat him in qualifying, beat him to turn one and would have kept Daniel behind if not for the Vettel/Rosberg incident. After the first VSC the Redbull strategies diverged so it’s hard to compare, but to me they looked either even or Max having a slight edge again. My vote goes to Verstappen this time for being on it all weekend and for the great clean racing between him and Ricciardo which was the highlight of the GP.

    50. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      3rd October 2016, 14:58

      Alonso’s a beast.

    51. Alonso for me. He’s really driving the hell out of that Mclaren nearly every race lately. Still top 3 driver on the grid without doubt

      Great weekends also for Hamilton, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Perez, Button and Ericsson

      Good drives in the race(so discounting qualy): Bottas, Palmer, Sainz

    52. Ricciardo is the clear winner here I think. Keith, I noticed a small mistake in the chart. The qualifying gap between the Ferraris was .048, not .284 as you have it listed.

    53. I voted Bottas.

      Seems he is in better form than at other stages of the championship. And with Massa’s mind elsewhere, he is essentially taking the fight to the FIs by himself.

      1. This is the driver of the weekend poll. Bottas lost to Massa in qualy. In the race Massa lost thru no fault of his own. So, you’ve voted for a driver who lost to a team-mate who’s mind is “elsewhere” in your opinion…

    54. Some of the people clearly don’t know the difference between Weekend and Day ;)

    55. Lewis just pushed the engine too much during practice and qualy that he finally blew it during race, he reminds me the old times of Kimi at McLaren. Regarding MAX, he was just average in that car, he was as fast as an average driver can do it in a Red Bull bullet. No overtakes, no nothing from him this time. PER was very careful with the tires so no show from him this weekend. RAI did all he could with that car. So my vote was among RIC, ALO and ROS.
      – RIC did a good weekend, he managed to learn about the tires on that track during practice sessions and was wisely able to use that knowledge in qualy, thus he saved a set of softs for the race. During the race he managed to get Max behind, even more when the best strategy was the one RBR applied on Max.
      – ROS was able to reach 3rd from behind everyone. However with that car is not as impressive and his qualy was not very good, almost outpaced by Max.
      – ALO was very consistent during practice, very smart engine test for Suzuka. He did not pushed the old engine during qualy, only enough to reach 107% and keep fresh tires for the race. He did his magic trick for the start and managed to get from the last position to 7th. That was more than what RIC and ROS did since ALO had a lower level car.

      ALO was the best driver of the weekend woithout any doubt.

    56. Its good to see Alonso getting lots of votes. If he gets a competitive car even today he will give some of the young guns on the grid a fight to remember. A good race from him and apparently Honda seems to be making progress.
      Both RBR drivers kept it close in the battle for the lead. But Rosberg gets my vote. He was not able to match Hamilton on Saturday and all seemed to be going wrong at turn one with the car facing backwards. But he put in a commendable effort and despite a penalty, got a podium place. Arguably, he is driving the overall best car of the grid. But its takes good driving to get even the best car to the podium.
      Had Hamilton and the other Mercedes car seen the chequered flag, he would have got the vote for DoTW.

    57. There were a few contenders for driver of the weekend.

      Apart from FP1 Hamilton was quickest all weekend showing he had bounced back straight away after being off form at the last race and was set to take a dominant victory before suffering more engine problems.

      Alonso had a great recovery drive after starting at the back due to engine change penalties, while he benefitted from things such as the virtual safety cars to finish seventh it was still an achievement.

      Both Red Bull drivers had a good weekend and while I thought they were pretty evenly matched during the race the fact that Verstappen was the quicker in qualifying meant I think he was the better of the two over the weekend.

      I don’t know if the way he lost the race influenced my vote, another engine failure when he was set for victory severely damaging his championship hopes, but in the end I voted for Hamilton.

      Also while I didn’t consider him for driver of the weekend it was nice to see Palmer get his first points in F1.

    58. How is VES 4th? He is my DOTW. Because he was very unlucky with the Vettel incident and with the Lewis incident if you look at the teambattle with RIC. If HAM’s engine blew up later he would have overtaken RIC. If Lewis engine didn’t blew up at all Max was fighting Hamilton for the win, which he would probably lose but still not sure. And Alonso who is arguably DOTD close to VES.

    59. I went for Esteban, I think he needs some love and he beat his well-regarded team-mate (despite the stats above, he lasted more laps) and he avoided any blue-flag trouble (that was broadcast). What more could you ask?

      1. I should have been clear now that we have two Estebans (could we yet beat the 3 Sebastians a few years back?). It was Gutierrez I gave my love to. Maybe Ocon next weekend!

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