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2016 Japanese Grand Prix championship points

2016 Japanese Grand Prix

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2016 Japanese Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2016 Japanese Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Just makes last week look even more brutal from a Hamilton perspective.

    Rosberg doing nothing wrong at all though. Doing everything he needs to do.

  2. In terms of drivers championship I think there might be a twist in the tail one mishap for rosberg might bring Hamilton in the frame again.
    With 4 races to go the battle between Williams and force India is getting interesting.

  3. If my maths are right Rosberg can finish second to Hamilton in all remaining races and still be champion.

    1. Jorge Olivier
      9th October 2016, 7:55

      That’s correct.

    2. Yea that engine blow out for Lewis Hamilton has cost him a championship.

    3. More than that, he can afford three second places and one third place with Hamilton winning all four.

  4. Nico’s championship to loose now.

    1. *lose

  5. 10% more points, looking good. So it seems Nico had awesome first part of the seaaon. Then Lewis had uper hand in second and again Nico upper hand in third part…. Fourth and final leg of the season can go either way, but Nico was exceptionally strong there last year. Winning all.

    So good tracks, strong lead… And a DNF worth of points in hand.

  6. Perez is only 1 point from Bottas, what a great season he’s doing! I can’t imagine what he could do with a winning car and it’s a shame he won’t have one neither next year.
    Everybody’s talking about new generation of champions but there is a whole “middle generation” of skilled drivers who never had a real chance to show their talent.

    1. Perez shouldn’t be wasted and f1 did for nico hulkenberg

  7. Something interesting I noticed – the top 10 drivers in the championship, and the top 5 teams all scored today.

  8. With 100 points in the WDC available and Ricciardo 101 behind Rosberg, Mercedes won both the WCC and the WDC this weekend.

    1. @lheela – Nice one! 👍

      Mercedes must love this – wrapping up the drivers’ championship also. Which driver? They don’t care.

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