Nico ROsberg, Mercedes, Sepang, 2016

Caption Competition 112: Rosberg the mechanic

Caption Competition

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Championship leader Nico Rosberg takes a close look at his Mercedes ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 113 comments on “Caption Competition 112: Rosberg the mechanic”

    1. Switch Mechanics they say, it’ll be fun they say,…

    2. “So I put the timer in, but when should it blow up the engine? Lap 40 maybe, when Lewis thinks he already bagged the win? OK then…”

    3. “So this is the part I’m damaging with my overtakes, you say?”

      1. Hehe, good one!

    4. Somebody forgot to set this to “blow up”

    5. Just make a slight adjustment to the clutch here…

      1. +1 Bahahahaha

    6. Hey Lewis think it’s Fooked mate πŸ˜„

    7. Aaand..There’s Lewis’ higher power setting sorted.

    8. Rosberg kindly offers to help Hamilton’s mechanics prepare his engine.

    9. Lynda Farrer-Sharp
      15th October 2016, 12:26

      I knew i left it somewhere!

    10. Is that the small or the big end bearing?

    11. If we Put another sandbag there, it will appear as if the others have gotten closer to us again!

    12. Soooo, where is Lewis’ launch control ?

    13. One screw at a time.. Not thinking about the title, not at all. Just focus on this screw, then the next one

    14. “…and if I jam my pen through this hole…. Oh, sorry Lewis, didn’t see your foot there….”

      1. Very well done sir. Stayed away from the obvious clutch/sabotage stuff yet very topical.

        1. Cheers AC πŸ˜†

    15. Concerned about his teammates ongoing reliability issues, Rosberg decides to help out by installing the ‘Dick Dastardly: New and Improved Tick Tick Boom Engine “Enhancement” kit’.

    16. Nico is turning the screws on Hamilton as well as his own car at the same time.

    17. Higher power, he he, little does he know.

    18. With Nico’s recent form and only 4 races to go, he is building up suspension.

    19. “No way. They will figure it out easily. I’m going for the engine”

    20. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      15th October 2016, 13:28

      “One of these MUST connect to Lewis’s brakes…”

    21. This is different than the one on my car…

    22. Just Nico Rosberg sabotaging Hamilton’s car.

      1. Wow, don’t even pretend to go for subtely :/

    23. “Hmm…people think the team are sabotaging Lewis’s car so maybe I can get away with doing it myself”

    24. The mechanics bet Nico $1000 if he can find the Flux Capacitor.

    25. ”Post modified pictures off me on Snapchat? I’ll show him.”

    26. “think Lewis has a screw loose”

      1. “changes to 2016 Hamilton mechanic crew made public”

    27. Newly published spy shots reveal Mercedes rouge mechanic…

    28. Share the data? Well, get this on telemetry then.

    29. The morning after celebrating their constructors championship win, Nico tries to remember how all his mechanics managed to hurt their feet.

    30. Kicking into these must have caused someone sore feet…

    31. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      15th October 2016, 14:58

      “Screw driver #44”

      1. You get my vote πŸ‘

      2. Personal favorite!

      3. You nailed it.

      4. geoffgroom44 (@)
        15th October 2016, 18:32

        get my vote also :-)

      5. We have a winner!

      6. Loved it!

      7. Intelligent, pithy, perfect. I might add the word “please” after, but being picky on easily the best comment here.

    32. “What the heck is this on my finger?”

    33. Righty, tighty..but for you Lewis, lefty loosely.

    34. So if I connect the green to the blue wire that means Lewis radio messages come to my car as well……..YIPEEEEE

    35. I don’t understand: if the engine is made in Germany, the car is designed and assembled in the UK, then why does this say “Made In China”?

    36. Nico Roseberg tampers with teammate Lewis Hamilton’s car to secure the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship.

    37. What does this button do?

    38. Oh, that`s a number 44 car, and I do believe it does not need this little part anyway…

    39. Hmmmm, this ought to do it!!!!!

    40. Nico Rosberg, leaving no stone unturned.

    41. Nearing the end of a fractious season where every potential improvement has been sought, Rosberg remains unconvinced by the aero improvements offered by the new Mercedes hair curlers.

    42. Lewis’s clutch.. Sorted!

    43. Let’s see, they might get suspicious if I induce more engine failures or clutch bite problems, so maybe the suspension looks like a good place for a failure in Austin.

    44. It’s hard to concentrate with all the snickering going on over there, but they said I would know a gremlin when I see it.

