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Hamilton sits out Pirelli test with sore foot

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Lewis Hamilton is not participating in his scheduled test for Pirelli today due to a sore foot.

Hamilton was due to take over from team mate and championship rival Nico Rosberg at the Circuit de Catalunya today testing their prototype 2017 tyres.

Manor driver and Mercedes reserve Pascal Wehrlein, who has previously tested Pirelli’s 2017 tyres, has taken over from Hamilton. Wehrlein previously deputised for Hamilton at the same circuit in February 2015 when the champion was unwell.

Rosberg covered 60 laps at the circuit yesterday but his afternoon running was disrupted by rain.

A Mercedes spokesperson said there are no concerns over Hamilton’s ability to participate in next week’s United States Grand Prix.

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83 comments on “Hamilton sits out Pirelli test with sore foot”

  1. you couldn’t make it up could you. cue yet another Hamilton meltdown media blowup

    1. Pieces/parts of printed circuit boards should be handled with care as they are very delicate.

      1. The hardware may all seem the same, but its the software where it really matters.
        What’s exactly is going on inside? You leave our alone.

    2. This is likely to happen if you kick a 600Kg race-car.

  2. This will not help you Hamilton, just do your job, nobody enjoys boring stuff but you got to do what you got to do, man up of once.

    1. Its 2017 tyres…….

    2. Why? He is fighting for a championchip. This is just some test that can be done perfectly by Wehrlein. That’s why he is there to begin with. There is no reason to get him in the car if there is a chance that it wil hurt him.

      1. @abdelilah @thetick Maybe he has ‘pulled a sickie’, but he’s got a good excuse if he has. He’s in a tough spot in the championship and the last thing he needs is any kind of injury problems. I think this is understandable.

        (I was about to write ‘he’s on the back foot in the championship’ there until I realised what a terrible pun that would be…)

        1. +1 for the pun!

        2. Terrible? No.
          Groanworthy yet funny? Yes, absolutely.

        3. Does that explain the picture of him in your most recent ’roundup’ post ?

        4. I believe there is in the vicinity of 100 kg of pressure required on the brake pedal to apply the brakes fully on an F1 car, if Hamilton has hurt his left foot then driving the test car could aggravate the problem.

        5. :D lol what a pun!

        6. You can’t use that pun because his back foot is the sore one.

      2. So he’s no need to moan next season about not testing the tyres and using it as an excuse. Alonso’s already mentioned lack of testing on the 2017 tyres

    3. @abdelilah

      Why will it not help him? He’s either genuinely got a sore foot, in which case he doesn’t need a day of stamping on pedals with a race he may well win coming up next week.

      Or as Keith said he’s ‘pulling a sickie’ because testing unknown tyres, in an old car, on a track they’ve already had the GP at is of no use to him with a race he may well win coming up to prepare for.

      So in either scenario, it helps him.

      1. The team wouldn’t be doing the test if it wasn’t useful to them. Hence if Hamilton has acted out out of a personal desire not to do the test, he is once more putting his own self interest ahead of that of his own team.

        1. Every single driver puts their own self-interest ahead of the team. You honestly think if you sat them down and gave them 2 choices, first they win the WDC but the team doesn’t win the WCC or second the team wins the WCC but they don’t win the WDC that they wouldn’t take the first option?

          I would, I bet you would. It is a ridiculous standard to hold anyone to not to put themselves first.

          The odd times you get moments of contrition like Rosberg moving aside at Monaco are still based on self-interest in not wanting to lose the support of the team in their bid for the championship.

          The team can still field their test drivers and get that data. Hamilton might provide better data and feedback, but again he’s not out to benefit the rest of the field when he’s going to be confident in his own adaptability to find performance in the tyres with less available data than other drivers who are more dependant on that data.

    1. When was that photo taken?
      When did he hurt his foot?

      It’s entirely possible that he did the photo shoot, then hurt his foot.
      Why are people making such a big deal out of this?!

      1. Lighten up – its a joke. @minnis

        1. @phylyp this was not meant to be solely targeting you – many others have made comments about him being seemingly disinterested in testing, how he has an attitude problem etc.
          Let’s be honest, if Rosberg or any other driver had injured their foot, would we be saying how they have an attitude problem? I doubt it, we’d probably be wishing them well and hoping that it won’t affect their next race, which is something that not many people have said with regards to Hamilton.

          1. @minnis – I agree with your point. I made this point below too – “given the focus on him at this time, we’re probably reading too much into this”. And if it wasn’t for this media firestorm, I too wouldn’t have been really thought of making such a comment linking his ad photoshoot and skipping testing, it would have seemed like two disconnected activities.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    3. Had to think of that too as I saw the pic in today’s round up @phylyp; as Keith said above ‘bad pun’, but still.

