Kvyat collects more penalty points for Perez clash

2016 United States Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat is more than halfway towards a race ban after picking up two penalty points for his collision with Sergio Perez.

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The Toro Rosso driver ran into his rival on the first lap of the race and was given a ten-second time penalty which he served during his first pit stop.

The stewards also gave Kvyat two penalty points, moving him onto a total of seven. Drivers receive an automatic race ban if they reach twelve. He previously received three penalty points for hitting Sebastian Vettel in Russia and two more for colliding with Kevin Magnussen in Monaco.

Kvyat was cleared in a further incident which saw Kevin Magnussen receive two penalty points for going off the track while overtaking the Toro Rosso driver. Magnussen was also given a five-second time penalty which dropped him behind Kvyat and promoted the Toro Rosso driver to 11th in the final classification.

2016 United States Grand Prix

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    18 comments on “Kvyat collects more penalty points for Perez clash”

    1. lucky Kvyat the Red bull decision came when it did… this might have been that very thing that tipped the balance.

      1. My thoughts too.

    2. I wish he get’s banned, he’s so reckless and looked like crashing with some more cars later in the race, like Ericsson and Magnussen too. First lap crash was the same as Sochi, he hasn’t even learned

      1. Seriously? Perez runs across Kvyat, moves left some 10m on breaking and that’s Kvyat fault? Unless you haven’t whole incident. All that FIA talks about banning “Verstappen block” was just the flapjaw.

        1. That is exactly what I thought also. I thought this was moving under braking.

        2. Kvyat is a horrible F1 driver and should not be in F1 next year. Unbelievable that Toro signed him for another season.

          Kvyat hit Perez it was clear to see. Hence why he got the penalty. He cannot control his car as usual. Probably why RBR dropped him.

        3. FIA looks for Verstappen block, but forgot to check out “Perez block” or “Any other block”. Why do they should clarify the rules before GP and don’t use it?

    3. He’s the Russian Maldonado. Can’t understand why he is still at Toro Rosso

    4. Soooo….. Alonso crashed into a williams to gain one position and track-extended his way past a toro rosso within tow laps and he’s a legend for doing it? Some drivers are apparently more equal than others

      1. @mrboerns The stewards haven’t ruled on the Alonso investigation yet.

        1. Speaking of inconsistency, though: I’m still amazed that Palmer wasn’t penalised for getting in Button’s way in qualifying. It couldn’t get any more obvious, but there wasn’t even an investigation.

          1. Nase, Palmer complained about the lack of information his team was giving him about who was on a lap. Whoever told him after he complained apologized and said it was their fault. Palmer went to the outside which was in Buttons way, but if he went on the inside, he would have been in Buttons way. There wasn’t really much more he could have done. However, his team could.

            1. @thegianthogweed
              I know, but that’s irrelevant, or at least that’s what it was in 90% of the Stewards’ decisions so far. F1 is a team sport, and each driver has mirrors on his car. If a driver impedes another driver on a flying lap, he must be punished. There was a simple solution: go to the left hand side and let Button through on the racing line. That didn’t happen, so it should’ve been a slam dunk penalty. That didn’t happen, and I think that’s baffling and irritating.
              Alonso’s move on Massa wasn’t penalised, either, even though it was a carbon copy of the Rosberg-Räikkönen incident in Malaysia.
              Two objectively inconsistent decisions on a weekend where hardly anything happened – the Stewards did a horrible job in Austin.

            2. Ben Rowe : Whether it was Palmer’s fault or not is irrelevant. It’s a team sport and he and his team impeded Jenson. I also thought that one was a slam dunk penalty/reprimand.

      2. @mrboerns, @keithcollantine, just my thoughts about the equality. Maybe stewards should remake this famous Orwell’s quote to be their official motto. Unfortunately there is no stability in judging or some clear rules about the penalties. Some drivers get away clear for whatever they do, some get penalties during the race, some get penalties during the race plus penalty points after the race. and all of these can happen practically for the same on’track action.

    5. ”Kevin Magnussen receive two penalty points for going off the track while overtaking the Toro Rosso driver.” – He had already passed Kvyat before the brief off-track excursion, so I don’t understand why drivers have to give a position back if they’re already ahead before going off? Similar in Monaco at the chicane after the tunnel, and also similar to Kvyat’s pass on Perez in Singapore.

      1. I also do not understand the penalty to Kevin Magnussen. Now it is illegal to being forced off the track – Kvyat did not leave any place on the track. Any any, Kvyat should have received the penalty. Magnussen was forced to take the very long way around.

        I guess the russian mob still controls who runs on Torro Rosso / RedBull – Either by money or other means.

    6. I’m not a Kvyat fan, but it looked to me like he took the inside line and Perez pulled over in front of him and he couldn’t avoid him due to the speed difference. To me it looked like Perez’s fault, but who am I? It looked like Perez clumsily pulling a Verstappen…

      These penalties are annoying… Mag’s penalty doesn’t seem right to me either and how Alonso didn’t get penalized seems… well I just don’t get it.

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