Hamilton chips into Rosberg’s lead with Austin win

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Lewis Hamilton scored his fourth victory at the Circuit of the Americas to keep his championship hopes alive.

But team mate Nico Rosberg salvaged second place despite having fallen behind Daniel Ricciardo in the early stages of the race. The Mercedes driver jumped back in front of the Red Bull thanks to a Virtual Safety Car period.

Ironically Ricciardo’s misfortune came about due to his team mate stopping on the track. A gearbox problem sidelined Max Verstappen, who had already lost time by making his second pit stop before he was called in.

Sebastian Vettel was the only Ferrari driver to finish after Kimi Raikkonen’s third pit stop went awry. A wheel gun was left on the car and he pulled to a stop after leaving the pit lane.

Fernando Alonso fought his way past Felipe Massa and Carlos Sainz Jnr to finish fifth on the road. However he is under investigation for his muscular pass on the Williams driver at turn 15, which put both drivers off the track. Massa later reported a puncture but nonetheless took seventh place.

Despite a first-lap collision with Daniil Kvyat, for which the Toro Rosso driver was punished, Sergio Perez recovered to eighth. Jenson Button, up from 19th on the grid, and Romain Grosjean completed the points-scorers.

2016 United States Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Hamilton chips into Rosberg’s lead with Austin win”

  1. Win #50 for Lewis Hamilton. What a driver.

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      23rd October 2016, 21:47

      @psynrg and what a car, right? 3 years straight. Now we can apply to him and Nico what people said about Vettel.

      1. That he’s a great driver? Absolutely!

        1. That he has a great car under him.

          1. @sjzelli Name a world champion that didn’t?

      2. Err – I think many of those wins came in on other car…

        One not particularly good with some serious team management issues…

        Further winning twice as many races as his highly rated team mate in the super race car year on year…

        Until of course we have the ‘reliability year’

        Yep – he really is pretty good. Like it or not.

    2. Currently he is third on the all time list of F1 GP wins. One more win and he’ll be second equal with Alain Prost (51 wins), so it is conceivable that he could finish this year being second on the list of F1 drivers with the most wins. The person with the most wins is Michael Schumacher (91 wins).

  2. At least we won’t see Rosberg surfing, punching the camera or jumping like an idiot.

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      23rd October 2016, 21:48

      No Jvr, now you can see 2 Mercedes drivers doing it.

  3. Well deserved win for Lewis.
    Just a shame max didn’t make it more interesting.

    1. Lol Max made it plenty interesting….just in the wrong way!

      1. Max wounded an interesting battle with Rosberg, Redbull killed it. Universe then moved into helping Rosberg with Ric.

  4. He divides opinion not my favourite but he is pretty awesome that Lewis

    Damn you max spoiled Danny RIc P2

    1. Arguably it wasn’t his fault, he was told to park the car there, so he did.

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