2016 United States Grand Prix team radio transcript

2016 United States Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg didn’t have any “scary pace” and Daniel Ricciardo “would have beaten him” had it not been for the Virtual Safety Car period, the Red Bull driver’s engineer reckoned at the end of the United States Grand Prix.

The VSC period, ironically triggered by Ricciardo’s own team mate, meant Rosberg emerged from the pits in second place instead of third. An unhappy Ricciardo said at the time he would “love to catch that mofo [motherfucker]”a remark revealed in a later comment from his team principal Christian Horner. “It means he’s a really nice person, one of my best mates,” Ricciardo deadpanned.

2016 United States Grand Prix in pictures
His team mate’s race had begun to go awry when he came into the pits by mistake, alerting his team as he arrived in the pit lane. Prior to that he had tellingly rebuffed a suggestion that he looked after his tyres by replying “I’m not here to finish fourth”.

Verstappen wasn’t the only driver who had trouble in the pits. Kimi Raikkonen’s race ended when his team failed to attach a wheel properly during his stop. They urged him to let his car roll back into the pits but Raikkonen was concerned about breaking the rules if he did so. As the rules only prohibit reversing in the pits under the car’s own power, he would have been fine, but by the time the team got the message through his car had got too hot and he had to retire.

Their problems allowed Fernando Alonso to grab fifth after barging past an unimpressed Felipe Massa. The pair were separated by Carlos Sainz Jnr who was thrilled with the outcome. Earlier in the race he had successfully urged Toro Rosso to impose team orders on Daniil Kvyat to get him out of the way.

Kvyat’s race was compromised by his first-lap contact with Sergio Perez. The Force India driver was unimpressed with the “idiot that ruined our race”.

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2016 United States Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRTo Daniel Ricciardo

For info tail wind is strongest turn two, three, four, five, also braking for eleven strong tail wind.
1From Valtteri BottasPuncture, puncture.
1To Valtteri Bottas

Copy, puncture.
1From Nico HulkenbergI got big damage at the front.
1To Nico Hulkenberg

The pressures look OK, is there any damage Nico?
1From Nico HulkenbergI think it’s the steering or something. I got squeezed in the middle. Can’t turn left, basically.
2From Daniil KvyatI had contact.
2From Sebastian VettelCheck the car, I made contact, somebody hit me, check the pressures.
2To Sebastian Vettel

The car is fine.
3From Felipe NasrIs something broke on the rear? Because I’m sliding everywhere. The rear is very loose.
3To Felipe Nasr

Understood Felipe. At the moment looks OK on the data.
3To Nico Hulkenberg

Copy that. Bring it back to the pits if you can.
4From Jenson ButtonI think I’ve hit some debris.
4To Jenson Button

Copy. Tyre pressures are OK, Jenson. Aero data looks OK after the debris. Well done on Gutierrez.
4From Sergio PerezI got hit very hard from behind.
5To Pascal Wehrlein

OK Pascal Esteban is under investigation for forcing another driver off the track.
5From Sergio PerezYes from my side OK.
5To Sergio Perez

5From Sergio PerezWhat an idiot, man. What a [censored by FOM] idiot. What he was doing?
6To Max Verstappen

OK Max just an update. Things starting to stabilise in and around you as you can see I’m sure. That was the fastest lap of the race. Other people looking after their tyres but not a disaster at the moment.
7To Fernando Alonso

Fernando for info there are no threats from behind currently but there are cars on the pit gap.
7From Fernando AlonsoYeah we will try to overtake the Toro Rosso.
8From Valtteri BottasIs everything OK, the car? The rear end feels a bit poor.
8To Valtteri Bottas

Yep we do see some very small damage to the rear. Aero balance is a little bit further forwards. But your pace is OK.
8To Daniel Ricciardo

Box, Daniel, box.
9From Daniil KvyatI got no brakes into turn 11. Brakes are generally really weak. There’s a lot of sliding everywhere.
9To Jolyon Palmer

OK Jo you can use overtake to try to pass Kevin.
9From Jolyon PalmerYep. I’m quicker.
9To Nico Rosberg

OK so we’re going for the long game Nico so push hard now. Ricciardo and Raikkonen both in the pits.
9From Nico RosbergPush hard is not the long game.
10To Romain Grosjean

Good job. Allez mon Kiki! [Come on!]
10To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis go strat mode five and box, box.
10From Nico RosbergSo box, box, box Nico.
10To Max Verstappen