    45. Hey Nico, what are you doing to your car?
      Nico: It’s not my car.

    46. These engineers don’t know what a little bit of snot can do to an engine after a 40 lap race stint…

    47. A little modification here, a little tweak there, a guitar solo here.

    48. Hamilton questions Mercedes mechanic swap.

    49. Mercedes’ new intern is tasked with setting up Lewis’ car.

    50. Nico’s inspects his work after replacing the 44 decals with 6’s

    51. WillOfTheSupremo
      15th October 2016, 19:32

      Nico might took Lauda’s advice for “a Champion does all it takes” a step too far…

    52. Nico is fighting temptation over tinkering with Lewis’ car.

    53. I guess SOMEBODY does not want Lewis to win… indeed! Muahahahahahaaaaaaa!

    54. He says: “Where can I put a good cd player?”

    55. A little twist here aannnnndddd…… 44 grid place penalties for Lewis

    56. Toto tells me it won’t run until I refill the headlight fluid reservoir, but for the life of me I can’t find it.

    57. Rosberg: guys, c’mon… its been three hours, how long do I have to keep my finger in this hole?

    58. Nico was satisfied with his work on fitting the wheel and decided to move on to tinker with the rear wing.

    59. “And this late breaking F1 news… Nico Rosberg has adjusted his car for… erm…’late braking.’…ahem.”

      Sorry, I’ll get my coat

    60. Just keeping up appearances. What would Hyacinth do with this hose?

    61. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      15th October 2016, 22:06

      Nico questions why the wing mirrors on Lewis’ car are angled inwards, then realises they are vanity mirrors.

    62. It was Lauda’s turn to count and Rosberg’s turn to hide.

    63. Suspensions “Fric” me out.

    64. “Hmmm this rocker seems to be broken. Do you mind swapping it with Lewis’s?”

      (most of the comments above fail to realise that its nicos car in the picture)

      1. I think you fail to realise that it’s more fun to imagine NR tinkering with LH car.

    65. Hamilton: “Someone doesn’t want me to win this year.”
      Rosberg: ….:grins:

    66. So if this was Lewis car I would just need to stick this potato in here and …

    67. Ohhhh so this is why Lewis’ feet are sore – this is where he keeps the gun that he shoots himself in them with

    68. RosCO you say? What about suspension to fall off, a?

    69. I’ll just sort out the chip I made here on the Petronas sticker……wait….does that say Red Bull?

    70. So this is the thingy that’s been preventing me from turning in corners. I must tell the stewards about this.

    71. It was so kind for Manor on giving me these slow-moving parts for Lewis’s car.

      Roscoe in background: WOOF!!! WOOF!!!

      Rosberg: YIKES!!! I better go.

    72. Roseberg trying to figure out which side to turn to unscrew the screw.

    73. Cookie Monster
      16th October 2016, 11:32

      You sure there is a part that says made in Germany?

    74. It Looks Just Like A Telefunken U47!

    75. Obviously he’s Β«trumppingΒ» Lewis’ car…

    76. Nico makes some final adjustments to car number 44.

    77. Full lock going straight? Hmm….

    78. Voice from behind (probably Totto’s) – Hey Nico, stop puncturing Lewis’ cockpit! Just stop it!”

    79. So this is the screw I should loosen on lewis’ car

    80. Just another hand-fed meal for Lewis’s gremlins…

    81. “I’m glad I’ve got Lewis as a team mate, some drivers are really unscrupulous … Oh look: a hacksaw leaning against my car! … What a clumsy mechanic … and he’s busted the blade on it.”

    82. There has to be a couple of 10ths in their

    83. While experimenting with new hairdos in preparation for his expected world championship, Nico can’t help but think that the high-tech curling iron is very uncomfortable.

    84. “Right, let’s see if watching paint dry really is more interesting than the Japanese GP rerun…”

    85. This is my formula one car. There are many(well one other) like it, but this one is all mine.
      My car is my best friend. It is my life.
      I must master it as I must master my life.
      Without me, my car is useless. Without my car, I am useless.

    86. Ok Lewis, now you can kiss that pole goodbye.

    87. “What is this wet, sticky stuff on my suspension?”

    88. I keep ending up with one left-over screw once I put everything together again..

    89. Aditya Shrivatri
      17th October 2016, 20:54

      Decrease the pressure! It’s about time…

    90. “Damn… What do I have to do to make it clean for once?!”

    91. Nicoooh…! Nico, it is not your car!

      I know….. It works in Maleisia and it wil work in Brazil.

    92. Hamilton said I need to tighten my nuts if I want to win!

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