Raikkonen and Button take grid penalties

2016 Japanese Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button have been given grid penalties for the Japanese Grand Prix for component changes.

Raikkonen, who was due to start the race from third on the grid, has been moved back five places as his gearbox has been changed before it has done six consecutive events.

With team mate Sebastian Vettel already penalised three places due to a collision in the previous race, it promotes both Red Bulls to the third row of the grid.

Jenson Button has also been given a 35-place penalty after changing his power unit. The McLaren driver will now start the race from last position.

See the updated 2016 Japanese Grand Prix grid

2016 Japanese Grand Prix

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    11 comments on “Raikkonen and Button take grid penalties”

    1. Oh for crying out loud…

    2. Red Bulls on the second row. A technical first sector. Any mistake by either Mercedes will be punished.

      I hope the Force India and Haas are quickly dispatched by the Ferraris, so they can start chasing down the first 4 cars.

      I feel for Jenson starting at the very back, at his ‘home away from home’ GP. Granted, his original grid spot wasn’t too great either, but nonetheless.

    3. They just want Kimi to stay behind vettel…

    4. I refuse to believe this is real. This is just a nightmare and I’m soon gonna wake up to reality where Kimi starts in P3…

      1. And Vettel was no where near to crash him out this time too. …did they go all Massa on him or is It just his traditional bad Luck?

        1. They are doing Rubin on him

    5. Oh boy, I’m going to bed. Was waiting on a Kimi vs the red bulls. Why even bother now. Merc 1-2 Red bull 3-4 Ferrari 5-6.


        1. Disheartened, a big real downer, but lets do this. Hopefully no shunts, no rockets * Seb and max* I’m looking at you.

    6. Damn I called it wrong things just got interesting. Ric and Ham on the Bankfoot.

    7. I’m hugely dissapointed of Ferrari, but not very surprised; they have a poor track record of these things. No longer my favourite team.

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