OK box and pit confirm Max.
11To Sebastian Vettel

Pace is good, keep pushing.
12From Kimi RaikkonenThe grip doesn’t feel very good on this tyre.
12From Fernando AlonsoBehind Renaults, being lapped, what a disaster.
14From Carlos Sainz JnrDanny needs to let me by.
14To Daniil Kvyat

Next car behind is Carlos, new softs, do not impede Carlos.
14To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Carlos, Danny will let you by.
14To Daniil Kvyat

Danny please confirm. Carlos is on new softs, we are on different strategy. Thank you.
14To Nico Rosberg

So situation is you are the only car on medium. So got the long game, it’s going to come back towards us.
14To Sebastian Vettel

And box, Sebastian, box.
15To Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK Carlos there is debris on the exit kerb of turn one. Careful there.
15From Max VerstappenThat’s how we do it!
15To Max Verstappen

Nice job, mate.
17To Daniil Kvyat

OK Danny we will have a ten second penalty on the next pit stop for the incident lap one. Keep the head down we need to go as long as possible now and we change the strategy. Keep the head down.
18From Lewis HamiltonPace OK?
18To Lewis Hamilton

Pace still good, Lewis.
20To Max Verstappen

Max just make sure that we can complete the stint we need OK, mate.
20From Max VerstappenI’m not here to finish fourth.
20To Jolyon Palmer

OK Jo you are much faster than Kevin, his pace in 45.5 at the moment, and you in 44.7…
20From Jolyon PalmerYeah, I’ve know this the whole race.
22To Jenson Button

Well done Jenson, well done. Just watch the locking on the front-left.
22To Daniil Kvyat

Not much we can do with top speed, Danny. Just keep the head down, OK?
22From Daniil KvyatOK.
22To Kevin Magnussen

OK Kev, Jo’s now four-and-a-half seconds behind you, he’s just done a 45.4, we need to pick up the pace if we can.
22From Kevin MagnussenI’m just a little bit stuck behind the Sauber so take it easy guys.
22To Kevin Magnussen

Understood Kev.
23From Daniil KvyatFourth gear wasn’t coming in.
23To Daniil Kvyat

24To Sergio Perez

Checo how is the aero balance? We think there may be some losses at the rear from the damage.
24From Sergio PerezYeah I agree. I have no traction at all. But at the same time I have a lot of understeer.
24To Sergio Perez

25To Jolyon Palmer

OK Jo nice overtake on Nasr. Go and catch Kevin now he’s a second slower than you.
26To Lewis Hamilton

Lewis you can afford to pick up the pace a little bit, it won’t be long now.
27From Max VerstappenI’m boxing, I’m boxing, I’m boxing.
27To Max Verstappen

What happened, Max?
27From Max VerstappenI thought you boxed me, sorry.
28To Sebastian Vettel

Because Verstappen had a [censored by FOM] up, a very long pit stop, so we can come ahead of him and go to the end.
29To Jenson Button

Jenson we’re box this lap, box this lap, everything you’ve got.
29To Sebastian Vettel

Box, Sebastian, box.
30From Max VerstappenI have an engine failure, I think, or something.
30From Max VerstappenThere’s something hitting the engine. The faster I drive, the harder it hits.
30To Max Verstappen

Can you try to get up the gears or not Max?
30From Max VerstappenYeah but something is hitting hard inside the engine.
31To Lewis Hamilton

VSC, keep the delta positive, you are boxing under VSC.
32To Pascal Wehrlein

The car ahead is Nasr, he looks like he could be trying to one-stop and is lapping quite slowly at the moment.
32From Daniel RicciardoSo they got a free pit stop, basically?
32To Daniel Ricciardo

Yes mate, that is correct.
32From Daniel RicciardoThat’s so [censored by FOM] up.
33To Felipe Massa

OK so Verstappen’s car’s just being moved out of the way so restart soon.
33From Felipe MassaThey’re just too slow, man. Cannot do that.
33From Felipe MassaJust lost four seconds! Four seconds! Unbelievable! Look where Alonso is and look where he was. So four seconds.
34To Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate you did a good job there. It wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been. You can see Rosberg ahead. Let’s get after him.
35From Jolyon PalmerCan you not help me out a little bit here?
36From Sergio PerezIs the wind picking up?
36To Sergio Perez