  3. Did he bite it?

    1. Priceless!

  4. Every minute sat in the car is valuable, he’s really got the bag on IMO…

    I really think we might be hearing a big decision from him soon……

    1. Not really, Lewis misses a lot of these tests through the years.

      This one is particularly pointless, given the tyres and theactual 2017 car are going to feel completely different when they do use them together

    2. I don’t buy that every minute sat in the car is valuable. Not if it’s a distraction from focusing on the last 4 races, and you have a sore foot. In this case there is great value in ensuring a healthy foot and a clear mind for the rest of the season. If they weren’t testing 2017 tires on last year’s car, and instead were testing clutch settings and practicing starts on this year’s car and tires…different story.

  5. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    13th October 2016, 10:38

    He really doesn’t help himself does he. Whether genuine or not, it’s always Lewis with these stories of seeming disinterested in his job. One of the best natural talents I’ve ever seen but my God his attitude stinks at times. And I’m a fan saying that. Maybe he needs a sabbatical, or as slap around the face.

    1. Well, maybe given the focus on him at this time, we’re probably reading too much into this. I’d normally not have thought of it, but right now given the media focus, I made a comment above about a silly association between his photoshoot and a sore foot.

      He’s had his ups and downs (2011 when he kept crashing into Massa, a blue streak when he had girlfriend issues, etc.). Give him time, he’ll either sink or swim.

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        13th October 2016, 11:03

        I’m sure we are reading too much into it and the media are always desperate to jump on his every move but he certainly doesn’t seem to help himself. It’s always Rosberg putting the miles in at this sort of event and turning up to award shows etc, just a much better work ethic in general. Don’t get me wrong I’m the first to moan about corporate robot drivers but there’s just something about Lewis’ attitude that doesn’t sit right with me. Ha I did see your comment about the photoshoot and joking aside it doesn’t look good posting that prancing around then saying you’ve got a sore foot, there’s probably a perfectly logical explanation but all these things stack up to not look very good.

        Even the girlfriend issues in 2011 are quite embarrassing, I’ve not known any other driver let their personal circumstances effect their job so much. He seems quite a troubled guy in general, I just hope he pulls his head together for the championship run in.

        1. Yep, I agree with your points about the persona that Lewis projects to the public – it felt quite “Kardashiany”, in terms of photos, dressing, etc. I know I’m doing Lewis an injustice though with that comparison, since he’s a really talented driver 😃. At the same time, like you, one can only wonder why those skills can’t be combined with a pleasant personality, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

          1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
            13th October 2016, 11:32

            Yeah good point about Kardashian lifestyle. He’s not been kept grounded, I sometimes feel like the personal he projects isn’t him at all. When you see old videos he was quiet and geeky, I feel he’s trying to be something he’s not because of the direction his status took him through Scherzinger etc. I just hope it doesn’t tarnish his legacy.

        2. @rdotquestionmark @phylyp

          It’s always Rosberg putting the miles in at this sort of event and turning up to award shows etc, just a much better work ethic in general.

          When it’s officially announced he’s hurt his foot, maybe take it at face value that he has hurt his foot, eh?

          Also, re: his private life – he was basically muffled by McLaren for most of his teenage life. He’s basically living like others do when they go to Uni – shackles off, go a bit mad, experiment but get your head down when you need to hand that coursework in. After all, he does have 3 drivers titles. That’s hardly shabby, is it?

          1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
            13th October 2016, 13:31

            Well I’m not gonna take it at face value if I don’t believe it. Like I say it’s not that big a deal but these things always happen with Lewis and something doesn’t sit right with me. When Nico or Seb pull out of testing with a stubbed toe then fair enough but it’s always Lewis, he’s moaned about testing and pulled out of it before. 3’s not shabby but 4’s better…….

          2. “re: his private life – he was basically muffled by McLaren ”
            That’s a good point, and props to Mercedes for not attempting to change anything there.

            In the end, it comes down whether a celebrity projects the persona a fan wants to see – I personally don’t like his current one, hence my opinion and comments. But I’ll grant that there are several thousands others who enjoy that persona and are his followers. Different strokes for different folks, and I respect that.

            “maybe take it at face value ” -> As @neelv27 puts it below – its a timing thing to have come now, that makes people see things that aren’t there – either humourously or suspiciously.

          3. At least Mercedes made this official. If they hadn’t the press would screaming ‘meltdown’ for the benifits of all those under their influence.

            My guess is hamilton was either bitten by one of his dogs, or he was on the latest of those ‘personal transporter’, you know the type designed for lazy asses who can’t be bothered to walk.

            I wonder if Hamilton has left a clue on social media, or would a press release on snapchat prompt further uproar by the old media.

