Alonso hopes “nasty” Suzuka result was a one-off

2016 Japanese Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso is hoping McLaren’s poor weekend in Japan isn’t a sign of things to come.

The Honda-powered team suffered by far their worst two-car result of the year at the circuit owned by the Japanese manufacturer.

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“To finish 16th and 18th today is a rather nasty surprise,” said Alonso, “especially after finishing seventh in Singapore, and seventh and ninth in Malaysia just last weekend”.

“I hope this was an exceptional and unique event, and that we’ll return to business as usual at the next race, in Austin”.

Last year Alonso repeatedly criticised the performance of Honda’s power unit at their home race, but he said the car’s other shortcomings were apparent at Suzuka this weekend.

“It was clear that the layout of the track didn’t suit our package,” he said, “we lacked downforce through the faster corners”.

Alonso believes the McLaren is “much more competitive than we were able to show today”.

“I’m obviously disappointed about putting on such a poor show at Honda’s home race. But we’ll head back home, analyse what happened, and bounce back from this disappointment.”

2016 Japanese Grand Prix

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    11 comments on “Alonso hopes “nasty” Suzuka result was a one-off”

    1. So mclaren can’t blame their engine anyone, it’s also to do with their chassis

    2. So, Alonso, GP2 chassis this time around?

    3. McLaren sticking it to Honda at their home race in payback for the atrocious 2015 season.

    4. ”GP2 Engine! GP2! Argh!”

    5. Dear Mr Alonso,
      Time to move to another formula. McLaren will not have the pace next year. Don’t waste your form or physical prowess here. Time for Porsche at Le Mans. You will probably hit 300 races this year. Were you an F1 success? Yes. Did you prove that you were one of the better ones? You bet ya? Will you get another title? A hard no. I would choose to leave by the first test. The question is, will you?

    6. Go home Mr. “Crashgate” Alonso, you are an old man now…

      1. He’s not old. He has a poor car. If I were put out to pasture at his age, I wouldn’t have had half my successes in other fields. He is primed to do well in other racing categories, but like anyone, provide he has a good car.

      2. We were missing you Jorge :-)

    7. After they get back and analyse their data, I’m pretty sure they’ll find that out that the Mclaren Honda partnership is a write off.

    8. “I hope this was an exceptional and unique event, and that we’ll return to business as usual at the next race, in Austin”.
      He said, “we lacked downforce through the faster corners”.
      Austin has a 1st sector with fast corners and a long back straight. You be the judge.

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