Yes, Checo, yes.
36To Sebastian Vettel

We have some rear wing drop-outs as you may notice.
36From Sebastian VettelYeah, some! Some is good, keep joking.
39From Kimi RaikkonenWhy there was sparks at the rear?
39To Kimi Raikkonen

K2 is available.
39From Kimi RaikkonenNo, why was there…
39To Kimi Raikkonen

There was a gun still attached as you left.
39From Kimi RaikkonenOK.
39To Kimi Raikkonen

Stop, stop Kimi. Stop stop stop.
40To Kimi Raikkonen

Sorry Kimi we think the rear’s not attached.
40From Kimi RaikkonenSo what do I do? Switch off or go?
40To Kimi Raikkonen

Can you come back to the pit lane? Roll back into the pit lane?
40From Kimi RaikkonenWhat you want that I reverse? I can just slide it down. It’s disallowed?
40To Kimi Raikkonen

Don’t reverse.
40From Kimi RaikkonenIf I let go the brakes it’s going to slide down.
40To Kimi Raikkonen

Just let go of the brakes, Kimi.
40From Kimi RaikkonenSo you want that I switch off?
40To Kimi Raikkonen

You can reverse back. OK we need to switch off. Switch off, Kimi, we’re too hot, I’m sorry. So switch off Kimi, we’re too hot.
41To Daniil Kvyat

We are catching Ericsson nicely. There is still some points on the table if something happens in front.
44To Felipe Massa

We’re going to get him this time so we stay in go charge and use overtake.
44From Daniel RicciardoKeep me posted on Rosberg’s times. I would love to catch that [censored by FOM].
45From Kevin MagnussenHow much better if super-soft at the end? Where would I finish theoretically?
45To Kevin Magnussen

There’s a possibility to finish two positions in front of Ericsson who’s two cars ahead of you now.
45From Kevin MagnussenOK let’s do that.
45To Kevin Magnussen

48To Sergio Perez

The group of Sainz, Massa and Alonso are fighting ahead.
49To Romain Grosjean

They have a system problem with the blue flag so when Ricciardo’s close enough let him through. That’s blue flag now, blue flag for Ricciardo. Perfect dude, thank you.
50To Jenson Button

Jenson blue flags Rosberg is the car behind.
50From Jenson ButtonYeah he just locked up and ran wide, so dropped back.
53From Fernando Alonso[Censored by FOM] Felipe closed me on the door. I was already alongside him.
53To Fernando Alonso

Any car damage?
53From Fernando AlonsoI don’t know but [censored by FOM] you cannot close the door there that easy with half a car in front of you.
53To Fernando Alonso

Understood. Let’s go and get Sainz.
54To Daniil Kvyat

Vettel exiting the pit lane now. If you can get in front Magnussen will get blue flag.
54From Felipe MassaHe just pushed me out.
54To Felipe Massa

We’re talking to the FIA. Let’s get right back on him.
54To Felipe Massa

OK Felipe so they’re going to investigate Alonso at the end of the race so we need to stay within five seconds of him.
55From Carlos Sainz JnrYeah my tyres are finished.
55To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Hold on, hold on.
55To Felipe Massa

OK Felipe we’ve got a front-left puncture.
55From Felipe MassaIs it the last lap or not?
55To Felipe Massa

No, box this lap.
56From Fernando AlonsoYee-ha!
VLTo Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando that is the chequered flag. Fantastic drive. P5. Awesome.
VLFrom Fernando AlonsoNice. Nice race, guys. Fight until the end like you saw. Good points.
VLTo Fernando Alonso

Yep great work well done. Did Will shake your hand or not? I can’t remember.
VLFrom Fernando AlonsoAh, yeah. Many times. So now we can get back to normal. Not shaking and shaking. Nice races now.
VLTo Fernando Alonso

Great. Nice work.
VLTo Jenson Button

Jenson that’s P9 well done you’ve made up ten places today, good result.
VLFrom Jenson ButtonGood job guys looks like a good haul of points. Obviously didn’t have the outright pace but not too bad especially the first couple of laps. A lot of fun.
VLTo Jenson Button

Yeah Jenson first couple of laps were mega.
VLTo Romain Grosjean

Chequered flag. 100th race back in the points, awesome dude.
VLTo Romain Grosjean

Well done Romain. Fantastic. We got a point.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Get in there, mate! What a drive. Really well managed. Awesome result, Lewis.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Perfect drive, Lewis. Really well controlled, fantastic.
VLTo Daniil Kvyat