        3. Besides the fact that most people’s minds are made by what the press writes, there is also the fact that some people want to feel superior to Hamilton and that colors everything you say about him. The article says he hurt his foot, and the following comments are, I don’t like him, he is lazy, and he’s a screwup. It’s amazing how much info people can surmise from that article.

        4. It’s always Rosberg taking part… Apart from when he misses a test due to a bad neck everyone’s fine with it, but when it’s Hamilton everyone calls him lazy and doesn’t believe the injury…

      2. The photo shoot was done in between European GPs months ago 😂

    2. geoffgroom44 (@)
      13th October 2016, 13:04

      “I can tell you behind the scenes he is as focused as ever, especially after a setback like Malaysia,” he said.
      “He was working the longest hours I’ve seen him work with the engineers in many, many months trying to find those little bits of lap time, so I’ve seen him working extremely well and focused.”

      This from Nico Rosberg 2 days ago in Autosport. I guess he might know better than us if Lewis is working or not,huh?

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        13th October 2016, 13:33

        Well of course he would say that. It gets in Lewis’ head and also suggests he’s beating Lewis at the top of his game. I personally don’t think we’ve seen a fully hungry Lewis since Austin last year. That’s just my opinion.

        1. So basically, if anyone says anything other than ‘Lewis is lazy ‘ you won’t believe it…

        2. geoffgroom44 (@)
          13th October 2016, 15:28

          Nico is not exactly brimming with praise most of the time for Lewis, is he? Maybe you could quote some other relevant occasions when Nico has found it necessary to defend his teammate.

  6. I still imagine how better Lewis could be if he had the mindset of Michael Schumacher, natural talent only gets you so far.

    Singapore proves that no matter how good a driver you are getting on top of the car, tyres and set-up is much more important than natural talent alone…..

    1. The irony of someone called Damon bigging Schumacher up.

      Remember, MSC was at his prime during a period of almost unlimited budgets and 24/7 testing – when he returned to F1 during the Resource Restriction Agreement-period, the inability to dial out every issue through relentless miles of testing on a private circuit made him look *very* average.

      1. Yes and he’d be even worse in that era as he’d be too busy partying with Rihanna instead of going testing…

    2. If Maldonado had Schumachers car, an assistant Ervine/Barrichello and Ferraris political power, he would at least be 4 wdc.

    3. “Singapore proves that no matter how good a driver you are getting on top of the car, tyres and set-up is much more important than natural talent alone…..”

      And how much easier tyres and set up are to manage when you car isn’t beset with hydraulic and suspension failures.

    4. Hamilton would also need the unwavering support Micheal Schumacher had.

      BTW is there any word on the contract negotiations of messieurs Lauda and Wolff?

      I wonder how those they answer to, eg the real powers that be, will judge their new contracts?
      Would it be based on those targets and goals they were set. I wonder?

  7. I’m his biggest fan but the way he walks around with his childish fake smile makes me angry with him.

    If he’s upset make it clear, stand your ground and don’t be afraid to make your point of view instead of giving fake, short answers….

  8. ham is a good driver, but jesus he his hard to take these days. he will do anything to be the centre of attention. he used to be cool. what the hell happened to him?

    1. When has Lewis personally made this ‘about him’? It’s an official press response from Mercedes…

      1. Not only that, but where was all these comments when he was missing tyre tests in the past? Do people think it’s new that doesn’t want to do these in-season tests?

      2. hello kitty is talking about Ham in general, not just this incident. I’m finding him a little tiresome lately.

      3. hello kitty is talking about Ham in general, not just this incident. I’m finding him a little tiresome lately.

  9. Even if this a genuine injury, what a time to have that happened when he has been under more scrutiny than ever.

  10. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    13th October 2016, 12:49

    By that logic, I suppose other professional athletes that withdraw from competition are also chucking a sicky.

    The depths to which people are going to just to have a jab at Hamilton has plunged to new levels. This is just pathetic now.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      13th October 2016, 12:55

      Footage of him at the team’s celebration on Tuesday, visibly limping.

      1. @tophercheese21 – Oh my, that looks bad. Any idea how that was caused? I didn’t pay attention on Sunday, but was he fine post race at Suzuka?

        1. Report is he did it in training.

          It makes me laugh the people also suggesting it’s not an injury or he’d be off his feet. I had bursitis in my right foot after landing hard from a jump a couple of years back. I was limping around in a similar fashion and the advice from the doctor was to walk it off.

          I wouldn’t have been able to articulate a throttle pedal carefully with the pain even if there was no risk of damage just because of the discomfort.

          1. @philipgb – yep, that’s my concern. Even if he can do gross actions like walking, will it affect his finer motor control a week later? Anyway, I’m sure it’s getting the best attention and rest now!

