2016 Japanese Grand Prix race result

2016 Japanese Grand Prix

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16Nico RosbergMercedes531hr 26m 43.333s
233Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer534.9784.978
344Lewis HamiltonMercedes535.7760.798
45Sebastian VettelFerrari5320.26914.493
57Kimi RaikkonenFerrari5328.3708.101
63Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer5333.9415.571
711Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes5357.49523.554
827Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes5359.1771.682
919Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes5397.76338.586
1077Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes5398.3230.560
118Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari5399.2540.931
1230Jolyon PalmerRenault521 lap1 lap
1326Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Ferrari521 lap6.044
1420Kevin MagnussenRenault521 lap9.667
159Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari521 lap0.754
1614Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Honda521 lap2.148
1755Carlos Sainz JnrToro Rosso-Ferrari521 lap0.882
1822Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Honda521 lap3.472
1912Felipe NasrSauber-Ferrari521 lap8.806
2021Esteban GutierrezHaas-Ferrari521 lap3.069
2131Esteban OconManor-Mercedes521 lap2.131
2294Pascal WehrleinManor-Mercedes521 lap19.860

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16 comments on “2016 Japanese Grand Prix race result”

  1. A Lewser start from a loser

    1. You must feel real heroic with such a comment. Real class.

      1. @rantingmrp – Don’t feed the trolls

  2. Lewis Bottleton back at it again!

  3. Don’t think it was a clutch issue this time, looked more like it was because of being off the racing line. So it’s fair to say Hamilton lost the race yesterday and not today. No excuses this time round. Will be interesting to follow Sky…

    1. @sravan-pe – David Coulthard on C4 said he was trying to avoid wheelspin but ended up bogging it down.

      I don’t think its a question of being off the line, as Ricciardo and both Ferraris went past him comfortably, so much so that they were having to use twitch reflexes to avoid Hamilton’s car.

    2. @sravan-pe – OK, Hamilton also said he made a poor start: https://www.racefans.net/2016/10/09/330230/

  4. Ferrai had the second best car this race, and even with Hamilton falling back to 8th at the start they still manage to miss a podium.

    They really should fire their strategists: they handed a place to Hamilton TWICE.

    1. @paeschli – well, Sebastian has now shown why he’s showing interest in areas outside his cockpit. They simply can’t be trusted. I look forward to Arrivabene’s comments in the post-race interviews.

      1. Seb isnt having the best season himself either, so he should focus on that first amd formost imho.

    2. Mostly agree, but this time the gaps were a significantly smaller than usual between teams. Look at the Quali first. It seems that the gaps kept in the race too. Look at ROS’ gap over the rest at the finish line. I know he coasted a lot, but I hardly believe he could have opened a 30-40s gap this time, like Mercedes did on most of their wins. Ferrari qualified well, but those 5-grid penalties were obviously bad news. Track position is quite important here, so giving up 5 places is a lot. Agree that Ferrari’ strategy is mediocre many times and they lost important points because of this.

  5. @keithcollantine Can we have a poll for overtake of the day?

    1. Yes please!

      I vote for Hulkenberg’s pass around the outside into the final chicane!

  6. Magnificent Verstapen!

  7. With both Merc, Ferrari, FI and Williams drivers being only seconds from their teammate at the checkered flag, it surprises me how far RIC finished behind VES (30+ secs) today.

    They were both on a 2 stopper, no?

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