Hard luck with the penalty. You’ve done a very good job today, anyway.
VLFrom Daniil KvyatYeah sorry about the penalty. We review it of course but nothing can do.
VLTo Daniil Kvyat

The gap to Magnussen is 4.3 seconds, let’s see what happens after the race.
VLFrom Daniil KvyatWell he has to get a penalty, come on. Otherwise everyone can overtake off the track, Charlie, come on man.
VLTo Daniil Kvyat

Copy Danny. We will review it later.
VLTo Kevin Magnussen

OK Kev so nice job. Currently P11 there’s an investigation possibly for the overtake with Kvyat. But nice job in the end and where we’re coming from qualifying yesterday.
VLFrom Kevin MagnussenWell done everyone in the garage, really good job.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Well we’ve been incredibly unlucky there. We were so much quicker than them.
VLFrom Felipe MassaUnbelievable.
VLTo Felipe Massa

It’s a real shame.
VLTo Felipe Nasr

So Felipe P15 at the end. Good race from you, good job.
VLFrom Sergio PerezYeah sorry there with this idiot that ruined our race. I don’t know what he was trying to do and I think we had quite poor damage. It was very difficult, especially the last stint, the ride of the car was very poor.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoCheers guys. Not the most exciting but it’s a podium. Thank you.
VLTo Daniel Ricciardo

So we were obviously unfortunate with the VSC. It was due to Verstappen had a gearbox problem obviously and retired. So Rosberg basically would have been five seconds behind us at our pit stop but he got a free ten seconds, came out five seconds in front of us. I think you would have and should have beaten him. I don’t think he had any scary pace, you did a good job today mate.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoYeah I don’t doubt it. Frustrating but what do you do? It sucks. Alright. Thanks anyways, guys. Appreciate it.
VLTo Daniel Ricciardo

Well done Daniel it was a good drive. I think Rosberg on a normal strategy would probably have put the softs on as well because he run that [medium] in the middle [stint]. And they did play out your nice message on the live feed so commentators trying to work out what a ‘mofo’ is.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoIt means he’s a really nice person, one of my best mates.
VLTo Nico Rosberg

Nice recovery there Nico, nice recovery.
VLTo Carlos Sainz Jnr

Haha! P6 Carlos! P6! Well done, awesome race. I liked it. Good, really good job. Awesome last stint.
VLFrom Carlos Sainz JnrThank you. Yeah I think that was the maximum guys. Good job everyone, we deserve to be back.
VLTo Carlos Sainz Jnr

I think this was one of the best races you’ve done with us. Well done Carlos.
VLTo Sebastian Vettel

P4, Sebastian. P4. Well done, good drive.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
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    7 comments on “2016 United States Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. Well he has to get a penalty, come on. Otherwise everyone can overtake off the track, Charlie, come on man.

      -Daniil Kvyat

      Gotta actually agree with Kvyat there. Really strange decisions by FIA to all of a sudden just allow everybody running off the track all over the place, including overtaking. If this is the rule, then make it the rule… If not, then follow the rules. Just makes F1 a joke of a competition, especially for those who are supposed to be the best in the world, and showing the rest of the world (especially those in junior formula’s) how it’s supposed to be done.

      27.4 Drivers must make every reasonable effort to use the track at all times and may not
      deliberately leave the track without a justifiable reason.
      Drivers will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with it and, for the avoidance of doubt, any white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not.
      Should a car leave the track the driver may re-join, however, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any lasting advantage. At the absolute discretion of the race director a driver may be given the opportunity to give back the whole of any advantage he gained by leaving the track.

      There’s no argument to be made that this regulation wasn’t breached an inordinate amount throughout the weekend. Where is the consistency? Furthermore where is the media pressure regarding this?

        1. Wasnt he referring to Magnussen passing him? Magnussen -was- subsequently penalized (even if, having only seen it once, I think Kyvat made defensive motions that made Magnussen take evasive manouver). But I’d agree that the rules are not always consistently enforced, and that this is a source of frustration about F1.

      1. I generally agree. However penalizing Magnussen for driving in the same place as everybody else, is not right.

    2. Came for the Ferrari pit stop entertainment (pronounced shambles), was not disappointed.

      From Daniel Ricciardo
      It means he’s a really nice person, one of my best mates.

      Priceless! 😂

      1. Ricci rocks! ;-)

    3. this “mofo” comment suits Danny’s redneck style lol.

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