      2. Well, looks like he might have overtrained a bit, certainly better to let it rest to be top fit for Austin @phylyp, @tophercheese21, @philipgb.

  11. geoffgroom44 (@)
    13th October 2016, 13:19

    I agree with you RD Chris

    ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned’, except perhaps it should now read, ‘sensationalist press’ instead of woman. A Glendenning article in the Guardian is a good example, all because he did not treat those ‘professionals’ with a different level of seriousness than they treat him.
    And our much self-vaunted media is so good at their job that I still have not seen any one of them even mention his appeal for Haiti victims that occurred at the same time as the ‘bunny snapchat saga’ As far as I am aware, the only F1 driver to give any focus to the Haiti tragedy.
    here’s the link if some reporters need help: https://www.facebook.com/LewisHamilton/photos/a.132708020143868.34685.132609463487057/1349596131788378/?type=3&theater
    So where is the reporting balance in all this?
    How easily the media like to feed us rubbish when they haven’t done a full job,huh?

    1. About Hamilton’s appeal for Haiti victims – and the presses balanced reporti ng of this conduct in Japan- maybe this appeal is what the press are refering to when they come out with scathing headlines like Hamilton’s controversial behaviour. nudge nudge wink wink.

      Personally i would like more information on those photo filters. How do they work, just much time did Hamilton use to take and send those, and given how grumpy Alonso looked, sat next to him at the same pre-match meeting, what else could Hamilton have done with same time, besides sit there waiting for his turn to answer another round of silly questions.

      Were there any better filters? Did Hamilton simply select from the wrong list of filters? If the phone was running somekind of A.i, it could be that the phone was registered with someone else, and the A.i borrowed that info to offer its choices. Just saying. ;)

      1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/37600049

        Oh and then there’s the Rose Gold color of the iphone, assuming the lighting reflects the color of the phone, and this is the phone he used. It could be that it was set up by a personal assistant, and so all we see is his apparent choice, and not a preselection.

        Is there anyone out there in our press actually thinking, or are they just reacting as a collective, hive mind.

        1. And then of course there is the missed mixed metaphor:-

          “following the white rabbit means following an unlikely clue, an innocuous, unbelievable (but also, frankly a bit ridiculous) sign, to find oneself in the midst of more or less extraordinary, marvelous, amazing circumstances that challenge one’s fundamental beliefs, expand one’s horizons &/or perception of realities, transform one’s perspective, and change one’s life.”

          Hamilton’s failure was to not find a better example of that ‘wascally wabbit’. A clue for anyone bothered to write a challenging deconstrution.

          1. geoffgroom44 (@)
            14th October 2016, 16:18

            I think you just sunk the ‘Graf Spee’ media leviathan :-)

  12. I saw him walk with a limp at Mercedes Championship Celebration. I’m wondering what did he do?

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      13th October 2016, 14:40

      He kicked the car maybe?

  13. The thing which riles me most about Hamilton detractors is that it’s not because he’s an immoral person. He isn’t disrespectful to fans. He isn’t undeserving of his success. It’s simply that they find him distasteful. His dress sense, his social circles, his musical aspirations etc. They simply dislike him on account of differing taste.

    People hate upwards and yeah I’m incredibly envious of him, but I don’t resent anything the man has. He’s slogged hard his whole life to be the best at what he does. There is no such thing as god given talent, Hamilton works hard at his acquired skills but people can’t stand to see someone who’s tastes and ideals don’t line up with their own be more successful so they vilify and scorn them every chance they get. It’s pathetic.

    The guy has a sore foot and misses a none essential test and people are ready to pounce on him being a liar, lazy, having a bad attitude. Or maybe, he has a sore foot.

    1. geoffgroom44 (@)
      13th October 2016, 15:29


  14. Guy misses a pointless test due to a sore foot (which is clearly evident in the Sky video) which the team confirmed happened whilst he was training. And what do we get? A media frenzy the usual quotes saying he lacks focus blah blah blah

    Still think he’s not bigger than F1 right now?

    1. geoffgroom44 (@)
      13th October 2016, 15:30


    2. Social media frenzy 😉

  15. It’s because he puts it in his mouth so often.

    1. And the winner is Dustybloke! Nice one!

  16. he is out to be sacked.
    and now he is playing the preemptive unstable game ,
    in case the 2017 car appears Not to be a winner.

    1. Nothing stands still for very long. With all these new rule changes and progress of the other teams, albeit with Mercedes taking their foot off the throttle, we could have a year where another team is ‘promoted’ to the fore. That extra 5kg of fuel could be the telling difference for one of those lesser teams, or not.

  17. He hurt his foot tumbling down the championship leaderboard.

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